Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Metallography Training at TCR

The scope of training would be as under.

  1. Basics metallurgy of steel and low alloy steels and forgings.
  2. Sample preparation for metallography
  3. Study of Microstructures of weld and parent metal Photography considerations on microscopes.
  4. Use of Image analysis soft-ware.
  5. Practical training to develop hand on skill to your engineers on different samples.
  6. Use of Metallurgical microscope with fundamental understating of optical principles. (Necessary for effective use of Metallography).

All consumables and instruments will be provided by TCR Advanced used for Metallography training.

Following preparation would be required from your end.

1. Necessary samples of your requirements on which you want your personnel to be trained.

We propose 3-days (9 am to 6 pm) training to cover above-mentioned aspects at our end.

Please contact www.tcreng.com in case you want to avail of this training.

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