Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Test specimens from medical grade stainless steel and CoCrMo alloy with polished surface on 1 side

TCR Engineering Services (www.tcreng.com) based in Mumbai, India can supply test coupons made of SS316L. In order to book your order, please let us know:

1) Surface finish - whether machined finish is OK.
2) Whether you need coupons from plate only or whether coupons from rod are acceptable.
3) Size tolerance acceptable limits.
4) Any particular requirements for hardness or heat treatment condition.

Shall submit our quote after receipt of your clarifications.

Please note that Co28Cr6Mo is a very special grade and we may have to get the alloy made by a foundry.  According to us the coupon is Cr27-30% Mo 5-7%, Ni 1 Max and balance cobalt.

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