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Weatherford Kazakhstan sends appreciation letter for NDT Services by TCR in India

TCR has completed a project for Weatherford in Kazakhstan. The team members
of TCR namely Mr. Manoj Mistry and Mr. Prasad Doddi from TCR have been
praised by the customer. We look forward to undertaking many more projects
in Kazakhstan given TCR's strengths in NDT and material testing services
from India.

Appreciation for TCR's PWHT Services in Saudi Arabia

Appreciation Letter received from Al-Toukhi Co. in Riyadh after completion
of our PWHT Project. Al-Toukhi is very impressed with the support we have
extended to them and they plan to utilize our services for their upcoming
projects including the Feras Power Plant Project that is due to start soon
in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More details of TCR Arabia's PWHT services
are available at

Online Module of MiC 3.0

It gives me great pride in announcing that the highly popular Microstructure
Characterizer (MiC) 3.0 developed by TCR now has an online Grain Size
Measurement module available at new version 3.0x comes with Online Web Modules, Attached Camera system,
One Click calibration, Training Videos, Supporting Example images. More
details on the software is available at

Corrosion Metal Coupons from India

TCR often undertakes custom Preparation of AISI 1010 test coupons of 4” x 1.5” x 1.6”mm Thk with 5mm to assist in corrosion studies for companies all over the world for determination of test specimen (initial & final weighing plus evaluation of pitting depth). Corrosion coupons can be made in other sizes and dimensions as well in India. Corrosion Testing Experts from TCR will assist in this matter. Contact TCR at

Consultancy on Foundry Setup in India

The Engineering Consulting Division of TCR often handles and works on various projects. Recently a client approached TCR to advise them in a technical capacity to look into the setup of a cast iron foundry in Punjab, India. As part of the engagement the client, who wants to produce 350 tons a month wanted TCR’s help in determining the type of equipments and facilities needed, get the equipment installed and make layout upto training of their people and getting quality castings.

To work on this project, the Mumbai, India office of TCR is deputing a Sr. Consultant who is a highly qualified and experienced person with vast experience in foundries and has carried out assessment of many foundries and we had helped them in achieving their quality goals. The scope of TCR’s consulting approach will include to study the type of castings proposed to be casted through their drawing or by visualy seeing the castings made by other foundries, identify all the items of plant and machinery required to…

Tapping your resources

I am writing this blog to see if you know anyone in your network of friends
that would like to work with TCR in Saudi Arabia. We have the following job
positions that are available immediately:- Sr. ToFD Technican with experience on Olympus Omniscan Machine- PMI operator with experience on ARCMET 8000 (do not need XRF
people)- Senior PWHT Technicians that are excellent in English and can
operate 6 channel programmersWe are a fast growing company in Saudi Arabia. For details one can visit
All jobs come with Food, Accomodation, Yearly ticket to India, and excellent
pay package. Send resumes to

TCR wins Third Party Inspection Project of Rigid Perlite Insulation products of Perma-Pipe Middle East

TCR Engineering Services in India has been awarded a repeat second order to perform third party inspection for Rigid Perlite Insulation products of Perma-Pipe Middle East (FZE) at their vendor locations in India. The inspection involves complete third party inspection of Perlite in accordance with ASTM C610. The inspectors from TCR will undertake visual inspection with dimensional measurements. During manufacturing, the inspectors will check the process for conformity and any process non-conformities shall be reported. When the Client's vendor in India does perform any tests like density, compressive or thermal conductivity, the inspector from TCR will witness the tests and will countersign the reports. TCR representative will check the conformance by joining two seams together so that minimum gap as per ASTM C 610 is followed. Due the fragile nature of Perlite, TCR inspectors will ensure that there are not be any cracks at the circumferential seam that will go up to the root, how…