Friday, July 31, 2009

CII Risk Management Summit 2009

The global financial crisis and the aftermath across the World made it imperative for the Countries, Corporations and Individuals to intensify their focus on Risk Management practices for sustenance and growth. 

In order to discuss the different dimensions of risk management and mitigation in India and to provide meaningful insight into managing risk in Indian corporations for improved value creation, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organising the Risk Management Summit 2009.  The Summit is being scheduled from 0930 hrs to 1730 hrs on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 at the Hotel Taj Mahal, Colaba, Mumbai.

This one-day event will provide corporates a comprehensive view of risk and guidance on how to navigate the expanding risk universe. Participants at the Summit will develop a deeper understanding for monitoring risk management effectiveness and hear first-hand experiences of leading experts who have successfully managed risks.

To enroll contact:

Marut Sen Gupta

Senior Director

Confederation of Indian Industry

23 Institutional Area

Lodi Road

New Delhi - 110 003

Tel: 011-24642673

Fax: 011-24626149 / 24615693

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training program on Laboratory Management & Internal Audit

CII Institute of Quality is pleased to announce Four day training programme on Laboratory Management & Internal Audit as per ISO / IEC 17025:05


Indian Industry has come of age in practicing quality since the quality movement started in 1987. In order to achieve more business success in open market Indian Industry is following Total Quality Management (TQM) approach.

For adopting TQM, the manufacturing sector has to establish an efficient and effective control in measurement system that includes Laboratory Measurement System. This results in production of products with lesser and lesser rejection and more acceptances to customers.

In order to establish a control on measurement system in the laboratory ISO / IEC has brought out a standard ISO/IEC 17025:05 for developing competence and carry out tests and / or calibration including sampling. This standard covers testing and calibration using standard methods, non-standard methods and laboratory development methods. This standard is applicable to first, second and third party laboratory carry out tests and / or calibration. This international standard is for use by laboratories in developing their management system for quality, administration and technical operations.

This programme will enable participants understand the requirements of all clauses of ISO/IEC 17025:05 for personnel competency and lab capability that are to be implemented and maintained by laboratories intending to generate testing and / or calibration report / certificate acceptable by customers nationally and internationally.

Course Objectives:

1. To design and implement ISO / IEC 17025:05 requirements for laboratories.

2. Enable participants to develop quality system documentation as required by the standard.

3. To learn about Internal Auditing – types, stages, phases, conducting audit & reporting.

Course Coverage:

  • Basic Quality concepts
  • National / International relevance of Accreditation
  • History and Evolution of ISO / IEC 17025:05
  • Understanding Management Requirements – Clause 4.1 to 4.15
  • Understanding Technical Requirements – Clauses to 5.1 to 5.10
  • Documentation – Structuring and Developing Quality Manual procedure.
  • Internal Audit – Understanding types, stages, phases and conducting audit
  • Hands on training on Auditing Laboratories & Audit reporting
  • Accreditation Process details

Course Material:

The delegates will get designed course materials, copy of ISO / IEC 17025:05 standard, NABL 160 documents and stationary.


Presentation, interactive session, group exercises, case studies, Mock laboratory audit. (on 3rd day)


The participants will receive a “Certification of Participation”

Eligibility Criteria:

ITI / Diploma / Bachelors / Masters degree in Engineering / Science with relevant work experience in the field of measurement either in maintenance, inspection, testing / calibration laboratories or QA, laboratory MR, Technical Manager, Personnel carrying out testing / calibration.

Course Fee:

  • Rs 9927 per participant including tax. This is a Non – residential workshop.
  • 10% discount on fee for 3  or more participation from one organization.
  • Amount to be payable in favour of CII Institute of Quality at Bangalore.

Participants Limit

Total Participation Limit is 35.

