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TCR announces in-house, two days intensive course on "fracture mechanics, fracture toughness and fatigue testing” in Mumbai on 03 – 04 January 2014.

Fatigue and facture testing is gaining continuous attention in the industries for reliable performance of the structural components. The paramount importance of safety and structural integrity necessitates the material to possess required fatigue and fracture strength.  The design considerations are based on the crack sensitive nature of the material and thus reduced the margins by accurate measurements of fatigue and fracture properties. Many national and international standards have made the fracture toughness and fatigue testing as mandatory for product certification. It is required in research and development as well as making fitness for service calculations.  Fatigue tests are done to determine the relationship between the stress range and the number of cycles it can be applied before failure. Testing machines are apply cyclic and varying stresses. These stresses are often below the yield strength of the material.  In order to understand the fracture behavior, fundamental unders…

Workshop on RLA of Power and Process Boilers by IIM and TCR Advanced

Indian Institute Of Metals Baroda Chapter and TCR Advanced Engineering P. Ltd. conducted a Two Day Advance workshop on RLA of Power and Process Boilers on 13th & 14th , December 2013 in VadodaraThe practice of remaining life analysis and assessment requires a complex combination of skills, experience and equipment. At TCR, we have the necessary resources to get the job done in a thorough and timely manner. Our chemists, metallurgists and professional engineers work as an experienced problem-solving team to determine the cause of component or plant failures and estimate the remaining life through a scientific approach.Some plant owners may want to operate their plants safely, reliably and profitably for as long as possible. Standing in way of this, however, is not only the ageing process of the materials used, but also on going technical developments, which create ever more profitable and environmentally tolerate production processes.Cost, risk and time consumed for new installatio…

TCR Arabia has its board meeting for 2013

The management team of TCR Arabia met at the Capital Club in DIFC at Dubai on 29th November 2013 for the annual board meeting.

TCR Advanced conducts two days training on boiler tube failure mechanisms and mitigation


TCR Arabia (Western Region) signs a long term contract with CNCEC, Saudi Arabia

Kamran Ahmed Shariff, Office Incharge, of TCR Arabia (Western Region) based in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was instrumental in winning a long term NDT services contract from China National Chemical Engineering Company Ltd. - Saudi Arabia for their KAUST - Research Park Utility Plants Project.

TCR Arabia

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD, TCR to deliver lecture at the INS National Workshop on Corrosion and Condition Monitoring

INS National Workshop on Corrosion and Condition Monitoring is being held from Nov 25-29,2013 at AERB Auditorium, Niyamak Bhavan, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai 400094.
Mr. Paresh Haribhakti will deliver his lecture on Insitu Metallography.
Mr. Paresh Haribhakti was invited to give a talk at this workshop by Dr. Vivekanand Kain, Convener, INS CORCONDCOM2013 who is also a distinguished Professor, Homi Bhabha National Institute, Head, Corrosion Science Section/Materials Science Division at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

TCR Advanced conducts a One day program on "selection of NDT for effective end result"

The effective use of NDT is of paramount importance to achieve the end goal of testing. Considering the variety of NDT techniques and limitation of each techniques, use of NDT in its correct perspective is still a question in the industries. Merely qualification of testing person does not produce the correct results it is a prerogative of end users to ensure that testing is done as per the intended designed specification.
Considering this need, a one day program on “selection of NDT for effective end result” is organized on 11th January 2014 at Vadodara.  TCR is India’s one of the most advanced and pioneer test house since 1973.  Our team of experts will deliver the training to impart the knowledge on selection of NDT techniques for inspection through easy to understand approach.

TCR Engineering, Mumbai held a grand celebration on Diwali

On November 1, Mr. V.K. Bafna, Chairman, TCR hosted the Diwali party for all TCR employees

TCR Advanced conducts internal oxide scale measurement of boiler tubes


TCR to participate at the 14th APCNDT Conference and present 2 papers

It gives us immense pleasure inviting you for the 14th APCNDT Conference & Exhibitionto be held in Renaissance Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai, India from 18th - 22nd November 2013. Our stall number is 27A1 & for the convenience of everybody, the timings have been arranged between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
The objective of this conference is to advance science and engineering related to non-destructive testing in Asian and Pacific coastal countries by dissemination of information, encouraging research among scientific and technical NDT experts. The conference is also supported by an exhibition, which renders a good opportunity for NDT professionals to interact with each other, their counterparts, and host of vendors and suppliers in the field.
We look forward to meet you at our stall and interact with you on your applications. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us. Visit  ,,, and to know…

