Sunday, December 23, 2012

TCR receives appreciation letter from StandardKessel for the job in DEPS, Kuwait.


TCR Advanced starts monthly newsletter

In order to keep our growing list of customers, updates with the latest advancements both in our technical capability as well as industrial progress, a new monthly newsletter has been launched. Presented below is the December 2012 newsletter:



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TCR Engineering Consulting FZC bags a helium leak testing order from Oman

Salalah Methanol Company FZC, based in the Sultanate of Oman has awarded TCR the order for Leak detection Survey of SGCT Vacuum System.


GE enters into a 3 year contract for metallurgical and NDT services with TCR Arabia

TCR Arabia has won a contract from GE International for NDT and Metallurgical Services  for a period of 3 years.


To know more about TCR Arabia, visit


TCR Arabia bags 5 year Advanced NDT Services contract from Saudi Aramco

Contract Award # 6600028989 for Advanced NDT Services has been issued to Vendor # 10040677 - TCR ARABIA COMPANY LIMITED.

As part of this contract, TCR Arabia will perform the following list of services for Saudi Aramco:

1.0    Boiler & Heat Exchanger Tube Examination (Eddy Current, RFET, IRIS, MFL)
1.12    Stepwise Crack Examination
1.13    Acoustic Emission of Tank Floor
1.2    Infrared Thermography
1.3    Automated Corrosion Mapping
1.4    Automated High Temperature Corrosion Mapping
1.6    Remote Video Boroscope
1.8    Phased Array
1.9    ToFD

We take this opportunity to congratulate everyone in our team for this great achievement.

Abdullah Al Dabal Football Organizing Committee appreciates the social commitment of TCR Arabia

To thrive, healthy businesses need healthy communities. TCR Arabia improves the quality of life and enhances the vitality of the communities in which we operate by supporting community sustainability efforts. As part of our social responsibility, each year we support the local football league in Saudi Arabia for a tournament that is held during the month of Ramadan.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti to speak at the International Conference CICI-2012 & Workshop on Corrosion Failure Analysis at Vadodara, December 2012

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced will conduct a workshop at the International Conference CICI-2012 & Workshop on Corrosion Failure Analysis at Vadodara, December 2012.

International Conference CICI-2012 is pleased to announce a one day Workshop on CORROSION FAILURE ANALYSIS for the benefit of Chemical and allied Industries in particular and other Industrial community in general. The Workshop is held on 5th December 2012, 10:30 am onwards at Seminar Hall, ITM Universe, Vadodara.

Corrosion has always been associated with structure, plants, installations and equipments exposed to a variety of environments, ranging from atmospheric to industrial ones. A majority of failures can be correlated to corrosion. A study of corrosion-induced- failures, their cause and cures, are thus an important component of Corrosion Engineering. With this in view a one-day workshop on Corrosion Failure Analysis has been organised a day prior to the International Conference on “Corrosion in Infrastructure & Chemical Industries”.                  

Delegates will get an excellent opportunity to network and learn the systematic approach to understand Corrosion due to various types of Failures with proper methodology.  They can also correlate their corrosion failure problems to the case histories being presented by the eminent experts.


Date: 5th December 2012
Time: 10:30 am onwards
Venue: Seminar Hall, ITM Universe, Vadodara

Indian Boiler Regulatory approves TCR Advanced

TCR Advanced got the much sought after recognition as a well known remnant life assessment (RLA) organisation under the Indian Boiler Regulation of 1950. This approval is for a 5 year time period till 2017.


Friday, October 05, 2012

TCR Advanced’s Mr. Akash Patel receives appreciation from Siemens

Mr. Andreas Sperling of Siemens wrote the following in appreciation of the work of Mr. Akash Patel of TCR Advanced:

Dear Vinay
Just a short feedback about Akash Patel from TCR.
Akash shows a profesional work performace.
He inspected the parts on a high quality way of NDT performance and shows, that he had good expirience in magnetic partical and dye penetrant inspections.
A good comunication to Siemens personnel was given all the time.  Findings on parts were marked in a good way and about  findings Siemens personnel was informed directly.
I would be happy to work with Akash again in the future.
Please inform his company as well, about this feedback.
Andreas Sperling
Mr. Akash Patel worked on the NDT services project for Siemens Ltd - Energy Sector division.

