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TCR Arabia receives an appreciation letter from SABIC IBN-SINA plant for corrosion mapping services

TCR Arabia, based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia ( got an appreciation letter from SABIC (Ibn-Sina) towards completion of the Corrosion Mapping Project. The project commenced in Jan, 2010 and ended in June, 2011.
Corrosion mapping involves scanning one or more straight beam probes over a prescribed, dual axis scan pattern over a pipe or pressure vessel surface whilst taking thickness measurements. Corrosion Mapping is an ultrasonic method capable of determining an accurate assessment of a material's cross-section. It works by sending an ultrasonic straight beam signal into a material's surface and then scanning through both the "X" and "Y" axis of the material. Corrosion Mapping is applied in situations where both exact wall thickness measurements and monitoring is required to ensure safe operation of the part under inspection.