Innovative Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) from TCR Arabia

TCR Arabia, Saudi Arabia, an associate company of TCR Engineering Services, India now offers Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment Services.

Post Weld Heat Treatment Services (PWHT) is performed after welding/machining to improve the Chemical mechanical properties of weldment / machined surfaces. In concept, PWHT covers many different potential treatments. However, in steel fabrication, most common procedure used is Stress Relieving.

Machining and/or Welding induce stresses in parts. The bigger and more complex the part; the more the stresses. Stress Relieving is done by uniformly heating- fabricated equipment or the vessel or vessel part to a sufficiently high temperature, but below the lower transformation temperature range, then subjecting it to a thermal retardation for a sufficient time depending upon the material thickness and then finally uniformly cooling it which is also of utmost importance.

Heat Treatment Services from TCR include pre-heating, post-heating, stress relieving(SR), intermediate SR, normalizing, solution annealing, water quenching, tempering, step cooling, drying of refractory material. The experienced technicians of TCR as capable of performing heat treatment on weld joints, piping, regenerator, stripper column, pressure vessel, boiler headers, modules, deck pipeline and structure, boiler heater tube, and also Dotherm testing.

TCR has at its disposal well equipped tools including electrical furnace with 220 and 80 volts panel, latest 12 point recorder with digital display, coil and pad type heating element, oil firing systems and extremely skilled technician. TCR can also design, fabricate, calibrate and run a custom electrical furnace for clients in Saudi Arabia.

To know more about this service offering contact the customer relations team of TCR Engineering Services in India or TCR Arabia in KSA.

For more information about analytical and material testing facilities at TCR Engineering Services and her associate companies in Mumbai, Vadodara, Navi Mumbai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and USA, please visit


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