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TCR PPSimtech at ARAMCO Insp Technical Exchange Conference

Some photos of TCR and PP SIMTECH performance at ARAMCO Insp Technical
Exchange Conference in November 2008

Testing of Radiator Fins for G.I. Coating in India

TCR Engineering Services ( can conduct Mass of Coating test by stripping method as per IS 2633 standards. We will need a 50 x 50mm piece of fin material. Kindly send your samples to the TCR Engineerirng Laboratory in Navi Mumbai, India.

Testing of iron ore fines from Mines in India

TCR Engineering ( undertakes laboratory testing to determine chemical analysis of Fe, FeO,SiO2, Al2O3, Mn, P,S and LOI. TCR also undertakes sieve analysis for the iron ore sample with the major contents of Fe, Sio2, Al2O3 and LOI size wise. TCR can also determine if the material is hematite or magnetite.

The expert laboratory personnel of TCR Engineering in India will need a minimum 100gm of sample and 8-10days to complete the requested tests.

You can send your samples to:
Attn: Sample Receipt
Plot No. EL–182, MIDC–TTC, Electronic Zone, Behind NELCO,
Tel: +91–(22)– 27610921–22–23 27612324, 27631508,
Tel: +91–(22)–32936355, 65160805, 65168100, 65168200
Fax: +91–(22)–27612044

TCR PPSimtech

TCR PPSimtech agreement was signed at TCR Arabia's office on 23rd November
2008 between Mr. Ron Selva and Mr. Paresh Haribhakti.

Metallographic Analysis Of Crane Wire

A customer in India recently asked TCR Engineering Services to investigate the cause of damage of a crane’s runner wire rope. The client of TCr collected a piece of the wire as a sample which clearly indicated the frayed condition of this Runner Wire. The client asked TCR if they would consider the worn-out condition of this wire rope due to excessive working with lack of adequate maintenance as appropriately required or a design/equipment failure.

As part of this investigative project, the engineering consulting team and expert metallurgists from TCR in India carried out a complete metallographic examination of the wire sample. TCR undertook tests such as Breaking load of sample wire, Dimensional verification of wire, Chemical composition and Micro examination in longitudinal and transverse directions. TCR also undertook the complete failure analysis study for the client.

Assisting Natural Stone Products (Marble) manufacturers

TCR Engineering Services ( provides testing as per EN Standards (European Standards) or similar IS Standards. for clients who are processing is processing of Natural Stone Products (Marble). The tests TCR conducts on Natural Stone include:
Water Absorption % by wt. at atmospheric pressure
Water Absorption by Capillary
% Apparent Density
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
Thermal Shock Resistance
Determination of the breaking load at dowel holeon according to the EN
Frost Resistance Typically TCR will would need approximate 5 days to complete the job. TCR does not undertake Resistance to Wear (Average Wear & Wear on Individual Specimen) and the Slip Resistance tests. You can send your samples to:
TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.
Attn: Sample Receipt
Plot No. EL-182, MIDC-TTC, Electronic Zone,
Behind NELCO, Mhape, NAVI MUMBAI-400 710
Tel: 27612324, 27631508, 27610921-22-23
Tel: 32936355, 65160805, 65168100
Tel: +91-(22)-65168200
Fax: +91-(22)…

PMI at PetroRabigh

Pictures of Mr. Nikuj Solanki of TCR Arabia ( doing
positive material identification in Saudi Arabia.