For registration or more details please contact

Mamta Rai

CII Institute of Quality

Near Bharat Nagara,  IInd  Stage                                      

Magadi Main Road,  Vishwaneedam Post                       

Bangalore – 560 091                                                          

Tel : 080 2328 9391 / 6085 / 7690

Fax : 080  2328 9388


Mob : 9986012818

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oil Rigs Could Have A Second Life As Luxury Hotels

Luxist reports:

Could a former oil rig become a luxury hotel? Houston-based architecture firm, Morris Architects, has conceived a new purpose for old rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, turn them into hotels with beautiful views. The hotel which won a design competition earlier this year, would have a glass lobby floor, rooftop white sand beach and infinity pool and pre-fabricated guest-room modules which would close up during the Gulf's hurricanes.The spaces are organized around a core of water that stabilizes the rig and could also serve as a venue for aquatic shows. The hotel would be powered with wind turbines and solar power. The design also shows a helipad and a docking area for boats.
[via WSJ Environmental Capital]

Microstructure Etchant Database

Etchants Database is a collection of 9645 etching solution or etchants and electropolishing procedures collected from the journals and books from about 1930 to the year 2008. Database is searchable with the usual keyword search - by material name, type of etching (macro or microetching), method of etching (chemical, electrolytic and physical etching), etchant name (e.g. Nital, Villela, Seeco, etc.) and chemical element name.

All information herein is a extracted from open literature, and is a orginally written by the authors, from the source references cited. Many of the etching solutions in the database reperesent a safety hazard, not only from the type chemicals involved, but their temperature, type reactions, methods of applications and so forth. Safety procedures are not specifically discussed in this database, but individuals should be sufficiently knowledgeable and and instructed prior to handling metals, chemicals, gases and solutions in this regard. We hope that this database makes your professional life more productive and easily.

Download this database at:

Number of etchants: 9465
Aluminium - Al: 270 etchants
Antimony - Sb: 53 etchants
Arsenic - As: 19 etchants
ASTM: 169 electrolytes for electropolishing
Barium - Ba: 27 etchants
Beryllium - Be: 39 etchants
Bismuth - Bi: 44 etchants
Boron - B: 25 etchants
Cadmium - Cd: 88 etchants
Calcium - Ca: 14 etchants
Carbides: 206 etchants
Carbon - C: 30 etchants
Cerium - Ce: 15 etchants
Chromium - Cr: 70 etchants
Cobalt - Co: 169 etchants
Copper - Cu: 399 etchants
Dysprosium - Dy : 17etchants
Erbium - Er: 13 etchants
Europium - Er: 10 etchants
Fluorides: 29 etchants
Gadolinium - Gd: 29 etchants
Gallium - Ga: 37 etchants
Germanium - Ge: 264 etchants
Gold - Au: 78 etchants
Hafnium - Hf: 69 etchants
Holmium - Ho: 21 etchants
Indium - In: 70 etchants
Iridium - Ir: 28 etchants
Iron - Fe: 1046 etchants
Lanthanum - La: 27 etchants
Lead - Pb: 115 etchants
Lithium - Li: 44 etchants
Lutetium - Lu: 7 etchants
Macro Etchants: 272 etchants
Magnesium - Mg: 142 etchants
Manganese - Mn: 55 etchants
Mercury - Hg: 20 etchants
Molybdenum - Mo: 181 etchants
Named Etchants: 419 etchants
Neodymium - Nd: 23 etchants
Neptunium - Np: 2 etchants
Nickel - Ni: 511 etchants
Niobium - Nb: 199 etchants
Nitrides: 124 etchants
Osmium - Os: 11 etchants
Others: 37 etchants
Oxides: 525 etchants
Palladium - Pd: 61 etchants
Phosphides: 52 etchants
Platinum - Pt: 51 etchants
Plutonium - Pu: 28 etchants
Potassium - K: 16 etchants
Praseodymium - Pr: 27 etchants
Rubidium - Rb: 1 etchant
Rhenium - Re: 35 etchants
Rhodium - Rh: 24 etchants
Ruthenium - Ru: 17 etchants
Samarium - Sm: 20 etchants
Scandium - Sc: 11 etchants
Selenium - Se: 36 etchants
Silicon - Si: 585 etchants
Silver - Ag: 114 etchants
Single Crystals: 553 etchants
Sodium - Na: 26 etchants
Steels: 868 etchants
Strontium - Sr: 8 etchants
Tantalum - Ta: 122 etchants
Tellurium - Te: 57 etchants
Terbium - Tb: 14 etchants
Thallium - Tl: 14 etchants
Thin Films: 457 etchants
Thorium - Th: 33 etchants
Thulium - Tm: 9 etchants
Tin - Sn: 96 etchants
Titanium - Ti: 355 etchants
Tungsten - W: 137 etchants
Uranium - U: 128 etchants
Vanadium - V: 52 etchants
Wafers: 1408 etchants
XRD: 141 electrolytes
Ytterbium - Yb: 15 etchants
Yttrium - Y: 50 etchants
Zinc - Zn: 173 etchants
Zirconium - Zr: 145 etchants

