Paresh Haribhakti to deliver a talk in INS Workshop

The Indian Nuclear Society (INS) has invited Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced to deliver a lecture at the Workshop on Corrosion and Condition Monitoring during February 13 – 17, 2012 at Mumbai. Participants will be mainly from industry where corrosion and service induced degradation is a concern. This lecture will focus on corrosion - different forms of corrosion, corrosion degradation, corrosion monitoring, corrosion preventive techniques and condition monitoring – various testing techniques for assessment of healthiness of the plant components and significance if flaws thus detected. The use of these techniques to ensure safe and reliable operation of the plant components will be emphasized.

INS has termed, Mr. Haribhakti as a recognized expert in the field of in-situ metallography. The organizing committee of the workshop requested him to deliver a talk on “In-situ Metallography and its Applications”. The duration of the talk would be for 90 minutes.


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