Friday, January 18, 2008

Third Party Inspection in India

TCR Engineering Services, is an ISO 17025 accredited independent Material Testing Laboratory, Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Company located in India.

Typically TCR inspectors undertake:

· Review of suppliers internal records, test certificates for identified stages in the approved Quality Plan or material procurement for verifying conformance of requirements of the equipment's / systems as per Purchase Orders, agreed Technical Specifications / approved drawings / data sheets, approved Quality Plan and other documents available with the contractor.

· Carry out stage and final inspection at works as per above documents. Inspection could be by TCR alone or along with Customer's representatives.

· Verification of calibration status of all the inspection, test and measuring instruments used for inspection.

· Preparation and submission of Inspection Reports in the prescribed format along with the necessary supporting documents such as Stage Inspection Reports / Test Certificates, etc. as per approved technical documentation and approved quality plans.

· Identify any deviations to our requirements and indicate along with supplier the proposed corrective actions.

· The Inspection reports along with all the necessary supporting documents such as Stage Inspection reports / Test certificates, etc. shall be sent through courier immediately to your office by email

TCR undertakes Independent, third party inspection and quality assurance services, including Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision directly on-site at a given vendor / supplier location in India.

TCR's independent, third-party quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls. TCR Engineering Services Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms. Such assessments are often tailor-made as per a client's needs and requirements. By availing of this service, TCR eliminates the need for a client to be present on-site at the manufacturer's plant or factory.

Please download TCR’s Brochure, Service Descriptions, and Technical White papers from:

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