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TCR Arabia get an appreciation letter from Saudi Electric Company (SEC)

TCR Arabia is pleased to inform that our NDT team carried out Turbines Inspection Job in Tabuk Power Plant last week and received the below appreciation letter for their quality inspection job.  Techniques used in this project included Eddy Current Testing (blades inspection with our new equipment), Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection. TCR Arabia's Team comprising of Mr. Periasamy Senthil, Mr. Mohammed Ehsanulla and Mr. Mukesh Chandra carried out this job.

TCR Arabia now undertakes Acoustic Eye Inspection for Heat Exchanger, Boilers and Fin Fan Tubes

TCR Arabia are engaged in advanced NDT inspection of Heat Exchanger and Boiler tubes employing latest Acoustic Eye tube inspection technology to discerning users  for the safety and integrity of their process equipment. Acoustic Eye) tube inspection is Fast (10 seconds per tube, up to 2000 tubes inspection in one shift of 12 hours), Non-invasive and provides in-built computerized signal analysis tools to quickly identify tube faults (e.g. pitting/ wall loss, erosions, holes/ leakage, blockage, bulging) in heat exchangers/condensers/boilers/chillers/reactor tubes.

Acoustic Eye’s breakthrough, non-invasive solution for today’s hard-to-inspect tubes up to 4” inner diameter enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, Fin Fans and other heat exchangers, regardless of tube shape or material.

Main advantages:Can test up to 4”inner diameter any shape or tube materialUltrafast, non invasive, inspection, less than 10 secs. Per tube, 5sec for less than 6m tube – ideal for 100% insp…

TCR Advanced in Gujarat has a groundbreaking ceremony for new premises

Below shown photographs are from a Bhumipujan for new Building premises of TCR Advanced.  A digging was done with puja to initiate the construction activities. The new building will be completed in 2012.

Paresh Haribhakti to deliver a talk in INS Workshop

The Indian Nuclear Society (INS) has invited Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced to deliver a lecture at the Workshop on Corrosion and Condition Monitoring during February 13 – 17, 2012 at Mumbai. Participants will be mainly from industry where corrosion and service induced degradation is a concern. This lecture will focus on corrosion - different forms of corrosion, corrosion degradation, corrosion monitoring, corrosion preventive techniques and condition monitoring – various testing techniques for assessment of healthiness of the plant components and significance if flaws thus detected. The use of these techniques to ensure safe and reliable operation of the plant components will be emphasized. INS has termed, Mr. Haribhakti as a recognized expert in the field of in-situ metallography. The organizing committee of the workshop requested him to deliver a talk on “In-situ Metallography and its Applications”. The duration of the talk would be for 90 minutes.

TCR Arabia is participating in the 14th Middle East Corrosion Conference

TCR Arabia is participating in the 14th Middle East Corrosion Conference which is scheduled from 12-15th February, 2012.Please accept this as a personal invitation to attend this Conference & Exhibition and meet us at stall number E-16.

TCR Arabia undertakes NDT project at the Haram site in Mecca

PMI Inspectors from TCR Arabia carried out Inspection of Zam-Zam Filtration Tanks in Haram (Mecca) in January 2012 to verify the material grade.  These tanks are located in the basement of Kabah area within the grand mosque in Mecca. The job was carried out in the cellar of Haram where these filtration tanks are commissioned.  This inspection job was carried out by our PMI Engineer Mohammed Iqbal and the project Incharge was Mohammed Shuhab.

TCR launches ARTIS - Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System

TCR NDT inspection department has now launched a revolutionary new product called ARTIS, which is an Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System.

One of the major concerns in the maintenance of primary reformer is to predict the behavior of the reformer tubes. The prediction is based on selection of suitable inspection methods. Most importantly, the creep strain, mid-wall fissure detection and bowing measurement. ARTiS can perform all these tests at a time, providing integrated and interactive digital inspection record. ARTiS has leading advantage to inspect from external surface without needing removal of catalyst. The system measures creep strain with high precision IR sensors. Mid-wall fissures are detected through ultrasonic flaw detection. Use of gyroscopes measures precise level of bowing. More than a gigabyte of data is gathered for each tube inspected inclusive of flaw detection dB levels with screen captures, bowing and creep strain. Precision encoders used in crawling ensur…