Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SSC test with 4 point bend fixture as per NACE TM 0177 as well as the ASTM G 39 Specification

The corrosion testing laboratory of TCR in India routinely performs SSCC test with 4 point bend fixture as per NACE TM 0177 as well as the ASTM G 39 Specification. The tests are conducted using a strain gauge to measure stress. The laboratory is accredited as per ISO 17025 specification. In the past, the lab has conducted tests under third party inspection of BV, LRS, TUV etc.


TCR has been carrying out Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSC) test for the past 10 years with tensile specimen. At several occasions, the corrosion testing department at the material testing lab of TCR have tested as per 4 point bend test and C ring specimen also.   TRC has used 4 point bend specimen under Third Party inspection of BV for Chloride Stress Corrosion Test.


The specimen for 4 point bend test shall be a flat specimen of different sizes.  We have 3 type of fixtures ready for 4 point bend test.  These can accommodate following sizes:

a)            140 x 25 x 5mm

b)            106 x 15 x 2mm

c)            63 x 4.5 x 1.68mm


These samples are prepared in our own machine shop in Mumbai, India using milling and surface grinding machines.


The technicians at the lab at TCR note the strain required to produce desired stress by loading a sample in tensile to desired stress and note the strain.  This manner enables for validation of the strain measuring and loading arrangement.  All specimen are loaded to a particular deflection which will provide some strain.


TCR has a set of 9 fixtures of each type and therefore we can load up to 9 specimens of one type at a time.  If more are fixtures are needed, we can get more fixtures made at one week's notice.  We have capacity to accommodate up to 24 specimens in our set of 3 vessels. 


In case more than 24 number of specimens need to be tested, we can always add another couple of vessel and it would increase capacity up to 40 specimens at a time. In order to add more vessels, it will take us about 2 to 3 weeks notice and in the meantime, we can proceed with machining of samples so that we are ready with specimen by the time over additional fixtures and cells are ready.  


You can send your samples to:


TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Attn: Sample Receipt

Plot No. EL–182, MIDC–TTC, Electronic Zone,

Behind NELCO, Mhape, NAVI MUMBAI–400 710


Tel: 27612324, 27631508, 27610921–22–23

Tel: 32936355, 65160805, 65168100

Tel: +91–(22)–65168200     Fax: +91–(22)–27612044


Please mention the following on the shipping document "Materials with no commercial value. Materials being sent for mechanical/chemical analysis and testing purposes only." You can send samples using DHL, UPS, Fedex or any local courier company. In rare circumstances, a small and nominal customs duty may be applied. If TCR pays this duty, we will apply the actual amount to your invoice.


Over the past 34 years, TCR Engineering Services has provided quality assurance and fabrication inspection services to companies in the Oil, Petro-Chemical and Natural Gas Sectors. We are India's only multi-national material testing laboratory with labs / offices in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Washington, Mumbai and Baroda. Over 2000+ customers trust TCR to be their quality assurance partner.


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