Friday, August 31, 2007

Sourcing from India

The sourcing and material inspection team at TCR Engineering Services assists foreign companies to leverage the India advantage for sourcing Metals, Engineering products and Design Services.

TCR's Outsourcing Consulting Services include:

·       Vendor Identification

·       Vendor Evaluation

·       Vendor Selection (including trials with multi-vendors)

·       Assistance in Finalizing Commercial Sourcing Agreement

Since there has been a shift of sourcing from China, India has emerged as an important hub for Sourcing engineering components for a number of global companies. Over 50 global companies have already set up international purchasing offices in India. Some of these include General Electric, General Motors, Toyota, Caterpillar, Daimler Chrysler, Eaton, Hyundai, John Deere, Ford Motor, Volvo, Cummins, Piaggio as well as others like Dana, Delphi and AB Electrolux. Around 150 global companies are expected to establish a presence by 2010. Some of the components being outsourced from India include gear shits both hydraulic and mechanical, piston rings, metal, cold rolled steel, forgings, needle roller bearings, ferrous and non-ferrous casting, sheet metal components, and auto electrical such as wiring harness etc.

TCR Engineering Services, a reputed and independent ISO 17025 certified material testing laboratory, has also expanded its service offering to include a comprehensive inspection and quality assurance services in India.

The inspection service will help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry vertical. The independent, third-party quality assurance services, provided by the TCR Engineering Services inspection team will result in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls.

The inspection and quality assurance services from TCR Engineering in India include, Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision.

The complete range of services TCR provides include Fitness for Service, RBI Inspection, Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Non Destructive Testing (NDT including Automated UT using ToFD), Metallography, RoHS Compliance Testing, Corrosion Testing (including HIC/SSC), Failure Analysis, Third Party Inspection, Metallurgical Product Evaluation, Heat Treatment, Manpower Deployment, Training, Engineering Research and Consultancy.

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