Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vacuum Box Test in India and Saudi Arabia

TCR Engineering Services (in India and the Middle-East) now undertakes vacuum box for testing welds on tank floors and floor to shell welds. This test method covers procedures for detecting or locating leaks, or both by bubble emission techniques.

The technique is applicable to any test specimen on which a pressure differential can be created across the area to be examined. An example of this technique is the application of leak-test solutions to pressurized gas-line joints. It is most useful on piping systems, pressure vessels, storage tanks. TCRs boxes can be fitted to the proper type of weld: butt weld, fillet weld, corner fillet weld.

TCRs vacuum boxes can be used to test as per API & ASME specification for in-service tanks and produces an operating vacuum of 20 inch Hg (10 psi).

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