This is very useful information when doing insitu metallography. TCR Advanced in India performs insitu metallography on industrial components and static equipments.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Useful Links for Engineers

A definite bookmark for all Engineers.


Mechanical & Chemical Engineering Software -Download Engineering Software - Demo PVElite - CAESAAR II Demo - CadWorx Demo/PIPE - Demo P&ID CadWorx - Chempute Download Page - Chem. Sheet Civil Software C-Max Piping Software - Demo Download Software Download free demo for gas Shaft Design FEM software Vessel Demo ASME Section IX Demo ASME Demo Demo For Weld Layout Software Lots Of Engineering Software\ Various Links Spreadsheet for calculations -Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering - Free software Spec Finder

Thesis(Search By Department & Author) Thesis for Post Graduates Thesis of Mechanical Post Graduates

WELDING ENGINEERING  -Welding Of Piping -Welding Of Piping welding of BPV & Pressure Piping -Welding & Inspection of piping Sites

Valves & Pipe Fittings  Basic Information for Process Equip. & Piping fitting  -Valve Types & Construction -PIPING ENG. Q&A Safety Valve  - Safety Valve  - Safety Valve  - Safety Valve  - Safety Valve - Search for Sample & get .PDF files for P&ID, Valve Specs etc.  -Pipe Supports For Cryogenic Service. - Seismic Approach in Piping - Piping Flexibility - pipe stress – Piping Tutorial -Piping Dynamic Stress Lecture Flange Process Fluid Iron Pipe

Pressure Vessel List Of the files Giving Overview of ASME Sections Controlling Vessel & Tanks Pressure Vessel - Pressure Vessels Basics Pressure Vessels Basics - Pressure Vessel Glossary Pressure Vessel Guidelines for Review of Pressure Vessels Pressure Vessel Demo part pv EN134445


Machine Design all about Mechanical Engineering Information site

Online Books Cavitation & Bubble Dynamics. Book for Heat Transfer Boiler Book Online Fluid Mechanics Fluid Dynamics

Pump & Motor  - Pump & Motor Pumps. Basics of Motor. - Pump basic Q&A - Pump - Rotodynamic Pump - faq Pump Comparison of CF & RC Pumps. Rotodynamic pump Technical Papers About Pump PUMP BASICS PUMP Articles Pump Pump Cavitation Pump Cavitation CONTROLLING CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS CONTROLLING POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS Pump Basics.

Turbine  -Information About Turbines. - Steam Turbine - Steam Turbine – Fluid & Thermal System

Heat Exchanger -Heat Exchanger Terminology -Heat Exchanger Lecture%2003%20-%20Heat%20Exchangers%202.ppt Basic Construction of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers HX CONTROLLING SHELL AND TUBE EXCHANGERS

Cooling Tower - Cooling Tower Basics - Cooling Tower Basics

Fire & Safety Online Glossary By National Fire Council - Safety & Health Manual - Hydrant System Design, Installation, Testing, and Maintenance

NDT - Ultrasonic Testing - Site for Non Destructive Testing Methods _ NDT Test Paper

Conveyor - Conveyers –conveyer

Spring Selector Software calc. Stress Intensity factor Lecture in mechanical engg, - SIF - fatigue Glossary charpy v notch test fea Material Science Linear Elasticity Civil, Cad-Cam, Mechanical, Instrumentation Lectures

