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Welding Consultancy, Welders Training & Qualification

TCR Engineering Services in Mumbai undertakes the following activities:Setting of parameter to achieve Quality Welds in all the welding processes Monitor of Welding processes on the shop floor and guide the welders, Operator’s to achieve better Productivity and Quality in Fabrication. Modernization of existing process wherever applicably To train & educate the welders, operators & Engineers to get defect free weld in long run. To train Production and inspection Engineers in Quality control for better monitoring on the shop floor. Preparation of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) & Welder Qualification (WQ).             Any other requirement relevant to fabrication and Quality control.

TCR Arabia buys a new Van

TCR Arabia has now added to its fleet a 15 seater van to enable transportation of manpower to various project sites in Jubail. Attached are the photographs of our new van.

TCR Engineering conducts Radiography Testing at Mukesh Ambani’s Antillia

As a subcontractor to VKE Plumbing, TCR Engineering Services on Saturday August 22, 2009 conducted Radiography examination at the site of India's most expensive home. Mukesh Ambani’s Residential Project - Antillia is located at Altamount Road, opposite Washington House, Mumbai 400 026. Mukesh Ambani's new residence being constructed is a 27-storey glass-fronted building and will have parking for 168 cars, three helipads, a theatre and 600 staffers for its upkeep. Mukesh Ambani's new residence being constructed in Mumbai's Altamount Road is the stuff myths are made of. Named after the mythical island Antilia, the house-in-the-making will be completed by next year. It is being built on a 4,532 sq meter plot that was acquired by Ambani in 2002. According to the plan, the house will rise to a height of 173.12 meters, equivalent to that of a regular 60-storeyed residential building . However, Antilia will have only 27 storeys in all. The first six floors will be reserved fo…

2010 SPE Oil & Gas India Conference & Exhibition (OGIC 2010) to be organized at Hotel Renaissance Mumbai from 20 – 22 January 2010

India is the world’s fifth largest consumer of energy, and its demand for petroleum products is growing by more than 6% a year. Foreign companies are welcomed as both investors and suppliers. With nearly $250 billion of investment required in the major segments of the Indian oil and gas industry, the government has opened up the sector to foreign investment, allowing 100% foreign ownership and encouraging joint ventures for exploration. The government has introduced NELP for opening up acreage for exploration, which has encouraged the participation of international operators and service companies in the Indian market which is in its 8th round. Last year saw 170 exploratory wells being drilled and 264 developmental wells being drilled - a significant number of these wells are offshore wells and technology challenges lie in even deeper waters and marginal field development.The Technical Conference, organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, is undoubtedly one of the key attraction…

RLA/Remaining Life Assessment by TCR in India and Middle-East (KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE)

TCR undertakes comprehensive RLA activities all over the world.Remaining life assessment concept is based on the philosophy of assessment of present materials integrity vis-à-vis operational demands. The design of material is done on the basis of mechanical properties of the virgin material. Due to continuous use under high pressure and temperature materials properties degrades and it effective life is being consumed. The other degradation process is creep of the material which occurs under high temperature and high pressure normally above 300 Deg C temperature. In general the power plants are designed for 30 years of the creep life. Thermal and creep degradation of material can be identified with the help of microstructure examination as they are visible under microstructure examination and also can be categorized under different stages hence useful to estimate Remaining life. That's why replica metallography is gaining lot of attention in the Remaining life assessments. The othe…

Kuwait Lab Technology Conference & Exhibition

Kuwait Lab Technology Conference & Exhibition will held on 4 - 5 November 2009 at the Radisson SAS Hotel. It is now only a few weeks away - don’t miss your opportunity to learn from an interactive case study led agenda, network with laboratory industry professionals and meet with our distinguished faculty of expert speakers. Register now to avoid disappointment.Conference Topics:· Modern Laboratory Management · Lab Safety Management · Laboratory Accreditation and Training · Instrumentation and Automation · Measurement, Testing and Quality Control · Laboratory Technology · Biotechnology and Life-Sciences · Oil, Gas and Petrochemical · Environmental Science · Materials Science · Food & Water Analysis · Medical and Pharmaceutical sciences · NanotechnologyDon't miss this landmark event! To ensure your place call +965 24342828 or email Hudhaib Al-Allatti TCR ATSCO is based in Kuwait and can be reached through Mr. Amit Bafna at +965-65072765

TCR Engineering in India now offers outsourcing solutions to SMEs in the fields of engineering and manufacturing design

DESIGN ABILITY 1. Detail Design and assembly using manual and CATIA Solid Model (structural and system design), Autocad, Solidworks and 3D max 2. Produce production drawing: detail design and Assembly with solid laminated 3D and 2D drawing 3. 3D model parts and assembly models 4. Produce production drawing single parts and assembly parts 5. Produce technical report 6. 3D drawings for marketing   STRESS ANALYSIS ABILITY: 1. Strength and stability analysis and optimizing of aircraft structures, using both traditional and computer methods of analysis for metallic and composite structure 2. Finite Element Analysis using PATRAN/FEMAP for creating geometry and NASTRAN as problem solving to produce stress layout and production drawings and stress report 3. Produce and revise Technical Document 4. Review and Release Drawing 5. Design Concept and Preliminary Sizing Stress Analysis 6. Fatigue and Damage Tolerance including: Fatigue Life, Fracture Mechanics, and crack growth life, Residual Stren…

Testing of Welding Electrodes in India

We are pleased to inform you that we are BIS accredited independent metallurgical testing lab for IS 814 specification and pleased to offer our testing services to your esteemed organization.  Our latest approval letter from BIS is awaited as the last one has expired and they have already completed assessment.  We shall send you the same as soon as we get it from BIS. We are furnishing herewith our testing charges for your ready reference.   Please note that these charges are based as per test per assembly basis and charges are inclusive of sample preparation charges-Welding Electrode Testing Charges as per IS 814 (per size) Test DescriptionRate1All weld Tensile Test including machining charges5002All weld Impact Test per set of 5 specimen including machining charges20003Bend Test2504Chemical composition (Core Wire)12505Chemical composition (Weld Metal)8006Dimension &  Coating Test2007All weld Assembly preparation charges30008Butt weld Assembly preparation charges20009Running Pe…