Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2009

We are about to end an eventful year for our company. In our 35th year of
operation, TCR has expanded and continued on its intended vision of becoming
one of the top 5 material testing laboratory in the world. Your contribution
to the company's growth is even more appreciated given the current
challenging financial times.

In 2008, we won major projects in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia,
Kazakhstan, Nigeria. In India, we helped the Nuclear Scientists of our
country in order to study the corrosion behavior. The third party inspection
department at TCR Engineering in Mumbai is rapidly gaining importance and
market share. TCR Institute of Materials Technology now runs a defined
course schedule for NDT training. TCR Advanced is now a market leader in
providing failure analysis and in-situ metallography.

TCR Arabia in Saudi Arabia is approved by Saudi Aramco and SABIC and
continues to make a difference to all projects. TCR ATSCO has successfully
completed a oil tank farm storage fabrication project. TCR Malaysia has been
active in HIC/SSC testing. Soon TCR will take its brand to Nigeria. TCR
PPSIMTECH has been formed in JV with a company in UK to provide Risk Based
Inspection. Talks are also underway for a potential alliance in Japan.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Letter of CII Membership

TCR Advanced has got approval for CII membership.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

TCR PPSimtech at ARAMCO Insp Technical Exchange Conference

Some photos of TCR and PP SIMTECH performance at ARAMCO Insp Technical
Exchange Conference in November 2008

Testing of Radiator Fins for G.I. Coating in India

TCR Engineering Services ( can conduct Mass of Coating test by stripping method as per IS 2633 standards. We will need a 50 x 50mm piece of fin material. Kindly send your samples to the TCR Engineerirng Laboratory in Navi Mumbai, India.

Testing of iron ore fines from Mines in India

TCR Engineering ( undertakes laboratory testing to determine chemical analysis of Fe, FeO,SiO2, Al2O3, Mn, P,S and LOI. TCR also undertakes sieve analysis for the iron ore sample with the major contents of Fe, Sio2, Al2O3 and LOI size wise. TCR can also determine if the material is hematite or magnetite.

The expert laboratory personnel of TCR Engineering in India will need a minimum 100gm of sample and 8-10days to complete the requested tests.

You can send your samples to:
Attn: Sample Receipt
Plot No. EL–182, MIDC–TTC, Electronic Zone, Behind NELCO,
Tel: +91–(22)– 27610921–22–23 27612324, 27631508,
Tel: +91–(22)–32936355, 65160805, 65168100, 65168200
Fax: +91–(22)–27612044

Monday, November 24, 2008

TCR PPSimtech

TCR PPSimtech agreement was signed at TCR Arabia's office on 23rd November
2008 between Mr. Ron Selva and Mr. Paresh Haribhakti.

Metallographic Analysis Of Crane Wire

A customer in India recently asked TCR Engineering Services to investigate the cause of damage of a crane’s runner wire rope. The client of TCr collected a piece of the wire as a sample which clearly indicated the frayed condition of this Runner Wire. The client asked TCR if they would consider the worn-out condition of this wire rope due to excessive working with lack of adequate maintenance as appropriately required or a design/equipment failure.

As part of this investigative project, the engineering consulting team and expert metallurgists from TCR in India carried out a complete metallographic examination of the wire sample. TCR undertook tests such as Breaking load of sample wire, Dimensional verification of wire, Chemical composition and Micro examination in longitudinal and transverse directions. TCR also undertook the complete failure analysis study for the client.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Assisting Natural Stone Products (Marble) manufacturers

TCR Engineering Services ( provides testing as per EN Standards (European Standards) or similar IS Standards. for clients who are processing is processing of Natural Stone Products (Marble).

The tests TCR conducts on Natural Stone include:
Water Absorption % by wt. at atmospheric pressure
Water Absorption by Capillary
% Apparent Density
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
Thermal Shock Resistance
Determination of the breaking load at dowel holeon according to the EN
Frost Resistance

Typically TCR will would need approximate 5 days to complete the job.

TCR does not undertake Resistance to Wear (Average Wear & Wear on Individual Specimen) and the Slip Resistance tests.

You can send your samples to:
TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.
Attn: Sample Receipt
Plot No. EL-182, MIDC-TTC, Electronic Zone,
Behind NELCO, Mhape, NAVI MUMBAI-400 710
Tel: 27612324, 27631508, 27610921-22-23
Tel: 32936355, 65160805, 65168100
Tel: +91-(22)-65168200
Fax: +91-(22)-27612044

Do include a cover letter with your samples outlining the test required while sending it to our lab.

Please mention the following on the shipping document "Materials with no commercial value. Materials being sent for mechanical/chemical analysis and testing purposes only." You can send samples using DHL, UPS, Fedex or any local courier company. In rare circumstances, a small and nominal octroi duty may be applied. If TCR pays this duty, we will apply the actual amount
to your invoice.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

PMI at PetroRabigh

Pictures of Mr. Nikuj Solanki of TCR Arabia ( doing
positive material identification in Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Third Party inspection in India

TCR Engineering Services team members undertaking Third party Inspection
Services for PermaPipe.

Physical, Chemical and Tensile test of steel rebars

TCR Engineering ( undertakes physical, Chemical and tensile test of steel rebars as per IS 1786 in India. As part of this test, the TCR laboratory personnel undertake Tensile Test (UTS,0.2%Proof, %Elongation), Bend, Rebend and complete chemical composition analysis on an optical emission spectrometer.