I.C. ENGINE Thermo I.C. Engine I.C. Engine

PROE ProE  Proe Learn Proe Proe Database With Pro Mechanica




IDEAS Demo Files FEA Book Help Files Book

METLAB MatLab Files Metlab

CAE Solid Modeling Solid Edge Assembly Tutorial


What is a Chemical Engineer
History of Chemical and Process Engineering
Dimensionless Numbers
Fundamental Physical Constants
Gas Law Constant
Process Services Study Notes
SI Prefixes
The Constants and Equations Page
The Physics and Chemical Laws list
Conversion Factors
General Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engg. Course Notes from WSU
Crude Oil- Volume - Weight - Flowrate Conversion Factors
Process Associates of America Process Tools
Sheet Metal Thickness
Power Stations

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lectures
Chemical Engineering Reactor Kinetics
Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Reactions - Notes from ChemTutor
CRE - Frequently Asked Questions
CRE Lecture Notes
Design of Combustion Facilities
Download papers on combustion systems
Heterogeneous Catalysis

Fluid Mechanics

Boundary Layer Applets
Boundary Layer Flow
Boundary Layers
CFD Resources Online
Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
FM Lecture Notes from Quuens University
FAQ on Pumps and Fluid Systems
Flow rate through Venturi pipe free calculator
Fluid Flow Calculator
Fluid Mechanics Demonstrations
Fluid Mechanics Hall of Fame
Fluid Mechanics Lecture Notes from UBC
Fluid Mechanics Material from California IOC
Fluids Mechanics Movie Archive
Gallery of Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
Introduction to Rheology
Journal of Rheology Rheology Nomenclature
Lecture Notes from University of Leeds
FM Lecture Notes and Handouts in Pdf format
Lecture Notes from University of Iowa
Numerical methods for 1D compressible flows
Online Duct Friction Loss and Velocity Pressure Calculation
On-Line Friction Piping Loss
On-Line Pump System Design
Pipe Properties
Process Pumps & Filtration On-Line
Reynolds Number Calculator
Rheology - Main Page
Self-Study Material on Fluid Mechanics
Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics
The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery
The Internet Glossary of Pumps
Tube Properties
The Pissing Bucket Some Real-World Fluid Mechanics

Solid Fluid Operations (SFO)

Chemical Engineering Separations - Notes
Cyclone Separators
Engineering Aspects in Solid Liquid Separation
Ion Exchange
Membrane Separation Processes
Separation Processes - Lecture Notes
Standard Sieve Sizes


Basic Chemical Thermodynamics
Advanced Thermodynamic Problems
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Notes
CET Notes

Heat Transfer

An Introduction to Pinch Technology -
Alternative Uses of Heat Transfer Enhancement
Cooling Towers Design and Operation Considerations
Correlations for Convective Heat Transfer
Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Tutorial
Heat conduction
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Heat Exchanger Network Design
Heat Exchangers Design Examples
Heat Exchanger Network Design
Step by Step Pinch Technolgy
HeatTransfer Basics
Making Decisions with Insulation
OA Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries

Mass Transfer Operations (MTO)/ Transport Phenomena (TP)

Adsorption Phenomena
Step by Step McCabe-Thile Distillation
Continous Liquid Liquid Extraction
Development of distillation tray efficiency model
Diffusion Processes
Distillation Calculation McCabe-Thiele Method
Distillation Simulation - Tutorial
Distillation Theory And Practice
Energy Conservation in Distillation
In Depth Look at Extractive Distillation
Introduction to Distillation
Introduction to Mass Transfer Operations
Introduction to Trays
Online Calculator for Distillation Column Design
Overview of Distillation Process
Smith John French's Art of Distillation
The Rayleigh Equation
Tower Sizing and Pricing
Trays, in more detail
Transport Phenomena Lecture Notes

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

Chemistry & Industry Home Page

Historyof ChEn: Timeline

The World-Wide Web VirtualLibrary: Chemical Engineering


CERAMICS: FraunhoferInstitute

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Universityof Florida

'Chemical Engineering Magazine'

