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Insitu Metallography service offering brochure

TCR has released a new brochure for its In-Situ Metallography service offering and the same can be downloaded from In-Situ Metallographyy

TCR Arabia’s Dexter V. Espino successfully completes Thermography inspection at Saudi Aramco’s Offshore Drilling Oil Rig in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia's Dexter V. Espino undertook Thermography Inspection on Electrical and Motors at an at Offshore Drilling Oil Rig of Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia which was located near the sea boundary of Iran. It is a mandatory practice for an Offshore Drilling Rig to conduct Thermography Inspection once every 2 years. Prior to undertaking this inspection, Mr. Dexter V. Espino successfully also completed all the necessary safety training programs that allowed him to work on offshore rigs.

TCR Arabia’s Sridhar Raman & Venu Gopal rewarded with Safe Man Award

TCR is working with IBN Zhar safety procedure and requirement and two TCR Arabia employee Mr. Sridhar Raman & Venu Gopal rewarded with Safe Man Award.

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti delivers a lecture on Fitness for Service

On 9th Feb 2013, Mr. Paresh Haribhakti delivered a lecture on "Fitness for Service" covering the health /condition of plant equipment and its fitness for service at the Fertiliser Association of India Training Programme for Sr. Maintenance Engineers, 17-22 February 2013, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

The purpose of FFS assessment is not simply to continue the component in its service beyond its serviceable life, but to ensure utilization of full potential concerning present damage assessment. The typical outcome of a fitness-for-service approach provides a “go/no-go” decision. Optionally, in case of ‘end-of-life’ like conditions, FFS outcome may also provide guideline on management decision for continual use of component through de-rated design parameters. This provides a rational makeshift arrangement to continue the production. Additionally, the fitness for service assessment of components can help setting up proper inspection schedules, modified maintenance procedures and m…

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti presents paper on Residual Life Assessment based on High Temperature Corrosion & Creep

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti was invited by Baroda Regional center (BRC) of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) to deliver a lecture at its one day seminar on “Corrosion – Causes & Control’ on 9th March at Prakruti Resort, Chhani Jakat Naka, Vadodara.
More than 100 participants from industry like Fertilizer, Refinery, Petrochemicals, SMEs, Chlor Alkali, Consultants, Research Institutions and Academia shared their experience under the leadership of experts.