TCR Arabia now undertakes MFL Testing to detect and size underfloor corrosion for above ground storage tanks

TCR Arabia has now acquired the FloormapVS2i floor scanner. This is a computerised MFL tank bottom scanner designed to detect and size underfloor corrosion for above ground storage tanks.

Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) is an advanced magnetic method of nondestructive testing used for tank inspection. At areas where there is corrosion or missing metal, the magnetic field "leaks" from the steel.

In an MFL tool, a magnetic detector is placed between the poles of the magnet to detect the leakage field. Analysts interpret the chart recording of the leakage field to identify damaged areas and hopefully to estimate the depth of metal loss.

TCR Arabia uses the latest version of the best selling MFL floor scanner to deliver significant improvements in terms of defect positioning, electronic data processing and software manipulation. The VS2i contains a new high-specification encoder system which is electronically calibrated to each individual scanner eliminating errors caused by component tolerances. The FloormapVS2i gives accuracy to within 3 mm on an 8 meter track length and providing it is calibrated on an annual basis will not be effected by normal wear and tear.

Tank Inspection Limitations

The sensitivity of the above systems varies with increasing floor thickness - please contact us for limits. Similarly there are limitations to the maximum thickness of coating through which satisfactory inspection can be carried out as floor thickness increases. The FloormapVS2 system is only suitable for floors up to 12.5mm thick. However above this thickness, the system can be used in Manual Mode.

As with all inspection methods the effectiveness of inspection is affected by the cleanliness and preparation of the floor. In particular, magnetic debris and weld spatter can lead to false indications.

Each of the tank floor inspection systems has a physical limit to the proximity to lap welds and shell to annular welds that can be achieved. There is also a square in each corner of a floor plate that cannot be inspected. These untested areas will be inspected using the Ultrasonic's.

To know more about the MFL Services of TCR Arabia, please visit

TCR Arabia participated in Annual Reliability Meet of SABIC Terminal Services (SABTANK)

SABIC Terminal Services (SABTANK) held its Annual Reliability Meet in Karan Hotel, Jubail on the 26th Sept. 2012.  TCR Arabia was invited to participate in this meet. Mr. Dexter Espino (Business Development Dept.) alongwith Mr. Samer Al-Humaidan (Sales) managed the show from TCR Arabia.


SABTANK Reliablity Meet - 26-09-2012 (1)
SABTANK Reliablity Meet - 26-09-2012 (2) SABTANK Reliablity Meet - 26-09-2012 (3)
SABTANK Reliablity Meet - 26-09-2012 (4)

TCR Arabia participates in the 6th Middle East NDT Conference and Exhibition in Bahrain


TCR Arabia is participating in the 6th Middle East NDT Conference and Exhibition in Bahrain scheduled from 7-10 October, 2012. Representatives of TCR Arabia will be available in the company’s vendor booth in stall number E-12.

The 6th Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition, will be held at the Gulf International Convention Center, Gulf Hotel, Bahrain on October 7-10, 2012. The theme of the conference is “NDT for Asset Integrity.” This is a great opportunity for all Vendors and Saudi Aramco employees who are involved in inspection, corrosion monitoring and plant integrity activities to share their experiences with other professionals from around the world and be recognized for their innovative ideas. 


TCR Engineering gets re-certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS 001

TCR Engineering is  approved for the below IS Number by BIS.

Sr. No.




21-1992 Reafd.1996

Wrought Al & Al ALLOYS FOR Mfg Of Utensils


277-2003 Amed.2

Galvanized Steel Sheets(Plain & Corrugated


280-2006 Amend.1

Mild Steel Wire for General Engg. Purpose


432 (Pt-1)1982 Reaffirmed 1995

Mild Steel AND Medium Steel Tensile Bars


432 (Pt-2)1982 Reaffirmed 1995

Hard Drawn Steel wire



Cold Reduced low Carbon Steel Sheets & Strips



Covered Electrodes for Manual Arc Welding Of Carbon & Carbon-Manganese Steel. 



Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet AND Strip


1161-1998 Refd.2003

Steel Tubes For Structural Purpose


1239-2004 [Part-1]


Mild Steel Tubes Tubular and other Wrought Steel Fittings.