Assisting Welding Electrode Manufacturers

TCR Engineering Services helps the local welding electrode manufacturers in India gain the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) approval on 7018 grade welding electrodes as per IS:814. TCR has complete facilities to undertake the weld Tensile Test, Machining for All weld Tensile specimen, All weld Impact Test, Machining for All weld Impact specimen, Bend Test, Machining for Transverse Bend test, Chemical composition (Core Wire), Chemical composition (Weld Metal), Dimension & Tolerance, All weld Assembly preparation charges, Butt weld Assembly preparation, Running Performance Test, Test for Excess Metal Recovery, Diffusible Hydrogen Content and Radiography.

You may send your electrode samples of each sizes at following address –
Attn: Sample Receipt
Plot No. EL–182, MIDC–TTC, Electronic Zone, Behind NELCO, Mhape, NAVI MUMBAI–400 710 MAHARASHTRA, INDIA
Tel: +91–(22)– 27610921–22–23, 27612324, 27631508
Tel: +91–(22)–32936355, 65160805, 65168100
Tel: +91–(22)–65168200
Fax: +91–(22)–27612044

Do include a cover letter with your samples outlining the test required while sending it to our lab along with a DD for requisite amount as testing charges. Also send us your purchase order for this test.

Testing on Screws and Spring Washers as per IS:1573

TCR Engineering Services Metallurgical testing laboratory in India routinely conducts testing on Screws and Spring Washers as per IS:1573 - 86 Grade 2 of Tab 2. The thickness of plating can be carried out by Microscopic Method at the lab of TCR in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Visit to know more about TCR Engineering Services.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Reverse Engineering in India

TCR Engineering can provide you complete reverse engineering solution of making gear or any other metallic component.  Starting from engineering drawings TCR can provide you full information on material of construction, heat treatment, manufacturing process, mechanical properties, case depth and case hardness, microstructure and surface finish and dimensional tolerances.  Please contact TCR with your specific requirements and give them a scope of work and their shall submit their proposal to you.  Please visit website at for more information and rates for routine testing.  Rates for specialized services are provided on request from job to job basis. 

CHEMANOL of Saudi Arabia appoints TCR as its third party inspection agency in India

As part of its expansion needs, CHEMANOL made a decision to procure its Heavy Engineering Equipments comprising of high-technology based Methyl Amines and Dimethyl Formamide plants, boilers, storage bullets, pumps etc. from India. CHEMANOL made a strategic decision in selecting an independent Third Party Inspection agency like TCR Engineering Services based in Navi Mumbai, India to professionally manage and execute their vast projects with different capital goods manufacturers spread all over India.
Mr. Rohit Bafna, Director Sales of TCR Engineering Services said, " TCR's independent, third-party quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls. TCR Engineering Services Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms. Such assessments are often tailor-made as per a client's needs and requirements. By availing of this service, TCR eliminates the need for a client to be present on-site at the manufacturer's plant or factory. We applaud CHEMANOL in deciding to partner with a reliable and trustworthy Third Party Inspection Agency like TCR Engineering Services who know how to protect their Interest in a changing business environment."


Thursday, October 02, 2008

TCR Engineering looking to hire an Accountant

TCR Engineering Serrvices is currently seeking a Collections Accountant to join the Accounting team in Navi Mumbai, India.  Qualified candidates will possess 3 – 5 years of relevant collections experience in the business environment in India.

  • Review and distribute aged receivables report(s)
  • Maintain collection report with current status of items over 60 days
  • Prepare client analysis as needed
  • Send collection letters to insured when appropriate
  • Release/update monthly future installments
  • Prepare aged receivables summary bi-weekly
  • Perform additional responsibilities as requested or assigned
  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting strongly preferred
  • 3 – 5 years relevant collections experience
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Proficient in MS Office products
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multi-task
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively disseminate information
  • Ability to work in a team oriented environment
Qualified candidates should email their resumes to Human Resources, TCR Engineering. Please visit TCR Engineering's On-line Job Application Page. Cover letters should state salary requirements, or preferred salary range. TCR is dedicated to a diverse workplace.

Online Welding Vocational Video

The Welding Operator by Arthur P. Twogood from Iowa State College is an introduction into the field of welding. This 65 year old black and white movie shows most of the major fields of welding. Although gas welding has been mostly replaced by tig welding and inspection techniques have improved, some of the main welding processes are covered here.

Custom Created Welding Procedures For a Fee

On the above site you can download (after paying!) some good procedures such as:
1. WPS-FC-1 All position Flux-core on A36 plate using E71T-1 and 75-25 Ar/Co2.
2. WPS-FC-2 All position Flux-core on A36 plate using E71T-1 and 100% Co2.
3. WPS-FC-3 All position Flux-core on A240(316L) plate using E316LT-1 and 75-25 Ar/Co2.
4. WPS-FC-5 All position Flux-core on A240 (304L) plate using E308LT-1 and 75-25 Ar/Co2.
5. WPS-FC-6 All position Flux-core on A36 plate using E71T-8 without gas coverage.
6. WPS-GTAW-2 All position Tig on A240(304L) plate using ER308L with 100% Argon.
7. WPS-GTAW-2F All position dual process (Tig root/flux-core fill) on A240(304L) plate.
8. WPS-GTAW-2S All position dual process (Tig root/stick fill) on A240(304L) plate.
9. WPS-GTAW-3 All position Tig on A240(316L) plate using ER316L with 100% Argon.
10. WPS-GTAW-3F All position dual process (Tig root/flux-core fill) on A240(316L) plate.
11. WPS-GTAW-3S All position dual process (Tig root/stick fill) on A240(316L) plate.
12. WPS-SAW-1 Flat sub-arc on A-36 plate with EM12K wire and F7A2 Flux.
13. WPS-SAW-2 Flat sub-arc on A-240(304L) plate with ER308L wire and Lincoln ST 100 Flux.
14. WPS-SAW-3 Flat sub-arc on A-240(316L) plate with ER316L wire and Lincoln ST 100 Flux.
15. WPS-SMAW-1 All position stick on A36 plate with E7018 3/32,1/8,5/32.
16. WPS-SMAW-2 Flat and horizontal stick on A36 plate with E7018 3/16,7/32,1/4 size wire.
17. WPS-SMAW-3 All position stick on A240(304L) plate with E308L-15 3/32,1/8,5/32.
18. WPS-SMAW-5 All position stick on A240(316L) plate with E316L-15 3/32,1/8,5/32.
19. WPS-SMAW-7 All position stick on A240(347) plate with E347-16 3/32,1/8,5/32.
20. WPS-SPR-1 Flat and horizontal spray arc on A36 plate with E70S-6 .045,and 1/16 size wire.
21. WPS-SPR-2 Flat and horizontal spray arc on A240(316L) plate with ER316L .045,and 1/16 size wire.
22. WPS-SPR-3 Flat and horizontal spray arc on A240(304L) plate with ER308L .045,and 1/16 size wire.
23. WPS-WRP-1 NOT PREQUALIFIED--But having this procedure will insure success with the most demanding X-ray and UT (Ultra-sonic) repairs. It will also help reduce the time required to develop your own PQR (Procedure Qualification Record).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Opening of TCR Arabia offices in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia's office is now located at:

