Consultancy on Foundry Setup in India

The Engineering Consulting Division of TCR often handles and works on various projects. Recently a client approached TCR to advise them in a technical capacity to look into the setup of a cast iron foundry in Punjab, India. As part of the engagement the client, who wants to produce 350 tons a month wanted TCR’s help in determining the type of equipments and facilities needed, get the equipment installed and make layout upto training of their people and getting quality castings.

To work on this project, the Mumbai, India office of TCR is deputing a Sr. Consultant who is a highly qualified and experienced person with vast experience in foundries and has carried out assessment of many foundries and we had helped them in achieving their quality goals. The scope of TCR’s consulting approach will include to study the type of castings proposed to be casted through their drawing or by visualy seeing the castings made by other foundries, identify all the items of plant and machinery required to make such castings in the form it is desired. This would include production, heat treatment, mould preparation, mould making, Quality assurance, machining and finishing operations. Also assist in procurement of these items. Preparation of layout plan. Inspection and acceptance of items of plant and machinery. Installation, commissioning and calibration of items of plant & machinery. Be present for trail runs and trouble shooting during initial operation. Solving all production problems and quality assurance problems as well as Training of personnel in various operations.

More details on the consulting team of TCR is available at


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