1660-1982 Part-I


Wrought Aluminum Utensils



High strength deforms Steel Bars and wires for Concrete Reinforcement.



Steel Plates For Pressure vessel for intermediate & high Temp. service.


2004-1991 Reaffirmed 2001

Carbon Steel Forging for General Engg Purpose.


2062-2006 Amd-I

Hot Rolled low medium & High tensile Strength steel.


2879-1998 Amend-II

Mild Steel For Metal Arc welding Electrode Core  Wire


3589-2001 Amendment.3

Steel pipes for water gas & Sewage (168.3-2540 mm OD)



Steel Tubes For Mechanical & General Engg Purpose



Hot Rolled Steel Plates ( up to 6mm)Sheet & Strip for the Mfts. Of low pressure LPG Cylinders.


7887-1992 Amendment.1

Mild Steel Wire Rod for General Engg.Purpose.



Hot Rolled Steel SKELP/STRIP for Welded Tubes and Pipes.


11513-1985 Reaffirmed 2005

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Strip for cold rolling.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TCR Engineering in Mumbai supplies high carbon steel based corrosion coupons

TCR Engineering supplies corrosion coupons of various sizes and specifications. Recently for a customer in Nigeria, TCR Engineering has created corrosion coupons based on high carbon steel with carbon in the range of 0.8 to 1.1%.

TCR Engineering created coupons of the size 70 x 30 x 3mm with a 6mm hole at centre of top edge of 30mm side; with centre of hole at 8mm below the surface.

For contact details, please visit


TCR Arabia is awarded the SABIC Global Contract for 5 years

We are  pleased to inform that TCR Arabia has won the SABIC Global Contract for 5 years to provide NDT, Inspection, Material Testing & Metallurgical Services.
imageTCR Arabia’s contract # is 4600006798 valid from 10-7-2012 to 9-7-2017.

All SABIC affiliates can now avail the NDT, QA/QC, plant shutdown, material testing, metallurgical evaluation, and other services of TCR Arabia. To know more about TCR Arabia, please visit

TCR Advanced recognized as research institute for PhD students

Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda located in Fatehgunj, Vadodara, Gujarat have made a official recognition of the labs at TCR Advanced in Vadodara. As part of this recognition, all PhD students in the metallurgical engineering faculty will be able to avail of the material testing facilities at TCR Advanced in conjunction with their research activities.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TCR Arabia management visits TCR Engineering in Mumbai

Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Dabal, Chairman, GAS Arabian Services and Mr. Aref K Al-Dabal, Managing Director of TCR Arabia visited Mr. V.K. Bafna, Chairman of TCR Engineering Services in Mumbai on 16th July 2012. A mid year board meeting of TCR Arabia was also held on this occasion.

ARD-Visit-DSC_3210ARD-Visit-DSC_3361ARD-Visit-DSC_3373ARD-Visit-DSC_3383 ARD-Visit-DSC_3418 ARD-Visit-DSC_3441 ARD-Visit-DSC_3446 ARD-Visit-DSC_3463 ARD-Visit-DSC_3504    ARD-Visit-DSC_3601 ARD-Visit-DSC_3602 ARD-Visit-DSC_3604 ARD-Visit-DSC_3613 ARD-Visit-DSC_3615 ARD-Visit-DSC_3548 ARD-Visit-DSC_3585 ARD-Visit-DSC_3588 ARD-Visit-DSC_3591 ARD-Visit-DSC_3598 ARD-Visit-DSC_3416 ARD-Visit-DSC_3380 ARD-Visit-DSC_3381 ARD-Visit-DSC_3398 ARD-Visit-DSC_3413 ARD-Visit-DSC_3415

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TCR receives appreciation letter from GE for online helium leak testing on steam turbine condenser

TCR Engineering Services in Kuwait successfully completed the Helium Leak Testing Inspection project of Steam Turbine Condenser to indentify the Air Ingress Points in the Condenser Negative Pressure Parts at Subaiya CCGT Site in Kuwait.


To know more about TCR operations in Kuwait, please contact Mr. Amit Bafna, Middle East Head at +965-65072765 or visit