Friday, February 10, 2012

TCR launches ARTIS - Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System

TCR NDT inspection department has now launched a revolutionary new product called ARTIS, which is an Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System.

One of the major concerns in the maintenance of primary reformer is to predict the behavior of the reformer tubes. The prediction is based on selection of suitable inspection methods. Most importantly, the creep strain, mid-wall fissure detection and bowing measurement. ARTiS can perform all these tests at a time, providing integrated and interactive digital inspection record. ARTiS has leading advantage to inspect from external surface without needing removal of catalyst. The system measures creep strain with high precision IR sensors. Mid-wall fissures are detected through ultrasonic flaw detection. Use of gyroscopes measures precise level of bowing. More than a gigabyte of data is gathered for each tube inspected inclusive of flaw detection dB levels with screen captures, bowing and creep strain. Precision encoders used in crawling ensure accurate location of defectives and generation of 3D plots across length of tube.


•    Inspection without catalyst removal,
•    No surface cleaning needed
•    Automated crawling action avoids need for scaffolding
•    Faster – precise PC controlled movement
•    Full coverage across length of tube
•    Built-in water tank for ease of ultrasound coupling. No need for overhead water drum arrangement

ARTIS now allows TCR’s inspectors to perform real-time Fissure detection, Creep Strain measurement, Visual Aid and Bowing Measurement.

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