TCR Starts Ferrography (Oil analysis) in India

TCR Engineering Services in Mumbai, India ( and TCR Advanced Engineering in Vadodara, India now undertake Ferrography (Oil analysis) as per ISO 4406.

Oil samples, by experts from TCR, are examined under a microscope that combines the features of a biological and metallurgical microscope. Such equipment utilizes reflected and/or transmitted light sources. Different optical filters are deployed to classify sizing, composition, shape and texture of the particles.

Ferrography (Oil analysis) is a series of laboratory tests to determine the condition of used Lubricants and equipment components, over a period. A trend of Wear Particle Concentration typically presents the opportunity for Maintenance programs from breakdown to be more proactive.

There are six basics wear particle types generated through the wear process. These include metallic particles that comprise of Normal Rubbing Wear, Cutting Wear Particles, Spherical Particles, Severe Sliding particles, Bearing Wear Particle (Fatigue Spall Particles, Laminar Particles) and Gear Wear (Pitch Line Fatigue Particles, Scuffing or Scoring Particles). There do also exist sand and dirt particles responsible to generate wear particles in the system.

Benefits of Ferrography ?
• Reduction in unscheduled downtime due to wear of rotary components like bearings and gears
• Effective maintenance scheduling
• Improved equipment reliability and safety
• Reduction in maintenance costs
• Maximization of oil change-out intervals that indirectly conserves environmental cleanliness aspect
• Reduction in machine power consumption over a period

TCR provides the following on completion of Ferrography (Oil analysis) in India:

REPORT - Ferrography results are delivered by post & emails, reporting about condition of the oil and the machine that is been lubricated by that oil. Report also recommends actions to take & next due date of test.

TRENDING - The continual programme on ferrography makes a comparison of test results with results from previous ones of same machine. Increases in any wear metal particles triggers abnormal condition.

CRITICAL ALERT NOTIFICATION - When Ferrography result indicates a critical machine/oil problem, it is conveyed on telephone for the maintenance group to plan an immediate action.

To undertake this test, experts from TCR request clients to send typically two oil samples from a lubrication path, first, after filter and second before entering to oil tank / reservoir. Generally 100 ml of oil samples are sufficient.

Please visit to send your samples.


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