Sunday, February 03, 2013

TCR Advanced releases the microstructure of the Month for Feb 2013 on its newsletter

Microstructure Image

Magnification: 250x

MOC:  ASTM A182 Gr.F-22, Cl-1

Component: Weldolet

Observation: The photographs show brittle nature of crack fracture surface with inter-granular cracking. The cracking has occurred on the prior austenite grain boundaries. 

Cause: This is a typical inter-granular cracking due to heat treatment. The origin of the crack is from sharp corner of the component. Rapid quenching was the root cause.

Useful hints: Scanning Electron Microscopy is an useful tool in fractography to identify the subtle features that reveal the nature of the fracture.  Fracture surface provides the necessary evidences that can trace back to the reason of failure

To download the pdf version of this Newsletter –  click on TCR Advanced Newsletter for Feb 2013

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