TCR Engineering Consulting (UAE) completes shutdown for Sasol in South Africa

TCR Engineering Consulting FZC (UAE) assisted Raysonics Pty at the Sasol Secunda CTL plant Shutdown in August-September 2010.

Team RT

Sasol (NYSE: SSL) is a multinational gas and oil company based in South Africa that produces a wide array of chemical and liquid fuels. Sasol specializes in gas-to-liquid (GTL) and coal-to-liquid (CTL) technologies, which convert natural gas and coal to diesel and other liquid fuels, and it is the largest producer of motor fuels from coal worldwide.


The company operates the world's only commercial coal-based manufacturing facility at its Secunda (about 140km from Johannesburg) plant in South Africa. The Synfuels division produces liquid fuel, ammonia, chemical feedstock, sulfur, electricity, and steam. Sasol Secunda CTL is a synthetic fuel plant that uses coal liquefaction to produce petroleum-like synthetic crude oil from coal. It is the largest coal liquefaction plant in the world.

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TCR provided QA/QC Inspection Engineers and NDT Level II qualified Radiography Technicians. The qualified personal team was led by Mr. Ravikiran Choudhari. The shutdown undertaken was one of biggest shutdown at the Sasol plant. The TCR team of QA/QC inspection engineers and RT technicians undertook various tasks such as inspection of static equipments, tanks, vessels, pipelines, columns by using Visual Examination, Welding Survey, Conventional and Advanced Non Destructive Testing and Radiography. The total duration of this shutdown was 4 weeks.


Sasol has given appreciation letters to the team members from TCR on successful completion of this project.

TCR Engineering Consulting FZC (UAE) and its partners, TCR Engineering in India, TCR Kuwait and TCR Arabia (KSA) have undertaken various shutdown assignments all over the world.


pazhanivel said…
Having 13+ years experience in the field of Welding Inspection, Non Destructive Testing and Inspection activities related to Construction / Fabrication, Oil & Gas, petro-chemical plant in Middle East & India. Familiar in stage inspections during plant maintenance, fabrication of process piping and construction industries. Performing visual inspection in Plant Piping, Ultrasonic inspection corrosion survey and maintenance inspection for corrosion survey of process piping, etc.

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