Saturday, October 31, 2009

Metallurgical Testing Services in Saudi Arabia


TCR Arabia Company Limited,
P.O. Box-3422
# 3 & 4, next to Al Kifah Construction
besides Al-Kadi Tent Factory
near King Abdulaziz Sea Port
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(T) +966-3-8475784/8475785
(F) +966-3-8475768
(M) +966-504997683
Attention: Syed Ameen Hassan (M) 00966-504997683

TCR Engineering performs material testing (physical and chemical analysis) on steel items for the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai – Site of the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final

Founded in 1973, TCR Engineering Services, is an ISO 17025 accredited independent Material Testing Laboratory, Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Company located in India. Over 2000+ customers worldwide use TCR´s services to dramatically improve and certify their products, validate material quality, ensure innovation in the marketplace, and to achieve significant competitive advantages. As a result, these companies are bringing the right products to market, at the right time, at the right cost.

TCR has been selected by L&T to undertake complete material testing for the Wankhede Stadium project.

Letter - L&T-Wankhede Stadium Project

A new and improved Wankhede Stadium is being constructed just in time for the 2011 cricet world cup final and the place will now have colourful bucket seats and more facilities for spectators. In March 2011, cricket lovers will throng to the Wankhede to witness the finale. The new structure will have a capacity of 39,000 spectators as compared to the earlier 35,000. The main aim is to give every spectator a clear view of the match, apart from comfort and world-class facilities. It is being designed and built in such a way that everyone can see the ball crossing the boundary line from any corner of the ground. One of the highlights of the stadium is the suspended cantilever roofs. The Teflon fabric roof is lighter in weight and is also heat resistant. There will be no beam support for the roof so the spectators will have a better view. On the roof there will be exhaust fans to suck the hot air from the stands and allow the breeze from the West to flow in. The stadium will have 20 elevators for North and South stands. There will be ramps for physically challenged people. The stadium have good toilets and spacious snack bars and a better drainage system. Water soaking will become much faster because of ejecto pumps. The men piloting the project are confident work will be over well before the December 2010 deadline.

View Some Artist Graphic Images of how The Wankhede Stadium would Look after the Face-lift at Classy Mishmash

Friday, October 30, 2009

TCR’s strong experience in conducting Remaining Life Assessments

Presented below are some of the noteworthy RLA projects undertaken by TCR:

Torrent Power :

  • Remaining Life Assessment and Investigation of Blade failed from root fo LP Rotor stage 4A of E-Station 110MW UNIT

Zuari Industries :

  • Remaining life assessment of steam pipe line and surface cracks.

Alstom Power :

  • RLA study through Insitu-metallography work of critical components of 120MW Turbine at MSEB-KTPS; Koradi

Asha Cellulose :

· Health assessment work on R-1 Reactor at Mech Engineering; Valsad

Vanakbori Thermal Power station :

· RLA Study of various components of Boiler No.- 2

Hindustan Unilever :

  • RLA study of critical components of MP Boiler No.- 1 (G-122) at Kundain Ind.- Hindustan Lever Ltd; Goa
  • RLA study of critical components of Boiler No.- 1 at V.D.L.- Hindustan Lever Ltd; Khed, Chiplun
  • Insitu-metallography work on various components of Boiler No.- 1 (UP – 4702) at Hindustan lever ltd; Orai
  • RLA study of various pressure components of Stein Mullar Boiler No.- MR 6495 at Hindustan lever ltd; Sewri.

Unilever Bangladesh :

  • RLA (Visual, MPI, DP, Metallography, Hardness & Thickness Survey) on critical locations of Package Boiler at Unilever Bangladesh Ltd; Chittagong, Bangladesh

Atul Industries Vapi,Gujarat

  • RLA of Chlorine storage tank
  • RLA Study (Insitu-metallography, MPI & Hardness) on Old Autoclave – G 2101

Alembic Limited, Vadodara,

  • RLA of fermentor

Gujarat FluoroChemicals Limited :

  • Condition Assessment work (V.E, Metallography, U.T, MPI, Hardness & Thickness Survey) on AHF Bullet: V-31B
  • Health assessment work on R-201 Main Reactor CFC plant [Metallography& hardness] at Alfa-laval; Pune

Godrej, Valia, Gujarat:

  • Remaining life assessment of Alcohol synthesis plant.


  • Health Assessment Study of C-0.5Mo Piping in Hydrogen Unit-I Plant.

Siemens Ltd :

  • Remaining Life assessment of turbine.

Jaghadia Copper :

  • Condition assessment of landle furnace

Aarti Industries :

  • RLA of turbine

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TCR Arabia to participate in the 5th Middle East NDT Conference



TCR Arabia Company Limited

P.O. Box-3422, Dammam-31471, KSA

(T) +966-3-8475784/8475785

(F) +966-3-8475768

(M) +966-504997683

Established in year, 2007, TCR Arabia is now a registered company in Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SWCC, SEC, Petrorabigh and other major organizations in Saudi Arabia. Backed with an experience of more than 35 years of its partner company TCR Engineering of India in carrying out below activities, TCR Arabia has been successful in providing quality and reliable services to its clients in KSA and other middle-east countries.

- Non-Destructive Testing Services (Advanced & Conventional)

- Metallurgical Services

- Inspection Services

- Mechanical Testing Laboratory

TCR Arabia has now started an independent materials testing laboratory providing mechanical testing, chemical analysis, corrosion studies and in-depth failure investigations. The laboratory operations will include start of the art equipments that will allow precise determination of the integrity of a known metallic component or product.

TCR Arabia’s material testing laboratory will undertake tensile testing, bend test, impact test, material hardness evaluation, welding and welder qualification, complete chemical analysis of a given metallurgical component using optical emission spectroscopy, micro and macrostructure examination under advanced inverted metallurgical microscope, ferrite determination, inter-granular corrosion studies as per ASTM E262, Sour gas corrosion studies for HIC and SSCC as per NACE TM 0177 and TM 0284. TCR Arabia will also have its in-house machine shop equipped with lathe, milling, drilling and shaping machines to quickly prepare sample specimens for tests as per the desired specification.

The laboratory will work in accordance with ASTM, ASME, API, NACE and Saudi Aramco specifications. A complete NDT services division will compliment the material testing laboratory. More details on TCR Arabia and its activities can be seen at