TCR Arabia

King Saud Street,

Opposite Juffali Showroom,

Near Kanoo Tower,

Dammam, KSA

P.O. Box-3422,

Dammam - 31471,

Saudi Arabia

(T) 00966-3-8351500

(F) 00966-3-8311500

(E) <>

(W) <>

TCR has over 36 years of experience and has served clients such as Aramco, Shell and Reliance in the areas of In-Situ Metallography, Failure analysis, Remaining Life and Condition Assessments, Corrosion Mapping, Automated UT, Helium Leak testing, Eddy current testing as well as several other advanced NDT and inspection related services. TCR Arabia has the most competent and skilled crew to cater to all service requirements including very senior metallurgists, NDT Level III personnel, RBI team study facilitators, extremely talented AWS/CSWIP and BGas inspectors as well as hardworking NDT Level II technicians.

I invite you to visit our website at where we are constantly adding to our service offerings.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TCR Arabia Vehicles

The cars have been purchased and placed at the offices of TCR Arabia in KSA.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pictures of TCR's Heat Treatment (PWHT) Crew and Equipment in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia offers Electric Resistance based PWHT services to multiple
companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Please contact Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan
at +966-504997683 for rates and crew mobilization.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weatherford Kazakhstan sends appreciation letter for NDT Services by TCR in India

TCR has completed a project for Weatherford in Kazakhstan. The team members
of TCR namely Mr. Manoj Mistry and Mr. Prasad Doddi from TCR have been
praised by the customer. We look forward to undertaking many more projects
in Kazakhstan given TCR's strengths in NDT and material testing services
from India.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Appreciation for TCR's PWHT Services in Saudi Arabia

Appreciation Letter received from Al-Toukhi Co. in Riyadh after completion
of our PWHT Project. Al-Toukhi is very impressed with the support we have
extended to them and they plan to utilize our services for their upcoming
projects including the Feras Power Plant Project that is due to start soon
in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More details of TCR Arabia's PWHT services
are available at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Online Module of MiC 3.0

It gives me great pride in announcing that the highly popular Microstructure
Characterizer (MiC) 3.0 developed by TCR now has an online Grain Size
Measurement module available at

The new version 3.0x comes with Online Web Modules, Attached Camera system,
One Click calibration, Training Videos, Supporting Example images. More
details on the software is available at

Monday, July 07, 2008

Corrosion Metal Coupons from India

TCR often undertakes custom Preparation of AISI 1010 test coupons of 4” x 1.5” x 1.6”mm Thk with 5mm to assist in corrosion studies for companies all over the world for determination of test specimen (initial & final weighing plus evaluation of pitting depth). Corrosion coupons can be made in other sizes and dimensions as well in India. Corrosion Testing Experts from TCR will assist in this matter. Contact TCR at

Consultancy on Foundry Setup in India

The Engineering Consulting Division of TCR often handles and works on various projects. Recently a client approached TCR to advise them in a technical capacity to look into the setup of a cast iron foundry in Punjab, India. As part of the engagement the client, who wants to produce 350 tons a month wanted TCR’s help in determining the type of equipments and facilities needed, get the equipment installed and make layout upto training of their people and getting quality castings.

To work on this project, the Mumbai, India office of TCR is deputing a Sr. Consultant who is a highly qualified and experienced person with vast experience in foundries and has carried out assessment of many foundries and we had helped them in achieving their quality goals. The scope of TCR’s consulting approach will include to study the type of castings proposed to be casted through their drawing or by visualy seeing the castings made by other foundries, identify all the items of plant and machinery required to make such castings in the form it is desired. This would include production, heat treatment, mould preparation, mould making, Quality assurance, machining and finishing operations. Also assist in procurement of these items. Preparation of layout plan. Inspection and acceptance of items of plant and machinery. Installation, commissioning and calibration of items of plant & machinery. Be present for trail runs and trouble shooting during initial operation. Solving all production problems and quality assurance problems as well as Training of personnel in various operations.

