Monday, February 07, 2011

TCR Arabia is awarded ISO 9001 by Moody International

TCR Arabia, based in Dammam, is a Materials Testing, Failure Analysis, NDT and Inspection Services company that includes approaches to allow for an increase in your plant availability and cost savings, ensure minimum duration of shutdowns, enable you to modify your inspection strategy and improve safety compliance issues.

TCR Arabia, is a JV between TCR Engineering of India and GAS Arabian Services of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1973, TCR Engineering is a global leader in Metallurgical and NDT services. In Saudi Arabia, TCR Arabia is approved and registered by all major companies in KSA including Saudi Aramco, SEC, SWCC, SABIC, SIPCHEM, APPC, PetroRabigh, Lubref and Tasnee.


Developed in-house by expert metallurgists and material science engineers at TCR Engineering and TCR Advanced Engineering the Microstructure Characterizer (MiC) 3.0 is powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use.

Digital images taken from a Microscope are analyzed by Microstructure Characterizer software for microstructure interpretation. Using this software, a Material Science engineer can characterize different types of micro structural images for grain size, coating thickness and phases; get images from one or more files; and intensify the image using the filtering and enhancement features.

Microstructure Characterizer Software version 3.0 offers following modules:

Microstructure Characterizer Software (MiC) characterizes microstructural features using standard methods of material characterization such as ASTM grain size measurements, coating thickness, linear and angular measurements, comparison of super imposed grain size reticules, inclusion rating as per IS and ASTM standards, nodularity measurements, powder particle size distribution and so on. It helps generate custom made formatted reports of live and stored images and offers results as the computer display as well as hard copy multicolour printouts.

To download the demo version of this software, please visit

TCR Arabia gets an appreciation letter from SABIC – JUPC/United plant in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia provided services during December 2010 turnaround in SABIC (UNITED).  TCR's services included NDT and Metallographic Replication.

SABIC (UNITED) has appreciated TCR Arabia's efforts.image