TCR bags project in Kazakhstan

Weatherford has awarded TCR Engineering a NDT services project in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The crew members with equipment have reached the site on May 19 and started work. As part of this project, an ARCMET 8000 has also been sent from TCR’s base in India to Kazakhstan. Using 99.9% pure argon gas, the crew members from TCR provide positive material identification and complete chemical composition on flat and round surfaces using adapters.
The TCR team members take extra case when using the Argon gas of 99.999% min purity. The gas flow also has to be controlled as per the instrument requirements, as even setting an improper flow rate can lead to improper purging, eventually leading to a deviation in the test results.

The team is also undertaking other NDT tests.

Here are some pictures of the crew:

Prasad Doddi and Manoj Mistry: Expert Crew Members from TCR in Kazakhstan


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