More details on the consulting team of TCR is available at

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tapping your resources

I am writing this blog to see if you know anyone in your network of friends
that would like to work with TCR in Saudi Arabia. We have the following job
positions that are available immediately:

- Sr. ToFD Technican with experience on Olympus Omniscan Machine

- PMI operator with experience on ARCMET 8000 (do not need XRF

- Senior PWHT Technicians that are excellent in English and can
operate 6 channel programmers

We are a fast growing company in Saudi Arabia. For details one can visit

All jobs come with Food, Accomodation, Yearly ticket to India, and excellent
pay package. Send resumes to

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

TCR wins Third Party Inspection Project of Rigid Perlite Insulation products of Perma-Pipe Middle East

TCR Engineering Services in India has been awarded a repeat second order to perform third party inspection for Rigid Perlite Insulation products of Perma-Pipe Middle East (FZE) at their vendor locations in India. The inspection involves complete third party inspection of Perlite in accordance with ASTM C610. The inspectors from TCR will undertake visual inspection with dimensional measurements. During manufacturing, the inspectors will check the process for conformity and any process non-conformities shall be reported. When the Client's vendor in India does perform any tests like density, compressive or thermal conductivity, the inspector from TCR will witness the tests and will countersign the reports. TCR representative will check the conformance by joining two seams together so that minimum gap as per ASTM C 610 is followed. Due the fragile nature of Perlite, TCR inspectors will ensure that there are not be any cracks at the circumferential seam that will go up to the root, however minor edge cracks may be accepted. Surface cracks at the circumferential seam will be accepted upon repair of the seam as per the manufacturer's repair procedure.

A six member team from TCR will work round the clock at vendor locations in India to ensure strong In-process Inspections.

Perma-Pipe is manufacturing based on an order to perform the factory insulating and jacketing services for a 600 KM long 24 inch diameter heavy crude oil pipeline. TCR is conducting third party inspection services at the Perma-Pipe facility which is located in Mundra, India on the premises of Jindal Saw Ltd. Jindal, one of India's largest steel pipe producers, will manufacture and fabricate the pipe for the project. The value of Jindal's contract is in excess of $200,000,000 USD. The insulation and jacketing work, included in Jindal's contract, has a total value of approximately $60,000,000, which includes the value of the insulation materials to be procured by Jindal as well as other services to be provided by Perma-Pipe.

The pipeline will be owned by Cairn Energy India Ltd. in partnership with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), a Government of India entity. The pipeline will be used to transport heavy crude oil from their oil fields in Mangala in North West India to a terminal in Salaya, a distance of approximately 600 kilometers (375 miles). Since the heavy crude oil is essentially solid at ambient temperature, the pipeline must be insulated and electrically heated to assure oil flow.

TCR's independent, third-party quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls.
The on-site inspection team covers all the states across India. The pricing structure for the on-site inspection services is set competitively and is based on man-day charges.

TCR's Third Party Inspection Services also include:- Factory Audit- OEM and Product Development and Monitoring- Welding Certification and Welder Qualification- Picking of Samples and Testing Coordination- Initial Production Check- In-Production Check- Random Inspection- Loading Supervision.

All inspection will be carried out as per P.O. / Drawing/ approved QAP/ Stipulated National and International standards / specification. Any mandatory testing stipulated in P.O./ QAP shall be carried out and testing charges, if any, shall be to Purchaser / Vendor account. In case of any technical dispute the final approved document from Client / Purchaser shall prevail. We strongly advise our Clients to suggest a Single point contact and feedback for efficient and timely execution. All Communication/Document transfer shall be through Phone/ Fax/ E-Mail/Courier services.

Over 2000+ customers worldwide use TCR´s services to dramatically improve and certify their products, validate material quality, ensure innovation in the marketplace, and to achieve significant competitive advantages. As a result, these companies are bringing the right products to market, at the right time, at the right cost.

Please visit to know more.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

TCR Arabia - NDT in Saudi Arabia

The office in Saudi Arabia is now under full operations complete with NDT technicians and administrative staff.

The services TCR Arabia, based in Saudi Arabia, provides include Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material Identification (PMI including onsite carbon detection), Non Destructive Testing (UT, DP, MP, PT, Automated UT using ToFD, Helium Leak Detection, Ferrite Measurement, Portable Hardness), Metallography, Welder Qualification (as per ASTM, ASME and API), RoHS Compliance Testing, in-situ Metallography (with SEM and EDAX), Corrosion Testing (including HIC/SSC), Risk Based Inspection as per API 581, Failure Analysis, Fitness for Service as per API 579, Vendor Evaluation, Factory Audits, Third Party Inspection, Metallurgical Product Evaluation, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Manpower Deployment, Training, Engineering Research and Consultancy using NDT Level III and AWS/CSWIP inspectors.

Please visit to know more.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

TCR chairs session at Conference on Condition Monitoring

CII is organizing a Conference on Condition Monitoring on 27 June 2008 in
Hotel Express Residency, Alkapuri, Vadodara with the objective of helping
the process based industries in the central Gujarat zone understand and
adopt industry relevant condition-based monitoring practices. Central and
southern Gujarat is home to large number of chemical, petro-chemical,
pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries contributing roughly 60% of the GDP
of the state. Gujarat contributes nearly 50% the petro-chemical, 30% of
chemical and 30% of the fertilizer output of the country. With such a solid
national profile, it's but obvious for these industries in Gujarat to remain
competitive by adopting the latest technologies to prevent production down
time and enhance the asset utilization.

In this backdrop, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is holding a one
day conference on 'Condition Monitoring' to discuss about the emerging
technologies in the field of maintenance practices with specific reference
to condition monitoring, helping the SMEs demand and adopt customized
condition monitoring practices and design and develop industry specific
condition monitoring guidelines. The conference would seek participation
from both existing large companies using condition monitoring practices as
well as SMEs, who have heard about it but are reluctant to implement the

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti of TCR Advanced Engineering is charing a session on
June 27 at this conference.

Conference venue details are:

Maple Room

Hotel Express Residency

18/19 Alkapuri Society


Tel : 0265 2337899

Fax : 0265 2337978

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Article from TCR now Published on

A technical whitepaper written by Mr. V.K. Bafna and Mr. Paresh Haribhakti
on In-Situ Metallography for the Plant Health Assessment Study and Failure
Investigation has now been published.

