Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NDT Inspection of Reformer Tubes

TCR has secured a project to undertake NDT Inspection of 200 Reformer Tubes at a very prestigious client in India. As part of this project, the NDT Services division will depute Engineer / Technicians along with Instruments and Consumables at the site location.


As part of the project, a Sr. Inspection Engineer from TCR will conduct in-depth visual examination and then proceed to take measurement of OD at every 3 meters and at ends in two places perpendicular to each other, i.e. at 8 locations on a 9 meter long tube for each of the 200 tubes. Ultrasonic  thickness  measurement  at  12,3,6  &  9  O’Clock position at both ends and 3m from each end, i.e. at 16 points on each of 200 tubes. Portable hardness measurement at all 200 tubes at 3 locations on each tube. Ferrite measurement at 3 locations on each tube. In-situ  metallography  at  10  locations  selected  by  the Client’s officers out of 200 tubes.


All TCR personnel will carry all safety gadgets etc. with insurance etc.

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