CHEMISTRY: University of California

CONTROL ENGINEERING: CambridgeUniversity



FLUID MECHANICS: Universityof Colorado


Steel On the Web

MATERIALS: Clarkson Instituteof Technology

PROCESS ENGINEERING: Universityof Karlsruhe

TECHNICAL: Enterprise Integration Network

Pollard Highway Products

AMM Online

Hazardous Materials Management Magazine( Free Calculators

Vibration & Lubrication




Thursday, July 23, 2009

Job Opening in Kuwait - Inspection and Corrosion Engineer with 8 years of Experience

TCR ATSCO (, based in Kuwait, in association with a large Kuwaiti company is looking to recruit 30 Inspection and Corrosion Engineers on a 2 year contract who have a minimum Bachelor of Engineering ( Mechanical / Metallurgy) degree with at least 8 years experience in a refinery / petroleum / petro chemical industry. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 4 years experience of working in a refinery with On stream / off stream plant inspection experience (Plant equipments are Tank, vessel, tower, exchangers, pipelines etc.) He should be familiar with all international standards and codes. Any exposure to RBI methodology and/or Fitness for Service will be considered as an absolute advantage.

The selected candidate will be given a salary of 900 KD (approximately USD 3400 or INR 1.7 Lakhs ) per month plus single status accommodation, food, one month annual leave and all local travel. Visa, Medical Insurance and Travel ticket will be provided. Higher salary offer can also be considered for the right individual.

In order to move forward on your selection for this exciting position, please email your resume to indicating your interest and provide your latest resume in MS Word format with all relevant certificates.

We will arrange client specific interviews in Mumbai at our office in Mhape once we collect the required team members. Ms. Nimisha Zha, Human Resource Associate of TCR Engineering based in Mhape will contact you in this regard. Should you have any questions relating to this job position, you may contact Ms. Nimisha Zha at +91-22-67380926 or Mr. Percy Lakdawala at +91-9833530600. In Kuwait you can contact Mr. Amit Bafna at +965 6256026. Please reference this job posting when speaking to any individual at TCR.

Kindly do forward this email to any of your friends or associates at your current or past company that may fit the job description. This is one of the few good job positions opens in these troubled times and I personally want to ensure that the very best of talent from our country is represented in Kuwait. One of the positives with working directly with TCR is that we are a global company and have openings worldwide for the man with good experience.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lunch Time at the office of TCR Arabia

“Ghazi” in Dammam has to be one of my favorite restaurants. They just seem to know how to make a good channa dal and their Chicken is outstanding. Here is the pictures of lunch today in the offices with food taken from that restaurant.

DSC00601-1 DSC00602-1 DSC00600-1

Friday, July 17, 2009

NDT Exhibition 2009 in India by ISNT

The Indian Society for Non-Destructive testing (ISNT) will be organizing the National Seminar and Exhibition on NDT, “NDE-2009” at Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India, on 10-12 December 2009, with the theme “NDE in power industry”. The seminar and the Exhibition will give participants an opportunity to interact with eminent NDE experts from various national and international industries /institutes and to get benefited from their rich experience in the field of NDT. Around 700 delegates are expected from various industries and technical institutions to participate in the seminar. A grand exhibition with participation from India and abroad will attract around 75 stalls exhibiting conventional and advanced NDT equipments and systems. we have invited eminent scientists and engineers to deliver plenary talks, keynote address etc., We expect around 150 contributory technical papers to be presented during this seminar. This will benefit the Science and Engineering Community at large.

Also pre-conference workshops and tutorials are organized on 8th and 9th December at the same venue. The Details regarding seminar, exhibition, pre-conference tutorials can be viewed on the website

The venue for the seminar will be BHEL auditorium and NITT campus Tiruchirappalli.

We take this opportunity to request you to mobilize the support for this conference by way of giving wide publicity amongst the NDE community in your country and to the members of your society so as to attract the delegates and exhibitors.

For more details log on to

TCR Engineering Consulting wins a NDT Project in Kazakhstan

A NDT services crew form TCR is currently working in Aktau, Kazakhstan for Weatherford performing positive material identification using Arcmet 8000 and portable hardness testing using Equotip 3. TCR also conducted training on Arcmet 8000 in Kazakhstan for 5 students offered by WEUS (Weatherford) Inc in Aktau.

