Thursday, July 21, 2011

TCR Arabia wins more Thermography inspection projects in Saudi Arabia

Dexter Espino, Level II, Thermographer from TCR Arabia ( and his team, based in Dammam, KSA continue to service clients in the area of Thermography Inspection.Thermography, a NDT Technique, makes use of a camera containing large numbers of sensors sensitive to infrared radiation, which can produce an infrared image and can detect and measure small temperature differences.

As shown above, IR Thermography can help you locate hotspots without contact.

Some benefits of Thermography include:

Cost saving for energy
Energy loss is avoided by early detection of faulty equipments
No shutdown required for inspection
Cost saving for maintenance
Low repair costs due to early diagnosis of the problems
Equipment life is extended by pinpointing faulty components before costly damage
Catastrophic failures can be averted to eliminate shutdown of entire system
Fire and life risk is reduced by preventing accidents

The Thermography inspection technique can be used at:

•“Thermography can be applied in any situation where a problem or condition can display itself by means of a thermal difference”

•Condition Based Maintenance

•Infrared thermography is used for Condition Monitoring to optimized maintenance and keep production running smoothly and safely at the lowest possible cost.


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