Saturday, January 05, 2008

Expansion of Engineering Consulting

TCR Engineering Services, India’s leading material testing, inspection and quality assurance company has expanded its engineering consulting practice with the addition of new senior level professionals in the company. As a result, the engineering consulting practice, based in Mumbai can now also undertake:

- Advanced materials & processes

- Surface Engineering

- Tribology

- Welding esp. repair welding and cast iron welding

- Thermal Spraying

- Atomised Powder Production(technology,QA,applicationwise requirements of powders),including making  complete project report and market survey report for Indian market.

- Life Cycle Analysis and Engineering Asset Management

- Failure Analysis & Product Liability

- Global Warming--Role of Tribology & Surface Engineering


TCR's dedicated engineering and metallurgical consulting team in India is a perfect partner for solving manufacturing and product quality problems. Several senior consultants with many years´ experience are available to help and advice on corrosion or materials selection queries. The metallurgical consulting team also advise on welding engineering, heat treatment problems, verifying product integrity, measuring performance and determining end of life to enhance product performance and quality.


From initial product design, through final production, TCR in-depth engineering consulting services ensures that clients are producing the best possible product. The cost for engineering consulting service is billed on a per hour basis.


The above listed services are in addition to the existing services provided by the engineering consulting team. For more details, please visit


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