Friday, June 19, 2009

Invitation for a Lecture Meeting cum Farewell function by Metallography Society of India


Invitation for a Lecture Meeting cum Farewell function

Dear Members.
Metallography Society is pleased to invite you all to attend the lecture meeting followed by farewell.

The founder President of the Metallography Society, honorable Dr. Rajendra kumar is leaving Baroda permanently by the end of this month for domestic reasons. In view of this the society has organized a farewell to Dr. Rajendra kumar to express our deep sense of gratitude towards him for the guidance and support that he has extended to the Metallography society as a president of the society.

On this occasion we have also arranged a Lecture meeting by two eminent speakers; one by Dr. G.S. Grewal from ERDA, and another by Mr. P.U. Haribhakti of TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Limited, Baroda, With “Metallography and failure Investigation in power plants” - the theme.

You are cordially invited to participate in this event. The programme will be followed by Dinner.

Date: 20/06/2009

Topic: “Predicting the Reliability of High Temperature Power Plant Components: Microscopic & Analytical Techniques”
Speaker: Dr G S Grewal: Deputy Director & Head (MTD), ERDA, Vadodara

Topic: “Emerging Trends in Failure Investigations”
Speaker: Paresh Haribhakti: MD, TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Limited, Vadodara

Venue: Hotel Surya Palace, Regal Hall, 5th Floor, Vadodara
Time: 6:30 PM Onwards

For Metallography Society
Bhavesh Bhuptani
Joint Secretary

Friday, June 12, 2009

2nd Corrosion Management Summit

Corrosion is expensive! The impact of corrosion on the nation’s exchequer is a staggering figure of Rs 1.5 lakh crores. These expenses can be brought down to half if the good practices are followed to prevent and control the corrosion. This offers a big opportunity to save cost and also enhance the life of products, plant & machinery, and civil structures. To provide a forum for experts from industry, academia and research laboratories to work together and to disseminate best practices on corrosion management; the CII-1st Corrosion Summit was organised in Mumbai in November 2008.

Enthused with the success of 1st Corrosion Management Summit and on demand from all stake-holders, CII – L M Thapar Centre for Competitiveness  is organising the 2nd Corrosion Summit on July 17-18, 2009 in Hotel Trident, 1/24 G.S.T Road, Chennai.

The objectives of the two days Summit are:

-          To give a strong push to bring corrosion control to the forefront

-          To identify and learn world best practices in corrosion management

-          To help engineers and designers understand corrosion so that they can solve existing corrosion problems and prevent future ones
-          To showcase new products and technologies in corrosion prevention through concurrent exhibition

The seminar would be relevant for Senior and Middle Level Managers, project engineers, quality assurance managers, paint applicators, maintenance personnel and Engineers associated with the research and development, production, operation and maintenance of systems from the industries such as Automobile, Oil & Gas, Aluminium, Steel, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Cement, fertilizers, Pulp & Papers, Glass, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Textiles, Power Plants etc. and people from the Research Institutes who are interested in this subject.

TKY inspector needed in Malaysia

Job Title : FPS NDE Specialist

Team : Gumusut –Kakap Host Construction Team

Reports to : Gumusut – NDE Lead

Work Location : Johor Bahru

From : September 2008 To: March 2011

To perform UT Crosschecks of completed welds and weld repairs in addition to welds designated by the Engineer of Record.

Carry out NDT Surveillances in all methods to ensure that there is no non–compliances arising from technicians use of the approved procedures.

Assist in training with Contractors NDE Technicians to ensure compliance to Principals specifications and ensure that technicians improve their overall competency and ability.

Work with technicians on a one to one basis on-site to improve technicians overall competency and ability.

Monitor Contractor’s NDT equipment calibration practices and applied field examination techniques and validate contractor’s reported NDT results and NDE key performance indicators.

NDE Specialist Responsibilities:

• Familiarize self with Project NDE specifications, requirements and recommended practices (i.e. API and AWS).

• Provide input on NDE methods, procedures, processes and techniques.

