Friday, October 05, 2012

TCR Advanced’s Mr. Akash Patel receives appreciation from Siemens

Mr. Andreas Sperling of Siemens wrote the following in appreciation of the work of Mr. Akash Patel of TCR Advanced:

Dear Vinay
Just a short feedback about Akash Patel from TCR.
Akash shows a profesional work performace.
He inspected the parts on a high quality way of NDT performance and shows, that he had good expirience in magnetic partical and dye penetrant inspections.
A good comunication to Siemens personnel was given all the time.  Findings on parts were marked in a good way and about  findings Siemens personnel was informed directly.
I would be happy to work with Akash again in the future.
Please inform his company as well, about this feedback.
Andreas Sperling
Mr. Akash Patel worked on the NDT services project for Siemens Ltd - Energy Sector division.

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