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TCR Arabia offers Short Wave Guided Wave Ultrasonic Techniques

TCR Arabia ( in conjunction with its international partners now offers Short Range Guided Wave Ultrasonic Technique (SRGUT) which has been designed to test the annular plate of above ground storage tanks (AST’s) while the tank remains in-service.  The technique is based on the concept of pulsing guided laminar waves into the base material from the chime area.  The waves propagate up to three feet into the annular plate.  When corrosion, pitting, erosion are present the ultrasonic waves mode convert and are received by the same transducer. 

The technique is also being used to test for corrosion under pipe supports, corrosion at soil air interfaces, and similar difficult to access locations.
The above figure depicts the transducer placement on the chime plate propagating long range ultrasonic waves into the annular plate.  The sound reflects at top side or underside corrosion providing a c-scan image of the defect.  The signal strength at the defect provides evide…

Equipment for Sale - Bench type machine – Magnaflux make at TCR Advanced in Baroda

TCR Advanced is doing its spring cleaning and as part of its annual exercise, a bench type Magnaflux machine is available for immediate sale. Machine can be viewed by visiting TCR Advanced ( in Baroda Gujarat, India.Details of the machine for sale are as follows:ModelD960BenefitsMagnetizing current FWDCFor surface and sub surface defectsRated output (Amps)Contract shot (Avg., RMS, peak)6000Infinitely variable current through SCR control. Output is self regulatingCoil shot (Avg., RMS ,peak)4600Std coil Dia. (mm)300Coil turns5Max. job length (mm)1350Moveable tailstock with ratchetlock to accommodate varyingJob length.Input Specifications :Voltage415Provision - 230 V, 5A., 1ph,Pneumatic clamping of headstock. S.S. sump for corrosion resistance.Phase3Amperes70Frequency50Auxiliary outlet1Recommended fuse rating(type/amps)TP – 60Air supply reqd (kg/cm2)4 – 7Bath Capacity (ltrs)40

Paresh Haribhakti and Rohit Bafna conduct Metallurgy training for Group Five Pipe Saudi Ltd Co.

Representing TCR Arabia (, Mr. Paresh Haribhakti and Mr. Rohit Bafna conducted training on “Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists” for 3 days in April 2011. This training was conducted at the office premises of Group Five Pipe Saudi Ltd Co.This dynamic three-day course for non metallurgists, including designers, engineers, technicians, sales engineers and purchasers, is designed to give your company a strong competitive edge in today's rapidly changing marketplace.
The course focus is on translating complex principles and procedures into easy to understand terms that will enable participants to gain a valuable working understanding of the fundamental principles of metallurgy as well as the basic structure, properties, heat treatment and processing of metals and alloys.
Metallurgy pervades the full gamut of engineering product design and processes.   It is the basis from which optimum properties for a given design are determined. Product life and maintenance are…