TCR Arabia undertake Food and Water Analysis in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

1)Chemical Analysis of water: pH, EC, TSS, TDS, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium , bromide, Fluoride, Ammonia, Free Chlorine, BOD,COD, etc2)Water Microbiology testing: Microbial analysis of bottled drinking water, sea water, waste water, swimming pool water and edible ice.For total coliforms, E-coli, coliforms fecal coliforms, Enterococcus fecalis, Legionella,  (SRB)Sulfate reducing bacteria ect .3)Food and Feed Products: fish, meat, Milk and its Products, Confectionary and cooked food for Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium, Coliforms, E.coli, TVC and Vibrio parahaemolyticus ect.. )4)Food borne illness Investigations5)Effectiveness and Bio degradability of chemical Disinfectant  against Pathogenic organisms.If any of TCR Arabia's services do interest you please do lets us know we shall be pleased to provide you our services. Look Forward to hearing from you soon. Please visit to know more.

TCR Arabia in partnership with CIA completes cooker drum inspection at SATORP in Jubail

TCR Arabia, based in Dammam Saudi Arabia, has an advanced NDT services long term contract with Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Tasnee, GE and other companies.
TCR Arabia is pleased to inform that our first project baseline Laser Scan and Remote Visual Inspection of Coker Drums inspection in SATORP was successfully completed and our partners from Canada have returned back.  We have also got a confirmation from SATORP to return back next year and carry out the same inspections.

TCR is India’s best choice for Metallography Replicas and Damage Assessment

TCR is India’s leading service provider for insitu metallography and RLA services with global experience. Our metallography equipment and manpower produced word class quality of in situ metallography. Do also note that we are recipient of best metallography awards from IIM in the year 1998.

TCR’s team is well versed with national and international standards for replica interpretation. Kindly find here with our broacher for insitu metallography and appreciation letters received from different clients from the national and international level.
TCR Advanced, based in Vadodara, has served with extreme client satisfaction to a number of companies for automobile and engineering related metal testing including ABB, Alstom, Bombardier, Caparo, FAG, Ford, General Motors, L&T, Man Turbo,  to name a few, and others. Our team is well versed in understanding the client requirements as well as ensuring timely deliverables are met to ensure project success.
The services TCR Advanced prov…

TCR receives appreciation letter from MEW Kuwait

TCR Kuwait received an appreciation letter from Ministry of Electricity and Water – Doha west power station for all the jobs we executed for them till date.  Now TCR stands in the highly recommended list of contractors for Metallography and Tube analysis jobs with MEW. This is one of the significant project of TCR Kuwait.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Test in India

TCR Engineering Services, a leading material testing lab in Mumbai conducts Hydrogen Embrittlement Test as per ASTM B577.

TCR can also carry out complete chemical analysis, tensile tests, elevated temperature tensile tests as well as electrical conductivity tests.

Iftaar Celebrations at TCR Arabia

Team TCR Arabia celebrated Iftar which refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at the time of sunset, right at the time of maghrib adhan before Maghrib Prayer, during the Islamic month of Ramadan on Friday 02.08.2013 at the Dammam Place Hotel.To join this active team, please visit and see how our metallurgists, ndt technicans, API inspectors, Corrosion specialists, sales and admin team members are working in a joint and united atmosphere.

Manpower from Romania and India for Middle East Oil and Gas positions

TCR has developed a strong resource base in Romania to supplement its manpower deployment efforts and along with its talent pool in India can now deploy personnel for the following positions:•        Mechanical Engineers
•        Electrical Engineers
•        Civil Engineers
•        ASNT  NDT Level III  Professions for Conducting ASNT LII Courses/Trainings
•        NDT Technicians (PCN, ASNT level- II & I)
•        TOFD/IRATA (ROPE ACESS) Technicians
•        Welding Inspection Professionals (CSWIP/AWS/SAP (ARAMCO Approved)
•        Painting/Citing Inspection Professionals (NACE/B GAS)
•        Auto UT Inspection Professionals (PCN/CSWIP)
•        Lifting Equipment Professionals (LEEA)
•        HVAC Mechanical/MEP Electrical Inspectors/Engineers
•        Civil Inspectors (QA/QC)
•        E&I Inspectors
•        Design Engineers
•        Machinist (All Type)
•        Safety Officers/Engineers
•        Heat Treatment…

Two-days Training on "Boiler Tube Failures- Mechanism and Mitigation" at TCR Advanced in Vadodara

Venue : At TCR Advanced Engineering , 250/9, GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat
Dates: 6 and 7th September 2013. 