The article has been published in the Database.

Document ID: 5651
Title: In-Situ Metallography for the Plant Health Assessment Study and
Failure Investigation

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Customer Appreciation in Saudi Arabia

The NDT Services team of TCR Arabia has gotten good appreciation from recent clients. Here


View the following letters given by our esteemed clients on completion of our projects.

SINOPEC - Appreciation letter for ToFD Services

Tekfen at PetroRabigh - Appreciation letter after 8 months of ToFD Project

PetroRabigh (Rabigh Refining & Petrochemcials Co.) - Appreciation on ToFD


We undertake ToFD, PMI (both XRF and OES for onsite carbon detection), Conventional NDT, Helium leak Testing,, Eddy Current and many other tests in Saudi Arabia. Do visit to know more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stainless pipes shipped without tests

5 June 2008 (Source:


Nisshin Steel Co. confirmed that it had shipped 550,000 stainless steel pipes without conducting required non-destructive testing for detecting defects and tests for ability to withstand hydraulic pressure and air pressure. The Nisshin Steel plant in Amagasaki of the western Japan prefecture of Hyogo failed to carry out the testing, mandatory under Japanese Industrial Standards and fabricated test data for some steel pipes manufactured at the plant in the past five years. A Nisshin Steel in house investigation of test data found that a total of 480,665 stainless steel pipes were shipped without non-destructive inspections or tests on hydraulic pressure out of 4,311,205 subject to such tests. Tests were also not conducted on 71,756 stainless steel pipes of 2,485,458 subject to air pressure resistance testing. Nisshin Steel is the third Japanese steelmaker at which testing data fabrication has been revealed, following similar cases late May at JFE Steel Corp and Nippon Steel Corp.


Read more at:


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jaidev Patel Passes ASNT Level III

TCR is happy to announce that Mr. Jaidev Patel has passed the ASNT Level III certification for UT and MT.


Mr. Patel, works out of the TCR Advanced Engineering in Baroda.


His details are:

Jaidev H Patel
Baroda, INDIA

ASNT ID: 177600



Exp. Date






Congratulations are in order for Mr. Patel.


Hardness Tester - HL 200

TCR Engineering Services has got the agency to market the portable Hardness Tester HL 200 (made in China) all across India and the rest of the world. The Model  HL 200 Portable Hardness Tester – China make comes with the following standard configuration -



Main body

1 No


D type impact device With cable

1 No


Standard test block

1 No


Cleaning brush (I)

1 No


Small support ring

1 No


Alkaline battery AA size

4 Nos



1 No


Instrument case

1 No


DataPro software for HL200

1 No


Communication cable

1 No


Tool for battery cover

1 No



1 No


To place an order for this portable hardness tester, please contact TCR Engineering Services on email. Visit to know more.


Nilesh Pathare is now an ASNT Level III

TCR congratulates Mr. Nilesh Pathare in passing the ASNT Level III Exam in UT and MT Methods.


Mr. Pathare, currently working at TCR Mumbai will soon be taking a more active role in the company’s partner operations in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. TCR continues to pay a lot of emphasis on developing and recruiting talent. The goal at all times is to meet and exceed customer expectations. Please visit in India to know more about TCR Engineering Services.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looking to Hire in India and Saudi Arabia

We have new requirements opened at our laboratory in Navi Mumbai for the following job positions:


-          General Laboratory Technical Head (10+ years in Lab Management, experience in all Metallurgy)

-          Physical Laboratory Techninican (Experience in Tensile, Bend, Hardness)

-          Corrosion Specialist


We have the following job positions in our Saudi Arabia office:


-          AWS/CSWIP Professional

-          ToFD Experts (omniscan)

-          Sr. PWHT Technicans


Our positions fill up fast and you are required to send an email with your resume and salary expectation to



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Photo Gallery

TCR is now showcasing pictures and images from within its offices regarding new projects, travels of team members, site visits etc. All our photo gallery is now online.


Please visit to see images from TCR Engineering Services in India and visit to see pictures from TCR Arabia based in Saudi Arabia.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

TCR Malaysia moves to a new location

TCR Engineering Services, India leading material testing, NDT, inspection and corrosion services company has now opened a office in Malaysia, under the umbrella of Approved Group International, it will act both as representative office as well as a sample collection centre for the main lab in India.

The services TCR provides include Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Fatigue and CTOD, Positive Material Identification (PMI including onsite carbon detection), Non Destructive Testing (Conventional NDT including Automated UT using ToFD and Thermography), Helium Leak Detection, Vendor Evaluation, Factory Audits, Welder Qualification (as per ASTM, ASME and API), Third Party Inspection, in-situ Metallography (with SEM and EDAX), RoHS Compliance Testing, Corrosion Testing (including HIC/SSC), Failure Analysis, Risk Based Inspection, Metallurgical Product Evaluation, Heat Treatment, Manpower Deployment, Training, Engineering Research and Consultancy using NDT Level III and AWS/CSWIP inspectors.

The company looks forward to undertaking the following projects in Malaysia:
- Fitness for Service
- Remaining Life Assessments
- Failure Analysis
- Insitu Metallographic Replicas
- Helium Leak Testing
- High temperature hydrogen attack evaluation
- Reformer Tube Inspection
- Eddy Current Testing
- Supply of Manpower for Plant Shutdown
- Metallurgical Trainings

The office in Malaysia is located at:
C/o Approved Group International
Global Headquarters:
No 6 Jalan DBP 3
Dolomite Business Park
68100 Batu Caves
Selangor, Malaysia
24-hour hotline: +603-6188 6311
Offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

For more information about analytical and material testing facilities at TCR Engineering Services and her associate companies in Mumbai, Vadodara, Navi Mumbai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and South Africa, please visit

All Work and No Play

Team TCR greatly benefits from having a young and dynamic group of Employees. Our, Mr. Atul, is an outstanding all-rounder in Cricket and has represented many clubs in Leagues in Mumbai. See here is a picture of Atul with Irfan Pathan, India’s leading cricket allrounder.

