Friday, January 18, 2008

PMI with carbon detection in India

TCR Engineering Services in India has the portable optical emission spectrometer, ARC-MET 8000. The portable Optical Emission analyzer is designed to identify all the key elements in metals - especially where highest accuracy and/or the analysis of light elements like C, Al, S, P, Mg, Si is needed and when sorting low alloys and aluminums. It is ideal, for example, for separation of 316 H (>0.04% C) and 316 L (<0.03% C).


Using the portable Optical emission spectrometer, Arc Met 8000 the experienced technicians from TCR can analyze Carbon in SS wherever they can get a good 25 x 25mm flat surface. Please note that ArcMet cannot be used for smaller size pipes and fittings.  Its best performance is for larger than 50 NB size. 


For optical emissions based PMI, the inspectors from TCR will need 99.9% pure argon gas as well.


It is important to note that for use of portable OES, surfaces need to be grinded and flattened to at least a 20mm x 20mm size in order to generate a spark from the OES. If the samples presented to TCR operator do not permit them being flattened than it may not be possible with the portable OES. Due to the weight and the expensive nature of the OES machine, TCR does recommend that her operator use this machine at high altitudes. The machine cannot be used on a scaffolding unless proper platform arrangements are made. Grinding will be needed to be done on all surface which are to be tested by the portable OES and hence the part should be big enough.


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