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Comparison of Chemical Analysis undertaken by TCR

Analysis techniqueDetection RangeTypical accuracyAdvantageLimitationEDSBoron – Uranium± 0.5 % absoluteNon destructive Technique.Can be used on very small size componentsIt is a surface analysis. If the part is coated then it may analyze only coating.PMISodium - Uranium± 10 % of the valueNon destructive technique.Can not detect Al, Si, Ag, SpectroCan measure up to 0.01, and even better for certain elements.Very accurateRequire sample of at least 15 mm dia. Some times it is possible with 12 mm dia. alsoWet analysisAll elementsConventional Wet  up to 0.1 %About 5 to 10 Gms sample required.Can detect Takes time about 3 – 4 working days.ICP/ AAS All elementsAccuracy up to ppm levels.5 to 10 gms sample required.Takes time about 10 – 15 working days. At TCR we can do chemical analysis with all the above given techniques.

TCR Arabia participates in the Technical Exchange Meeting on Heat Exchangers in Juaymah, Saudi Aramco

On 7th April 2010, TCR Arabia participated in Technical Exchange Meeting on Heat Exchangers in Juaymah, Saudi Aramco yesterday.  TCR was one of the only 8 companies that were invited to participate in this important technical exchange meet.  TCR Arabia has already participated in the following Technical Exchange Meetings in Saudi Aramco in the past.- Inspection Technical Exchange Meeting & Exhibition - ITEME.- Corrosion Technical Exchange Meeting & Exhibition

U.S. Military NDT Training Manual

An excellent reference material covering all aspects of Non Destructive Testing is now available for downloading