TCR bags project in Kazakhstan

Weatherford has awarded TCR Engineering a NDT services project in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The crew members with equipment have reached the site on May 19 and started work. As part of this project, an ARCMET 8000 has also been sent from TCR’s base in India to Kazakhstan. Using 99.9% pure argon gas, the crew members from TCR provide positive material identification and complete chemical composition on flat and round surfaces using adapters.
The TCR team members take extra case when using the Argon gas of 99.999% min purity. The gas flow also has to be controlled as per the instrument requirements, as even setting an improper flow rate can lead to improper purging, eventually leading to a deviation in the test results.

The team is also undertaking other NDT tests.

Here are some pictures of the crew:

Prasad Doddi and Manoj Mistry: Expert Crew Members from TCR in Kazakhstan

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Update Released - MiC 3.0

Microstructure Characterizer is a powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use. It installs easily. MiC offers unique and combination algorithms to characterize variety of materials through measuring different aspects of the microstructure.


The newly released version 3.0, offers Grain Size measurement & Distribution, Inclusion Rating as guidelines given in various international standards, Graphite Morphology analysis, Nodularity Rating, Iron-Carbon diagram with Carbide Rating, Hardness Profiling and Effective Case Depth assessment and more.


TCR is now providing a fully working trial version for 5 days.


Please visit


MiC 3.0 features include:

Grain Size

Measurement and Distribution Plots. Specialized MiC Feature on super-impose of distribution. Guideline available for ASTM, IS (Automatic and Manual modes)


Volume Fraction

Capable to detect five phase variants. Supports ASTM Specialized MiC feature on Distribution of Volume Fraction.(Automatic and Manual modes)


Inclusion Rating

Guidelines available on JIS, ASTM, IS, DIN. Specialized MiC feature of simplified Inclusion Measurement (Automatic and Manual modes)


Graphite Morphology

MiC has built-in engine to recognize the shape of phase in case of cast iron. Supports JIS and ASTM.


Nodularity Assessment

MiC identifies 2D projection of particles. Feature of great use to assess toughness property of Malleable Iron.


Hardness Profile

Use of hardness measurement module enable to accurately measure the diagonals. Add-on feature of MiC to find ECD (Effective Case Depth) over micro-hardness profiles.


Particle Sizing

MiC provides optical interface for automatically counting number of particles and individual size. MiC classifies to histogram and generates statistical analysis. Options are provided for reporting tool.


Linear Measurement

MiC offers a useful feature for Plating Thickness/ Nitrided Layer/ Case hardened layer/ Individual Nodule-Grin Diameter/ Pearlite Lameale Lathe Distance measurements with precision.


Customized Report

MiC extends full flexibility to maintain customer-friendly report style, embedding letterhead and print formats to readily adopt prevailing practice/ standards.


Ease of Operation on MiC

·         MiC acquires images from one or more files or can make use of attached camera to grab and analyze.

·         MiC can enhance images through various filtering and enhancement tools. These specialized features allow to see important characteristics of the images with high clarity.

·         MiC generates 100 percent customized reports as per operator's choice.

·         MiC has built in - one touch calibration that allows great user friendly procedure to calibrate the software system for all image resolutions. The procedure is once for all done at the time of first time use and no need to repeat.



TCR LIMS now Available

TCR has decided to sell its LIMS software to other labs and research institutes across the globe. The well designed laboratory information management software (LIMS) from TCR addresses the needs of commercial labs and ensures that they provide a customer focused solution for all material testing, NDT and calibration services.


The LIMS software addresses the needs of various departments in a lab such as:

Customer Service

Physical Testing: Tensile, Bend, Hardness, Impact

Chemical Analysis: Complete Chemical Composition

Metallurgical Testing: Microstructure Analysis

Corrosion Testing: Inter-granular Corrosion as per ASTM A262, HIC and SSC Testing

Non Destructive Testing: UT, DP, MP, RT

Invoicing and Finance


View more about this latest product from the team at TCR from the URL:


Monday, April 07, 2008

Change in Management

Mr. Ketan Parekh is no longer the General Manager of TCR Engineering Services.

Mr. Parekh is therefore no longer authorized to act, in any form whatsoever, on behalf of TCR Engineering Services.

Please visit for all your material testing, inspection and QA needs.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Online Mechanical / Structural Engineering Calculators

Please visit an online tool for Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical Engineers, it has hundreds of equations and formula, it’s all FREE.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Castings and Forgings Third Party Source Inspection in India

TCR has inspection engineers that are well experienced in performing
inspections on Forgings, having done the same for a number of companies as
per international quality standards. Our engineers can fill your status
reports, corrective action reports and send the same via email upon
completion of the inspection activity. Our on-site inspection team members
are mobile and can be sent across any place in India.

The inspection engineer that are assigned to a Client's account have a
degree in engineering and strong experience in forgings and castings. He/She
has inspected forgings and castings for international buyers like yours and
is well versed with reporting standards.

Payment terms are at the end of 10 days of inspection work or completion of
the project (whichever is earlier). Payment can be made via electronic wire
transfer or credit card (using paypal).