• Provide feedback on approval of Contractor’s NDE personnel after witnessing field performance application and identify weaknesses through monitoring and crosschecking and carry out one to one training in order to improve level of competency of Contractors NDE techs.

• Monitor the set up, application and results of Non-Destructive testing by Contractor.

• Monitor calibration of equipment, and review certification data of personnel and equipment.

• Perform routine checks to ensure NDE techniques and methods are uniform and consistent throughout all aspects in testing and verification of welded works.

• Carry out UT cross checking, RT film review, NDE Surveillances and review of NDE records produced by the Contractor.

• Assist in the location of percentage and random NDE examinations on a daily basis in the field.

• Monitor Contractor recording of NDE examinations performed and test results; including weld repairs.

• Provide input on Contractor’s Weld Maps and NDE Identification scheme field application and traceability effectiveness.

• Prepare list of outstanding NDE for inclusion in final punch list.

Qualification & Experience

• Ultrasonic Inspection – shall be qualified to a minimum of Level II by a Certification body such as PCN or by an Employers Written Practice in accordance with SNT-TC-1A (or equivalent).

• Radiographic Interpretation – shall be qualified to a minimum of Level II by a Certification body such as PCN or by an Employers Written Practice in accordance with SNT-TC-1A (or equivalent).

• A Level II qualification in or at least a sound knowledge of MPI/PT.

• Experience – should have a minimum of ten years experience in NDE associated with Offshore Oil and Gas projects.

• Be able to specialize in the detailed examination of weldments (TKY, Cruciform, T-joints, Y-joints and single and double-sided joints etc), development of relevant Procedures and Techniques, including but not limited Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Radiographic Interpretation and Ultrasonic Inspection.

• Be familiar with defect types associated with different welding methods.

• Recognize the problems that are associated with welding in areas of high restraint (repairs) and the defects that are typical in these locations.

• Have past experience in offshore construction yards, preferably as a Clients Crosschecker.

• Past experience working on TLP/FPS or similar Semi Submersible vessels.

• A knowledge of the following codes and publications as a minimum; AWS D1.1 Structural Code, API-RP2X Recommended Practices for UT and MT and also SNTC-TC-1A and PCN qualification requirements.

• Familiar with Welding and Inspection practices, Fabrication Specifications and Fabrication sequences in order to identify any potential NDE problems that may arise from the methods applied during production.

• NDE experience working with various materials including welding to castings and the various techniques and associated defects.

• Be fluent in English language and must be a good communicator as the job entails interacting with contractor NDE personnel.

• Strong documentation skills required.

• Competent in the review of NDE Reports and records.

• Competent computer skills in Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel

Send resumes to hrd at

TCR Arabia needs your resumes – Apply today – Shutdown Jobs for ASNT Level II Multi-skilled Technicians and API 510/570 Inspectors

TCR Arabia, the Saudi based sister concern of TCR Engineering Services has been appointed to conduct and manage the upcoming shutdown project at SIPCHEM in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The shutdown will start in August for one month. You will be required to travel from 27th July to 10th  August 2009. We need to recruit you on a temporary basis for a 5-6 week period.

If you let us know of your interest, our Saudi based company as well as our client will conduct telephonic interview with you this weekend. Do let me know if you'd like us to schedule your interview on Saturday 13th  June 2009 or Sunday 14th  June 2009 between the hours of 11:00 am and 4;00 PM IST on each day. Once you give us your date and time preference, our client will call you. Also indicate your preferred telephone number for the call. Please also send us your latest copy of resume in MS Word format.
Once selected you will be invited to TCR's offices in Mumbai where your visa stamping process shall commence. You will be required to handover your passport to TCR's offices in Mumbai for visa purposes upon selection.

As always, TCR aims to provide excellent benefits. You will be given a salary of SAR 3500 per month if you are a Multiskilled NDT Level II technician or SAR 7000 per month for API 510/570 inspector for this shutdown period. Overtime will be paid for any hours worked beyond 10 hours per day on weekdays and all hours worked on Fridays. Visa, Air ticket (Mum-Dmm-Mum), Insurance, Food, Housing, Accommodation will be provided by TCR Arabia.