Course Need:
•    Understanding will be developed for different damage mechanism prevailing in the boiler tube failures.
•    Gain a valuable working understanding of fundamental principles of degradation that occurs in short term and long term operation of boilers.
•    Knowledge to increase the problem solving attitude and take the first hand judgment on the boiler tube failures.
•    Attitude  to analysis the difference in metal behavior helps to decide better mitigation to the persistent boiler tube failure;
•    Recognize general procedures, techniques and precautions in failure analysis and how stress systems relate to fracture of ductile and brittle materials.
•    Achieve the knowledge required to conduct or supervise basic failure investigation and effectively communicate with metallurgists & other experts on more complicated cases.  Inv…

Testing of PetCoke

TCR Engineering Services, India’s leading material testing laboratory undertake a number of tests to validate PetCoke including Chemical analysis of pet coke as well as Proximate analysis: Total Moisture, Inherent moisture, Ash, VM, FC, GCV & NCV.
To know more, please visit or visit the laboratory in person.

TCR Engineering starts Digital Xray Services

TCR Engineering, a leading materials testing and NDT services provider, has now expanded its offering to include Digital Xray testing. Using Digital XRay, NDT experts at TCR can test castings, sub-assemblies and various industrial components. Testing will detect porousness, lack of material, blowholes, inclusions, cracks, form divergences, shrinkage cavity, foreign material etc. It is also a good way to measure product length, width, mass, area and volume. It can identify insufficient welding and defects.

Digital Xray is ideal method for testing of aluminium castings, alloy wheels, weld joints, electronic components, steel castings and engineering assemblies. Should your company manufacture or are in need of testing these type of products, please visit in Mumbai, India. TCR are well suited to test your products on the digital xray machine and present comprehensive reports.

Update to the MiC Software developed by TCR

Developed in-house by expert metallurgists and material science engineers at TCR Engineering and TCR Advanced Engineering the Microstructure Characterizer (MiC) 3.0 is a powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use. Digital images taken from a Microscope are analyzed by Microstructure Characterizer, a software for microstructure interpretation. Using this software, a Material Science engineer can characterize different types of micro structural images for grain size, coating thickness and phases; get images from one or more files; and intensify the image using the filtering and enhancement features.

The demo version of MiC is now placed to following link. Requires Windows XP / 7 operating
Microstructure Characterizer Software version 3.0 offers following modules:
* Grain Size Measurement and Distribution Plots (Automatic and Manual modes)
* Volume Fraction (Automatic and Manual modes)
* Inclusion Rating (Automati…

Engineers India Limited (EIL) approves TCR Advanced Testing lab in Vadodra

TCR Advanced received the approval letter from EIL. TCR Engineering in Mumbai has already been approved by EIL. This latest approval from EIL now ensures that both TCR labs in India are now qualified to test samples from all projects which EIL undertakes.

TCR Engineering material testing lab in Mumbai acquires the Rigaku Supermini XRF

TCR Engineering Services, a leading material testing laboratory and NDT Services provider based in Mumbai, India has now expanded its chemical analysis testing division by acquiring the Rigaku Supermini XRF.

By way of this XRF, the chemists at TCR, can analyze low concentration levels of light elements such as F, Na, Mg, Ca, Si, Al, and P. Materials that can be tested include solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films.

Supermini XRF is ideal for applications in metals, cement, Ore, Refractories, environmental, and regulatory compliance where extra low levels of detection are required.

At present, The chemists at TCR, are analyzing Si metal samples using this XRF. TCR can also analyse Ferro alloys like Fe Silicon, Ferro moly, Ferromanganese etc. We can also  analyse Ore and mineral, Soil samples on this XRF.

To know more about, TCR and its material testing and chemical analysis services, visit

TCR Advanced relocates to a new facility

We have moved, expanded and are now better prepared to handle all growth in an all-inclusive manner. The new research oriented facility undertakes advanced metallography, RLA, RBI, material testing and NDT services.