- In order to ensure tolerances, we require Clients to furnish us with
engineering drawings, jigs and gauges as necessary. Typically we will
require your supplier to provide our inspection engineer with a Dial Vernier
(to measure thickness, diameter, length, width etc.), Radius Measuring
device (digital) to determine exact radius as well as a Angle measuring
device to measure angles and not just compare them. Should your supplier not
have any of these tools, please let us know of the same so that alternate
arrangements can be made.

- Clients must let TCR know regarding how is their supplier in India
measuring angles in Forgings currently? TCR inspectors can measure angle by
laying it out on a table and using a protractor with a sine bar. In the TCR
lab in Mumbai we have Micrometers, vernier caliper, height gauge, dial gauge
set up, pillar gauge, radius gauges, angle gauge and shadowgraph (wherever

- Clients are advised to check with their Supplier if CMM and Shadowgraph
facilities are available. If not, TCR inspectors can measure using CMM and

- If a shadowgraph measurement is needed, our inspection engineer will send
the sample to our lab in Mumbai where we will need to make a tracing of
various radius and do the matching which will initially be time consuming.
This will cover all dimensions and the cost per piece would be very
reasonable. Please note that we may have to make certain set up and
therefore it may take longer for the first batch. Once the setup is made
measurements will be faster for the next batch onwards. In case of sending
samples to our lab there will be a shipping charge per piece that will be
billed at actual as well. If this method is used the TCR inspection engineer
will do an on-site visual dimension check and can then send a few pieces
(number of pieces to be defined as per your guidelines) over to our
laboratory in Mumbai, India. Upon completion of in-depth dimension checking
these pieces will be sent back with our inspection stamp back to your
supplier. TCR inspection engineer will make a return visit during a loading

- With regards to measurement using CMM, TCR can quote on a cost only after
we have checked the sample forging as the cost will depend on time consumed.

- TCR inspectors can perform a loading audit as well. Clients are advised to
share their parameters for the shipping audit.

- Clients must share the production schedule defined with their supplier and
provide the inspection dates determined currently.

Please note that Founded in 1973, TCR Engineering Services, is an ISO 17025
accredited independent Material Testing Laboratory, Third Party Inspection
and Quality Assurance Company located in India. Currently a market leader in
India, based in Navi Mumbai, TCR is slowly strengthening its Middle Eastern
presence with recent openings of new offices in Kuwait and Al-Jubail, Saudi
Arabia. The company also has representative offices in Malaysia and
Washington DC, USA.

The services TCR provides include Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis,
Positive Material Identification (PMI including onsite carbon detection),
Non Destructive Testing (UT, DP, MP, PT, Automated UT using ToFD, Helium
Leak Detection, Ferrite Measurement, Portable Hardness), Metallography,
Welder Qualification (as per ASTM, ASME and API), RoHS Compliance Testing,
in-situ Metallography (with SEM and EDAX), Corrosion Testing (including
HIC/SSC), Risk Based Inspection as per API 581, Failure Analysis, Fitness
for Service as per API 579, Vendor Evaluation, Factory Audits, Third Party
Inspection, Metallurgical Product Evaluation, Post Weld Heat Treatment,
Manpower Deployment, Training, Engineering Research and Consultancy using
NDT Level III and AWS/CSWIP inspectors.

The TCR Inspection team looks forward to working on third party inspection
work all over India. Please visit to know more.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Third Party Inspection in India

TCR Engineering Services, is an ISO 17025 accredited independent Material Testing Laboratory, Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Company located in India.

Typically TCR inspectors undertake:

· Review of suppliers internal records, test certificates for identified stages in the approved Quality Plan or material procurement for verifying conformance of requirements of the equipment's / systems as per Purchase Orders, agreed Technical Specifications / approved drawings / data sheets, approved Quality Plan and other documents available with the contractor.

· Carry out stage and final inspection at works as per above documents. Inspection could be by TCR alone or along with Customer's representatives.

· Verification of calibration status of all the inspection, test and measuring instruments used for inspection.

· Preparation and submission of Inspection Reports in the prescribed format along with the necessary supporting documents such as Stage Inspection Reports / Test Certificates, etc. as per approved technical documentation and approved quality plans.

· Identify any deviations to our requirements and indicate along with supplier the proposed corrective actions.

· The Inspection reports along with all the necessary supporting documents such as Stage Inspection reports / Test certificates, etc. shall be sent through courier immediately to your office by email

TCR undertakes Independent, third party inspection and quality assurance services, including Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision directly on-site at a given vendor / supplier location in India.

TCR's independent, third-party quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls. TCR Engineering Services Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms. Such assessments are often tailor-made as per a client's needs and requirements. By availing of this service, TCR eliminates the need for a client to be present on-site at the manufacturer's plant or factory.

Please download TCR’s Brochure, Service Descriptions, and Technical White papers from:

PMI with carbon detection in India

TCR Engineering Services in India has the portable optical emission spectrometer, ARC-MET 8000. The portable Optical Emission analyzer is designed to identify all the key elements in metals - especially where highest accuracy and/or the analysis of light elements like C, Al, S, P, Mg, Si is needed and when sorting low alloys and aluminums. It is ideal, for example, for separation of 316 H (>0.04% C) and 316 L (<0.03% C).


Using the portable Optical emission spectrometer, Arc Met 8000 the experienced technicians from TCR can analyze Carbon in SS wherever they can get a good 25 x 25mm flat surface. Please note that ArcMet cannot be used for smaller size pipes and fittings.  Its best performance is for larger than 50 NB size. 


For optical emissions based PMI, the inspectors from TCR will need 99.9% pure argon gas as well.


It is important to note that for use of portable OES, surfaces need to be grinded and flattened to at least a 20mm x 20mm size in order to generate a spark from the OES. If the samples presented to TCR operator do not permit them being flattened than it may not be possible with the portable OES. Due to the weight and the expensive nature of the OES machine, TCR does recommend that her operator use this machine at high altitudes. The machine cannot be used on a scaffolding unless proper platform arrangements are made. Grinding will be needed to be done on all surface which are to be tested by the portable OES and hence the part should be big enough.


