Update Released - MiC 3.0

Microstructure Characterizer is a powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use. It installs easily. MiC offers unique and combination algorithms to characterize variety of materials through measuring different aspects of the microstructure.


The newly released version 3.0, offers Grain Size measurement & Distribution, Inclusion Rating as guidelines given in various international standards, Graphite Morphology analysis, Nodularity Rating, Iron-Carbon diagram with Carbide Rating, Hardness Profiling and Effective Case Depth assessment and more.


TCR is now providing a fully working trial version for 5 days.


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MiC 3.0 features include:

Grain Size

Measurement and Distribution Plots. Specialized MiC Feature on super-impose of distribution. Guideline available for ASTM, IS (Automatic and Manual modes)


Volume Fraction

Capable to detect five phase variants. Supports ASTM Specialized MiC feature on Distribution of Volume Fraction.(Automatic and Manual modes)


Inclusion Rating

Guidelines available on JIS, ASTM, IS, DIN. Specialized MiC feature of simplified Inclusion Measurement (Automatic and Manual modes)


Graphite Morphology

MiC has built-in engine to recognize the shape of phase in case of cast iron. Supports JIS and ASTM.


Nodularity Assessment

MiC identifies 2D projection of particles. Feature of great use to assess toughness property of Malleable Iron.


Hardness Profile

Use of hardness measurement module enable to accurately measure the diagonals. Add-on feature of MiC to find ECD (Effective Case Depth) over micro-hardness profiles.


Particle Sizing

MiC provides optical interface for automatically counting number of particles and individual size. MiC classifies to histogram and generates statistical analysis. Options are provided for reporting tool.


Linear Measurement

MiC offers a useful feature for Plating Thickness/ Nitrided Layer/ Case hardened layer/ Individual Nodule-Grin Diameter/ Pearlite Lameale Lathe Distance measurements with precision.


Customized Report

MiC extends full flexibility to maintain customer-friendly report style, embedding letterhead and print formats to readily adopt prevailing practice/ standards.


Ease of Operation on MiC

·         MiC acquires images from one or more files or can make use of attached camera to grab and analyze.

·         MiC can enhance images through various filtering and enhancement tools. These specialized features allow to see important characteristics of the images with high clarity.

·         MiC generates 100 percent customized reports as per operator's choice.

·         MiC has built in - one touch calibration that allows great user friendly procedure to calibrate the software system for all image resolutions. The procedure is once for all done at the time of first time use and no need to repeat.




Mastufa Haradzi said…
I would like to see some results acqired by your MiC tool. For example. micrograph and measured grain sizes

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