NACE awards TCR the Best Laboratory Award

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that NACE International (India chapter) has selected TCR Engineering Services (Navi Mumbai) as a recipient for the prestigious “Best Laboratory Award for 2007.”


The award ceremony is going to be held in Hotel Intercontinental in Mumbai on September 26. I’d like to share this joyous occasion with you and will be delighted if you can make your travel plans and come to India on that date.


TCR Engineering Services (TCR), a NABL and ISO 17025 accredited independent material testing laboratory in Mumbai, India undertakes a wide range of corrosion and stress corrosion test per ASTM, NACE or BIS. Tests can also be custom tailored to meet an individual client´s requirements.


TCR´s material testing laboratory in India determines inter-granular corrosion attack, weight loss corrosion, pitting corrosion, Sour gas service corrosion tests for sulfide stress cracking (SSC), CSC, salt spray, and hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) for oil and gas, power, construction, shipping, petrochemical and process industries.


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