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Castings and Forgings Third Party Source Inspection in India

TCR has inspection engineers that are well experienced in performing
inspections on Forgings, having done the same for a number of companies as
per international quality standards. Our engineers can fill your status
reports, corrective action reports and send the same via email upon
completion of the inspection activity. Our on-site inspection team members
are mobile and can be sent across any place in India. The inspection engineer that are assigned to a Client's account have a
degree in engineering and strong experience in forgings and castings. He/She
has inspected forgings and castings for international buyers like yours and
is well versed with reporting standards. Payment terms are at the end of 10 days of inspection work or completion of
the project (whichever is earlier). Payment can be made via electronic wire
transfer or credit card (using paypal). - In order to ensure tolerances, we require Clients to furnish us with
engineering drawings, jigs and gauges as necessary. Typically we …

Third Party Inspection in India

TCR Engineering Services, is an ISO 17025 accredited independent Material Testing Laboratory, Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Company located in India. Typically TCR inspectors undertake:·Review of suppliers internal records, test certificates for identified stages in the approved Quality Plan or material procurement for verifying conformance of requirements of the equipment's / systems as per Purchase Orders, agreed Technical Specifications / approved drawings / data sheets, approved Quality Plan and other documents available with the contractor.·Carry out stage and final inspection at works as per above documents. Inspection could be by TCR alone or along with Customer's representatives.·Verification of calibration status of all the inspection, test and measuring instruments used for inspection.·Preparation and submission of Inspection Reports in the prescribed format along with the necessary supporting documents such as Stage Inspection Reports / Test Certifica…

PMI with carbon detection in India

TCR Engineering Services in India has the portable optical emission spectrometer, ARC-MET 8000. The portable Optical Emission analyzer is designed to identify all the key elements in metals - especially where highest accuracy and/or the analysis of light elements like C, Al, S, P, Mg, Si is needed and when sorting low alloys and aluminums. It is ideal, for example, for separation of 316 H (>0.04% C) and 316 L (<0.03% C).Using the portable Optical emission spectrometer, Arc Met 8000 the experienced technicians from TCR can analyze Carbon in SS wherever they can get a good 25 x 25mm flat surface. Please note that ArcMet cannot be used for smaller size pipes and fittings.  Its best performance is for larger than 50 NB size.  For optical emissions based PMI, the inspectors from TCR will need 99.9% pure argon gas as well. It is important to note that for use of portable OES, surfaces need to be grinded and flattened to at least a 20mm x 20mm size in order to generate a spark from the…

Replica Analysis

A number of companies all over the world send their Replica’s originated from the Metallography Replication (MR) / in-situ metallography activity to the labs of TCR for analysis. Customers are advised to send the following data for correct interpretation of replica microstructure.:·Purpose of evaluation·Exact location with sketch of equipment·Etchant used·Method of preparation: Manual/Electrolytic·Material of construction·Process parameters like temperature and pressure·Fluid handled ·Service life of the component

Risk Based Inspection in India

PP SIMTECH (UK) has partnered with TCR Engineering Services, India's leading Material Testing, QA and Inspection Company. The joint venture has resulted in formation of TCR PP SIMTECH Pvt. Ltd. Based in Navi Mumbai and Vadodara (India), TCR PP SIMTECH will implement reliable and proven Risk based Inspection (RBI) technology process incorporating the key guidelines given in API 580/581 and UK HSE. PP SIMTECH has successfully implemented RBI at BP, Dow Chemicals, GPIC, ADNOC-Fertil, Norsk Hydro, BASF, and INEOS. TCR PP SIMTECH will ensure reliable assessment and calculation of risk profile of items in a plant, based on its "active" and "potential" Damage Mechanism ensuring that the resulting inspection interval for the item is reliably optimized in a safe and cost-effective manner.rbiAsyst™ is a fully auditable & transparent software system developed by PP SIMTECH, is designed to facilitate the RBI team study and successful implementation of RBI technology pr…

