Castings and Forgings Third Party Source Inspection in India

TCR has inspection engineers that are well experienced in performing
inspections on Forgings, having done the same for a number of companies as
per international quality standards. Our engineers can fill your status
reports, corrective action reports and send the same via email upon
completion of the inspection activity. Our on-site inspection team members
are mobile and can be sent across any place in India.

The inspection engineer that are assigned to a Client's account have a
degree in engineering and strong experience in forgings and castings. He/She
has inspected forgings and castings for international buyers like yours and
is well versed with reporting standards.

Payment terms are at the end of 10 days of inspection work or completion of
the project (whichever is earlier). Payment can be made via electronic wire
transfer or credit card (using paypal).

- In order to ensure tolerances, we require Clients to furnish us with
engineering drawings, jigs and gauges as necessary. Typically we will
require your supplier to provide our inspection engineer with a Dial Vernier
(to measure thickness, diameter, length, width etc.), Radius Measuring
device (digital) to determine exact radius as well as a Angle measuring
device to measure angles and not just compare them. Should your supplier not
have any of these tools, please let us know of the same so that alternate
arrangements can be made.

- Clients must let TCR know regarding how is their supplier in India
measuring angles in Forgings currently? TCR inspectors can measure angle by
laying it out on a table and using a protractor with a sine bar. In the TCR
lab in Mumbai we have Micrometers, vernier caliper, height gauge, dial gauge
set up, pillar gauge, radius gauges, angle gauge and shadowgraph (wherever

- Clients are advised to check with their Supplier if CMM and Shadowgraph
facilities are available. If not, TCR inspectors can measure using CMM and

- If a shadowgraph measurement is needed, our inspection engineer will send
the sample to our lab in Mumbai where we will need to make a tracing of
various radius and do the matching which will initially be time consuming.
This will cover all dimensions and the cost per piece would be very
reasonable. Please note that we may have to make certain set up and
therefore it may take longer for the first batch. Once the setup is made
measurements will be faster for the next batch onwards. In case of sending
samples to our lab there will be a shipping charge per piece that will be
billed at actual as well. If this method is used the TCR inspection engineer
will do an on-site visual dimension check and can then send a few pieces
(number of pieces to be defined as per your guidelines) over to our
laboratory in Mumbai, India. Upon completion of in-depth dimension checking
these pieces will be sent back with our inspection stamp back to your
supplier. TCR inspection engineer will make a return visit during a loading

- With regards to measurement using CMM, TCR can quote on a cost only after
we have checked the sample forging as the cost will depend on time consumed.

- TCR inspectors can perform a loading audit as well. Clients are advised to
share their parameters for the shipping audit.

- Clients must share the production schedule defined with their supplier and
provide the inspection dates determined currently.

Please note that Founded in 1973, TCR Engineering Services, is an ISO 17025
accredited independent Material Testing Laboratory, Third Party Inspection
and Quality Assurance Company located in India. Currently a market leader in
India, based in Navi Mumbai, TCR is slowly strengthening its Middle Eastern
presence with recent openings of new offices in Kuwait and Al-Jubail, Saudi
Arabia. The company also has representative offices in Malaysia and
Washington DC, USA.

The services TCR provides include Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis,
Positive Material Identification (PMI including onsite carbon detection),
Non Destructive Testing (UT, DP, MP, PT, Automated UT using ToFD, Helium
Leak Detection, Ferrite Measurement, Portable Hardness), Metallography,
Welder Qualification (as per ASTM, ASME and API), RoHS Compliance Testing,
in-situ Metallography (with SEM and EDAX), Corrosion Testing (including
HIC/SSC), Risk Based Inspection as per API 581, Failure Analysis, Fitness
for Service as per API 579, Vendor Evaluation, Factory Audits, Third Party
Inspection, Metallurgical Product Evaluation, Post Weld Heat Treatment,
Manpower Deployment, Training, Engineering Research and Consultancy using
NDT Level III and AWS/CSWIP inspectors.

The TCR Inspection team looks forward to working on third party inspection
work all over India. Please visit to know more.


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