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Paresh Haribhakti of TCR to present a paper at the National Workshop on Failure Analysis of Heat treated Components ( FAHC - 2010) being held at IIT Bombay on June 14th, 2010

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti will present his paper on approaches of Failure investigation of heat treated components through microstructure assessment.Heat treatment of components plays an important role in industrial equipments. It is done for various reasons the main reasons are normally to achieve the required mechanical properties and enhance metallurgical integrity of the component. Improper heat treatment done could certainly hampered the desired performance of the component. Often it leads to premature failures. It may even introduced defects that would reduce the life of component of render it unfit for further use. There are varieties of heat treatments carried out on metallic engineering components to achieve desired mechanical properties and enhance service life. Improved design and engineering practices rise in production cost have compelled industry to ought for higher production volumes to reduce the cost of heat treatment as well as rejection by way of achieving more perfecti…

TCR Arabia receives appreciation letter for Eddy Current Testing services from Hyundai