To avail of TCR’s positive material identification (PMI) services with onsite carbon analysis, please visit


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Replica Analysis

A number of companies all over the world send their Replica’s originated from the Metallography Replication (MR) / in-situ metallography activity to the labs of TCR for analysis. Customers are advised to send the following data for correct interpretation of replica microstructure.:


·         Purpose of evaluation

·         Exact location with sketch of equipment

·         Etchant used

·         Method of preparation: Manual/Electrolytic

·         Material of construction

·         Process parameters like temperature and pressure

·         Fluid handled

·         Service life of the component



Monday, January 14, 2008

Risk Based Inspection in India

PP SIMTECH (UK) has partnered with TCR Engineering Services, India's leading Material Testing, QA and Inspection Company. The joint venture has resulted in formation of TCR PP SIMTECH Pvt. Ltd. Based in Navi Mumbai and Vadodara (India), TCR PP SIMTECH will implement reliable and proven Risk based Inspection (RBI) technology process incorporating the key guidelines given in API 580/581 and UK HSE. PP SIMTECH has successfully implemented RBI at BP, Dow Chemicals, GPIC, ADNOC-Fertil, Norsk Hydro, BASF, and INEOS.


TCR PP SIMTECH will ensure reliable assessment and calculation of risk profile of items in a plant, based on its "active" and "potential" Damage Mechanism ensuring that the resulting inspection interval for the item is reliably optimized in a safe and cost-effective manner.


rbiAsyst™ is a fully auditable & transparent software system developed by PP SIMTECH, is designed to facilitate the RBI team study and successful implementation of RBI technology process at a plant site.


Speaking at the company formation, Mr. V.K. Bafna, Director, TCR PP SIMTECH said, "Effective use of RBI will allow Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizer and Oil/Gas companies in India to have an inspection which includes an increase in plant availability and cost saving, minimum duration of shutdowns, change in inspection strategies and intervals and improved safety compliance. The RBI team study will also improves the team working and communication between all plant departments."


Mr. Ron Selva, director TCR PP SIMTECH, said, "The RBI team study facilitated by TCR PP SIMTECH and rbiAsyst™ software provides all plant management and operations team a reliable method to identify and resolve complex item technical issues associated with static equipment including reactors, furnaces, strippers, distillation columns, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, reformers, boilers, fired heaters with associated items such as interconnected piping and storage tanks."


The TCR PP SIMTECH team includes Mechanical Engineers, Metallurgists, Corrosion Engineers, NDT Experts, RBI Experts and Project Managers and provides plants with RBI, Fitness-For-Service (API 579), Material Damage Mechanisms Assessment, Metallurgical Investigation & Failure Analysis and In-service Inspection.


The TCR PP SIMTECH approach to risk-based inspection is based on a strong co-operation between the plant personnel and TCR PP SIMTECH experts. The adopted process of guided expert judgment is based on operational experiences and sound technical basis for the evaluation of possible degradation mechanisms.


For more information about risk based inspection, analytical and material testing facilities at TCR Engineering Services and her associate companies in Mumbai, Vadodara, Navi Mumbai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia and USA, please visit


For more details on PP SIMTECH, based in UK, please visit

Saturday, January 12, 2008

TCR Advanced Engineering

TCR Advanced is NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories – Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India) in the field of Chemical and Mechanical Testing. It is a service partner of TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, a company established since 1973, an old reputed organization.


Our Vadodara lab address is as under:


TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd.,

36/2/9, Abhishek Complex, GIDC Estate,

Makarpura, Vadodara-390010, Gujarat INDIA

Research Division : +91 265 2657233

Testing Division :  + 91 265 2634375,

Telefax:+ 91 265 2643024Mobile: 093762 55165,  093762 55166,

Email :

Web site:


TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has been established to cater for advanced metallurgical needs of the Industries at Vadodara a hub of chemical and petrochemical industries. Company has set-up full-fledged advanced Metallography laboratory facilities at Vadodara, Gujarat. TCR ADVANCED offers specializing services in the field of Metallography, The company provides services such as Failure Investigations, In-situ Metallography for process related equipment’s in-service degradation, Indigenization of the components, Selection of materials of constructions, Third party Inspection services, Weld repair solution etc.


TCR Advanced Engineering has a competent team of metallurgical engineers, technicians and other field staff working for catering the need of Metallography and testing work. Mr. Paresh U. Haribhakti (Managing Director) who is a Metallurgical Engineer and holds Master degree in ‘Material Technology’ heads the company. He is having more than decade experience in the field R & D activities, Failure Investigations, Damage Assessments and RLA studies at India's largest fertilizers and petrochemical complex GSFC Ltd., Vadodara. 


TCR Advanced has set up a fully fledged TESTING Division to meet the  need of routine testing such as raw material testing, Material Identification, Microstructure examination for evaluation of material processing, chemical properties  & physical properties of metallic materials.


Following tests services are offered from TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd.:


·         Chemical Analysis (Wet & Spectro)

·         Physical Testing (Hardness, Tensile, Bend, Welder procedure qualification, Impact)

·         Inter Granular Corrosion Test

·         Microstructure Examination

·         Failure investigation of critical components/equipment.

·         In-situ Metallography [Replica-Test](won the national prize of IIM-1998)

·         Damage assessment of the components through in-situ Metallography and condition monitoring of the critical equipment and vessels of the process plants.

·         Indigenization of the components

·         Selection of materials of construction

·         Weld corrosion problems

·         Positive identification of materials (PMI) at site.


I also request you to visit for further information.