DSC00995 SDC11083 1SDC11082  SDC11081 SDC11089 SDC11075 DSCN1429 SDC11071

Friday, July 10, 2009

TCR Engineering Consulting FZC launches in RAK, UAE

TCR Engineering Consulting FZC has started its operations in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ).

MELA awards RAK FTZ ‘Best Emerging Free Zone’ for the third year

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) has once again been recognised for its stellar performance, winning recognition as 'Best Emerging Free Zone' for the third consecutive year at the 3rd Annual Middle East Logistics Awards (MELA).

RAK FTZ CEO, Oussama El Omari, received the award in front of more than 400 logistics and industry professionals, at an exciting and glamorous event held at The Al Masa Ballroom of The Monarch Hotel, Dubai, on June 30, 2009.

“It is an honour to receive the MELA Best Emerging Free Zone Award for the third time,” El Omari shared. “This is a great achievement which reflects our continuous labour to make RAK Free Trade Zone one of the most competitive and innovative free zones in the world. This honour would not have been possible without the strong support and leadership of H.H. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qassimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, and our Chairman, H.H. Sheikh Faisal Bin Saqr Al Qassimi,” he added.

“This reward is a reminder that we are doing a great job, but we can still do better to serve our clients and to complement the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah’s great progress in making its mark on the world map.”
Winners of the MELA awards were determined through votes of clients, industry peers, and members of the Middle East logistics community. Out of the seven nominees, RAK FTZ garnered the most number of votes in the ‘Best Emerging Free Zone’ category after the rigorous auditing of leading audit firm Horwath MAK.

The Middle East Logistics Awards aim to create value by encouraging, recognising and rewarding achievers, performers and contributors within the logistics profession in 24 distinguished award categories.


Despite the economic crisis, RAK FTZ is enjoying a rise in revenues, with a reported 16 per cent increase from the first quarter of 2009 as compared to the same period of 2008. Registered companies have also seen an increase of four per cent from the last year. This shows that RAK FTZ has become a familiar and trusted free zone around the world.

The free trade zone also ensures that projects and business entities contribute to the development of the emirate in the areas of education by providing high standards of learning institutions to develop skills and knowledge of nationals, and industry to promote transfer of skills to the national work force from technology based companies in the free zone.

RAK FTZ, which continuously strives to provide the best services and products for its clients, including unique packages tailor-made for client needs, was also recently awarded the ‘Industrial Area Award of the Year’ by SCATA (Supply Chain and Transport Awards).

RAK FTZ offers four free zone park concepts for different businesses and investments: Business Park, Industrial Park, Technology Park, and the Al Ghail Park. These parks offer visa services, office facilities, equipped warehouses and land in easily accessible locations. With RAK FTZ's dedication and commitment to the environment, clients can rest assured that all measures for environmental safety have also been observed.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TCR Arabia places an advertisement on the SAS-ASNT section calendar for 2009-10


Our services include the following;

- Automated UT using ToFD (Weld Inspections)

- Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

- Positive Material Identification (PMI – using XRF & OES)

- Hardness Testing

- Thickness Gauging

- Eddy Current Testing

- Helium Leak Test

- Conventional NDT Methods (PT, VT, UT, MT)

- Third Party Inspections

- Welder Qualifications


TCR Arabia is a joint venture firm between TCR Engineering of India and GAS Arabian Services of Saudi Arabia. TCR Engineering has been in this field for more than 35 years and we are backed by their professional and technical experience in all stages of every single project that is carried out in KSA by utilizing state of art equipment and experienced personnel from TCR Engineering. Introduction of advanced inspection services and training our staff to be competent has been our major objective and we have been successful in meeting our objective.

It gives us pleasure to inform you that since the inception of our NDT Division, we have been successful in executing major projects for clients like Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SWCC, Petrorabigh, Saudi Electricity Company, King Abdulaziz International Airport, Saipem, Tekfen etc..

TCR Arabia is an approved company with major clients in KSA like Saudi Aramco (10040677), SABIC (505239), Petrorabigh (100764), Saudi Electricity Company (62006) etc.

