Saturday, September 08, 2007

Indian Institute of Metals in November

The Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) is the premier organization representing metallurgical engineers and professionals engaged in metallurgical industry, research and development and related activities.

IIM is organizing

(a) International symposium on Energy Related Materials on November 13, 2007,

(b) National Metallurgists Day (NMD) celebrations on November 14, 2007 and

(c) Annual Technical Meeting (ATM) during November 15-16, 2007


at Nehru Centre, Mumbai. A large number of persons from industry and R & D institutes in India are likely to participate in these events. During the NMD, eminent metallurgists of the country will be recognized by awards from the Ministry of Steels and by Indian Institute of Metals. The details of these programs are given at the web site


If anyone is interested in presenting a paper at this conference, please contact Rohit Bafna at TCR.

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