TCR Advanced Engineering

TCR Advanced is NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories – Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India) in the field of Chemical and Mechanical Testing. It is a service partner of TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, a company established since 1973, an old reputed organization.Our Vadodara lab address is as under: TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd., 36/2/9, Abhishek Complex, GIDC Estate,Makarpura, Vadodara-390010, Gujarat INDIAResearch Division : +91 265 2657233 Testing Division :  + 91 265 2634375, Telefax:+ 91 265 2643024Mobile: 093762 55165,  093762 55166,Email : tcradvanced@tcradvanced.comWeb site:   www.tcradvanced.comTCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has been established to cater for advanced metallurgical needs of the Industries at Vadodara a hub of chemical and petrochemical industries. Company has set-up full-fledged advanced Metallography laboratory facilities at Vadodara, Gujarat. TCR ADVANCED offers specializing services in…

Inspection of Cranes

TCR Engineering Services in India, has a defined quality assurance practice for inspection of cranes which includes Design Consideration such as Determination of stress Analysis, Load capacity and material strength as well as creating the Welding procedure.We will propose to depute an experienced Mechanical Engineer who will work out load distribution on various members of cranes along with our expert Welding Engineer to inspect the welding.We also propose to get following NDT done to ensure good and sound weld quality.Fluorescent Magnetic Particle TestD P TestUltrasonic TestTCR is also in process of putting up system for actual stress measurement by STRAIN GUAGE Method and we can work out ways to make measurement of actual stress present in a member at a particular spot.  This facility is expected to be installed by Mid February.

Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping in India

TCR Engineering Services in India, NDT service offering includes  detecting loss of thickness from the ID area at various points are suspected to be "High-Risk." TCR can determine thickness loss on internal surface of piping due to corrosion and stagnant of fluids, and on outer radius of elbows due to erosion or corrosion in downstream piping in refineries using a time tested good solution of Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping with UT flaw detector. We can scan the pipe bands adjacent to weld joints and complete OD surface of elbows, Tees and reducers. TCR also provides Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping with Ultrasonic Flaw Detector at Adjacent to Weld joints (To access minimum remaining thickness of pipeline).  This is the good practice and followed by ARAMCO in KSA and KOC, KNPC in Kuwait.  TCR can make the quality procedure for the same with good reporting format and can submit the same for your approval if needed.TCR works with EPOCH LT and Krautkrammer machines for Ultrasonic flaw…

Expansion of Engineering Consulting

TCR Engineering Services, India’s leading material testing, inspection and quality assurance company has expanded its engineering consulting practice with the addition of new senior level professionals in the company. As a result, the engineering consulting practice, based in Mumbai can now also undertake:- Advanced materials & processes- Surface Engineering - Tribology- Welding esp. repair welding and cast iron welding- Thermal Spraying- Atomised Powder Production(technology,QA,applicationwise requirements of powders),including making  complete project report and market survey report for Indian market.- Life Cycle Analysis and Engineering Asset Management- Failure Analysis & Product Liability- Global Warming--Role of Tribology & Surface EngineeringTCR's dedicated engineering and metallurgical consulting team in India is a perfect partner for solving manufacturing and product quality problems. Several senior consultants with many years´ experience are available to help…

NDT Inspection of Reformer Tubes

TCR has secured a project to undertake NDT Inspection of 200 Reformer Tubes at a very prestigious client in India. As part of this project, the NDT Services division will depute Engineer / Technicians along with Instruments and Consumables at the site location. As part of the project, a Sr. Inspection Engineer from TCR will conduct in-depth visual examination and then proceed to take measurement of OD at every 3 meters and at ends in two places perpendicular to each other, i.e. at 8 locations on a 9 meter long tube for each of the 200 tubes. Ultrasonic  thickness  measurement  at  12,3,6  &  9  O’Clock position at both ends and 3m from each end, i.e. at 16 points on each of 200 tubes. Portable hardness measurement at all 200 tubes at 3 locations on each tube. Ferrite measurement at 3 locations on each tube. In-situ  metallography  at  10  locations  selected  by  the Client’s officers out of 200 tubes.All TCR personnel will carry all safety gadgets etc. with insurance etc.