You can discuss more about TCR Arabia by contacting:

Syed Ameen Hassan

Country Manager,

TCR Arabia,

Dammam, KSA

(T) 03-8352701 X 34 (F) 00966-3-8335064 (M) 00966-504997683

(E) (W)

Jaidev Patel, Level III of TCR teaches Dr. Alexander of TCR Nigeria


Dr. Alexander of TCR Nigeria was in Vadodara for his NDT Training.

Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced speaks at CII conference


The conference will provide a platform to the continuous manufacturing plants to identify and discuss common challenges faced by the electro-mechanical rotating equipments due to non maintenance; various technological solutions available to address / reduce break downs and chalk out concrete action items for implementation. The conference will also discuss individual plant/ machinery problems or recurrence of machinery failure due to non-maintenance for expert guidance and solutions.



   • Panel discussion on the various issues faced by the users in the maintenance
      of the rotating equipments.
   • Session on understanding maintenance challenges of Motors and Pumps
   • Technological solutions available for implementing proactive maintenance







   Mr Cajetan Pinto, ABB Ltd
   Mr Ramachandran Pillai, ITT Ltd
   Mr Mahesh Shownkani, Man Turbo
   (I) PL Mr P S Ramanathan, Reliance
   Mr Samir Sabnis, Aimil Ltd
   Mr P U Haribhakti, TCR Advanced
   Engineering PL

As a run up to the conference and to provide the first hand experience of advanced mechanical maintenance practices, a one day study mission has been organized on 25 June 2009 to ITT Ltd, Savli and Nirma, Savli. The focus of the visit would be to apprise the visitors about various technologies and practices employed for enhancing the asset efficiency of often used rotating equipments. For logistical reasons, the maximum number of visitors for the visit will be limited to 25


Unit / Plant heads and Maintenance Departments of below mentioned industries:
Fertilizer, Power Distribution & Generation, Oil & Gas, Paper, Plastic, Cement, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Irrigation, Manufacturing, Engineering and all other process industries

Ms Dhanya Pillai
Confederation of Indian Industry




0265 6532017 / 2343346



0265 2327108



Lloyd's Register is looking for senior level engineers for their Houston office

Title: Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Position Type: Full Time, Employee


The professional for this position will be responsible for supporting the activities of the company by performing fitness for service evaluations, stress analysis and engineering work for Lloyd’s Register Capstone’s clients as well as assisting with the development of products and services Lloyd’s Register

Capstone offers. The work will generally be centered on process equipment (fixed, pressure equipment) for the Petrochemical and Refinery Industry with an emphasis on delivering value to the clients through innovative solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities

The activities will include but will not be limited to the following tasks:

· Perform evaluations (FFS Level I, II and III procedures) of fixed, pressure in-service equipment using the API/ASME Standard API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 as technical basis.

· Perform remaining life assessments for equipment in high temperature service using Omega methodology.

· Perform detailed stress analysis (thermal and mechanical) using FEA.

· Evaluation of pressure vessel components to confirm compliance with ASME codes.

· Fracture mechanics analysis of pressure vessels.

· Perform reliability analysis of critical pieces of equipment

· Flexibility analysis of piping systems

In order to accomplish the above described task, a Mechanical Engineering Consultant with a minimum of Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering is required (Master degree or PhD is a plus). This professional will be exposed to complex problems where crucial decisions need to be made based on the results of the assessments performed by the engineering consultants. The proper depth to respond to the clients’ needs requires the knowledge obtained through an Engineering Degree, exposed to a minimum of 5 years of on the job, relevant experience (refinery and/or petrochemical plant fixed, pressure equipment).


To be considered for this position, you must possess the following minimum requirements:

· Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

· Minimum 5 years of relevant experience (refinery or chemical plant fixed, pressure equipment)

Additional Requirements:

· Demonstrated strong organizational, verbal and written communication skills.

· Expert knowledge in ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping design codes and API inspection codes and standards.

· Solid knowledge of API 579 as well as damage mechanism and material property degradation

· Experience in using FEA programs


· EIT or PE

· Flexibility analysis of piping systems

MiC 3.0 software Update

Please note that this software presently supports only Windows XP operating system. The support for Windows Vista is still under development.

You can download the updated software by clicking following web link.