Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Qualification requirements for Metallurgist/Corrosion Engineers

Each Metallurgist/Corrosion Engineer has a key role in a multidiscipline RBI study team. 

The technical requirements outlined below (1 to 3) are considered to be a minimum in order to provide technical expertise during the RBI team study, in particular for identification of active and potential damage mechanisms and their causes.  When recruited these engineers are classed as experts in these areas and as such the only training they will require is the basic familiarisation of the RBI process and their role in the RBI team study.

It should be noted that during the recruitment process, consideration of skill levels 4 to 7 outlined below is equally as important as the technical requirements.   Satisfying these criteria will ensure that after participating in a number of RBI team studies, these engineers will have the necessary skills to undertake the role of RBI Team Study Leaders (RBI Specialist Engineer) to chair and facilitate the study.

1. BSc in Metallurgy/Corrosion Engineering and ideally a Chartered Engineer

2. Minimum 10 years experience of metallurgical support related to various damage mechanisms with thorough knowledge of their causes as applicable to pressure vessels, pipelines and storage tanks operated in refining and petrochemical plant sites

3. Knowledge of NDT techniques and fitness-for-service assessment methods desirable

4. Excellent team leadership and interpersonal communication skills

5. Excellent command of written/spoken English

6. Strong analytical/ logical skills

7. Competent keyboard skills

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