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Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition

The Saudi Arabian Section of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing in association with The Bahrain Society of Engineers is organizing the 4th Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition at the Gulf International Convention Centre, Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain on 02 – 05 December 2007 under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza, the Minister of Oil & Gas.  The Theme for the conference is “Advanced NDT Technologies: Challenges and Implementation”.


TCR Engineering Services and its associate companies will be exhibiting at the Fourth Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition (4MENDT 2007). TCR Engineering Services (A leading ISO 17025 accredited independent materials testing laboratory) and TCR Advanced Engineering Services from India, TCR-KIL from Kuwait and TCR Arabia from Saudi Arabia will be based in stall # H07 at the exhibition.


 TCR will showcase its NDT services at the exhibition including Automated UT using the Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD), Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Helium Leak Testing, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), Positive Material Identification (PMI), In-situ Metallography (Metallographic Replication), Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) and more. Senior level representatives from TCR will be on-hand at this event to answer and respond to all technical and commercial inquiries.


The theme for this conference is "Advanced NDT Solutions: Challenges and Implementations." The conference and exhibition will focus on the challenges of identifying, developing and implementing of advanced NDT technologies on the petrochemical industry facilities. The highlight of the Fourth Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition will be the informative keynote address and plenary lectures by distinguished international figures in the field of NDT.


Mr. Rohit Bafna will be presenting a paper on “Case Studies for ToFD” outlining the company’s recent Automated UT using Time of Flight Diffraction projects in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


Mr. V.K. Bafna, Managing Director of TCR Engineering Services and Mr. Paresh Haribhakti will be presenting a poster paper at this conference on "In-Situ Metallography for Plant Health Assessment Studies and Failure Investigation."


As an NDE technique, In-situ metallography is considered important for assessing the health of the equipment, which operates under different plant conditions. The acceptance of in-situ microstructure assessment is from the fact that industry needs safe, trouble free and productive operations by adopting to predictive maintenance approach. The in-situ metallography has the strength to meet these requirements. Critical components of Oil and Petrochemical refineries, Power generation units, Fertilizers, Chemical industries are subjected to the variety of hostile environments that necessitates microstructure assessments to monitor in-service degradation.


The paper presented will allow a plant manager to understand the in-situ metallography technique in detail and assist them in conducting real-time component condition monitoring and health assessments.


Keynote Speakers:


Marwan F. Basrawi

Mr. Marwan Basrawi is a member of the ASNT Board of Directors and the founding Director of ASNT Region 19 (Middle East). He is also the founding chairman of ASNT’s Saudi Arabian Section (SAS). He continues to lead the establishment of organized and credible NDT in the region through NDT training, certification, conferencing and active ASNT sections. There are currently three ASNT Sections in the Middle East: SAS, UAE and the Egyptian Sphinx, of which the first two are already in this year’s top 15 most active sections of ASNT.



Hermann Rosen

Hermann Rosen is the Founder, Owner and President of the ROSEN Group of companies based in Switzerland . As a young engineer, he started the company over 25 years ago with a vision to be the leading partner providing sophisticated NDT solutions and services to the customers. Since then he pioneered many concepts in the NDT inspection field. He has driven the growth of the ROSEN Group from one man business to global business with more than 1000 specialists and with offices around the world. He strongly believes in ongoing R&D and embraces new technologies. High-Technology, innovation, flexibility and service minded: these are the key words by which he confronts challenges.



Charles J. Hellier

Mr. Hellier has over 45 years of experience in Nondestructive testing, Quality Assurance and Inspection.  He is a past President of ASNT and holds an ASNT Level III certificate in five NDT methods.  He is a Fellow of ASNT and also is involved with the Nondestructive Testing Management Association (NDTMA).  Chuck also holds membership in ASME, ASTM, AWS, ASM and ABFE (Fellow).



David E. Russell

Mr Russel is founder of Russell  NDE Systems Inc. offering a wide range of electromagnetic technologies to the Petrochemical, Water and Power industries.  He was Vice Chairman of the Electromagnetics Testing Committee of ASNT and assisted the Handbook Development Committee of ASNT in the development of the Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Volume 5: Electromagnetic Testing.  He holds ASNT Level III certification in RT, UT and ET and assisted the Advisory Committee for the drafting of the first ASTM Standard Practice for In-Situ Examination of  Ferromagnetic Heat-Exchanger Tubes Using Remote Field Testing, which resulted in the publication of ASTM spec E-2096.00 He developed the first commercial Remote Field Testing (RFT) system for the examination of small diameter carbon steel tubes in1984 and since has developed many tools for RFT & MFL applications.



Dr. Joseph L. Rose, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose is author of over ten patents, four textbooks, and over 380 articles on ultrasonic NDE, wave mechanics, guided waves, medical ultrasound, adhesive bonding, concrete inspection, pipe and tubing inspection, and composite material inspection. Dr. Rose has served as principal advisor to over 30 Ph.D. students. He received a variety of awards including: American Society for Nondestructive Testing achieved in 1973; Fellowship Awards in 1985, 1997, and 2000; Tutorial Citation Award in 1986; became an ASNT Fellow in 2000, and was recipient of the Mehl Honor Lecture Award in October 2001. Dr. Rose has managed over 20 million dollars in ultrasonic research and development funding with early projects primarily on signal processing and pattern recognition and most recent exclusively on guided wave analysis and application.


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