Are you sourcing Metal parts from India?

There are a number of areas where TCR can provide assistance to any sourcing projects from India, especially when sourcing castings and forgings. We can undertake the following:

  • Factory Audit of Forging and Casting Vendors
  • Third party Inspection (including dimension verification, documenting NCR’s and shipping audits) and Status Reporting
  • Material Testing including mechanical and chemical tests, corrosion studies and NDT
  • Sourcing Assistance (on a best effort basis, wherever possible)
  • Project Management
  • Engineering consulting especially in the field of metallurgy

Independent, third party inspection and quality assurance services, including Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision directly on-site at your vendor / supplier location in India.

Engineering Consulting to source materials and products from India. On-site Quality Analysis directly at your supplier or manufacturer's location in India with our Positive Material Identification (PMI), inspection and material testing team.

TCR's dedicated engineering and metallurgical consulting team in India is a perfect partner for solving manufacturing and product quality problems. Several senior consultants with many years´ experience are available to help and advise on corrosion or materials selection queries. The metallurgical consulting team also advise on welding engineering, heat treatment problems, verifying product integrity, measuring performance and determining end of life to enhance product performance and quality.

From initial product design, through final production, TCR in-depth engineering consulting services ensures that clients are producing the best possible product. The cost for engineering consulting service is billed on a per hour basis with a 4 hour minimum.


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