Your early response in this matter will be greatly appreciated as we aim to finalize the candidates no later than Friday the 12th  June, 2009.

Should you need to know more about this engagement, you may contact Ms. Nimisha Jha at +91-22-67380926 or by responding on email to hrd at Candidates showing outstanding work during shutdown may be absorbed by TCR Arabia for longer term assignments as well.

Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) is a Saudi Company listed in Saudi Stock market. The company was established on 22/12/1999, with a current paid in capital of SR 3.3 billion (US$ 880 million). Sipchem actively develops and invests in petrochemical and chemical industries, both basic and intermediate to produce chemicals used to manufacture a multitude of products that improve the lives of people worldwide. Through its affiliates, International Methanol Company (IMC) and International Diol Company, Sipchem currently produces over one million mtpa of methanol and 75 thousand mtpa of butanediol. For the attainment of sustainable growth according to a special strategy that links the company's present with its future, Sipchem continuously explores the prospects of development and renovation to facilitate the process of desired growth and expansion. In the second half of 2006, Sipchem started construction of a major Acetyls Complex which consists of Acetic Acid plant (460 thousand mtpa), Vinyl Acetate Monomer plant (330 thousand mtpa) and Carbon Monoxide plant (345 thousand mtpa).

About TCR Arabia
TCR Engineering Services (India) and GAS Arabian Services (KSA) have jointly collaborated to form TCR Arabia with an aim to provide outstanding NDT, material testing and quality assurance services to industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TCR Arabia has served with extreme client satisfaction to a number of EPC contractors in KSA including Tekfen, Sinopec, Al-Tawleed, and others. Our team is well versed in understanding the client requirements as well as ensuring that timely deliverables are met to ensure project success. TCR has over 36 years of experience and has served clients such as Aramco, Shell and Reliance. The services TCR Arabia provides includes In-Situ Metallography, Failure analysis, Remaining Life and Condition Assessments, Corrosion Mapping, Helium Leak Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Heat Treatment Services, Automated Ultrasonic testing using Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD), Sour Gas Corrosion Testing (HIC and SSC), NDT Training, Welder Qualification, Positive Material Identification, Chemical Analysis, Physical and Mechanical testing, Metallurgical studies including micro and macro examination, conventional ultrasonic testing (UT), dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement as well as several other advanced NDT and inspection related services. TCR Arabia also offers NDT manpower recruitment services to assist clients in their shutdown and permanent staffing needs for quality assurance personnel.

TCR Arabia and PP Simtech form a operational alliance

TCR Arabia now offers Risk Based Inspection services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its operational alliance with PP Simtech. On June 10, 2009 the two companies decided to work together. Here are the pictures from the signing ceremony.


Mr. Aref K. Al-Dabal, Managing Director of TCR Arabia and Mr. Ron Selva, MD of PP Simtech, UK at the signing.

PP Simtech - TCRA - OA Signing Ceremony (19) PP Simtech - TCRA - OA Signing Ceremony (11)PP Simtech - TCRA - OA Signing Ceremony (20)


The signing ceremony of the Operational Alliance between TCR Arabia and PP Simtech took place at the Al-Bandar Resort in Bahrain.

Rohit Bafna Birthday Celebrations 2009

The TCR family of employees were gracious enough to celebrate the birthday of their Director, Mr. Rohit Bafna on June 9, 2009. Celebrations took place at all offices of TCR.


Rohit Birthday 2009 001Rohit Birthday 2009 008 

Rohit Birthday 2009 007 Rohit Birthday 2009 009

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Rohit Bafna - Birthday - 2009 (3)Rohit Bafna - Birthday - 2009 (20)  Rohit Bafna - Birthday - 2009 (7) Rohit Bafna - Birthday - 2009 (12)

Rohit Bafna - Birthday - 2009 (17)