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TCR Engineering starts Digital Xray Services

TCR Engineering, a leading materials testing and NDT services provider, has now expanded its offering to include Digital Xray testing. Using Digital XRay, NDT experts at TCR can test castings, sub-assemblies and various industrial components. Testing will detect porousness, lack of material, blowholes, inclusions, cracks, form divergences, shrinkage cavity, foreign material etc. It is also a good way to measure product length, width, mass, area and volume. It can identify insufficient welding and defects.

Digital Xray is ideal method for testing of aluminium castings, alloy wheels, weld joints, electronic components, steel castings and engineering assemblies. Should your company manufacture or are in need of testing these type of products, please visit in Mumbai, India. TCR are well suited to test your products on the digital xray machine and present comprehensive reports.

Update to the MiC Software developed by TCR

Developed in-house by expert metallurgists and material science engineers at TCR Engineering and TCR Advanced Engineering the Microstructure Characterizer (MiC) 3.0 is a powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use. Digital images taken from a Microscope are analyzed by Microstructure Characterizer, a software for microstructure interpretation. Using this software, a Material Science engineer can characterize different types of micro structural images for grain size, coating thickness and phases; get images from one or more files; and intensify the image using the filtering and enhancement features.

The demo version of MiC is now placed to following link. Requires Windows XP / 7 operating
Microstructure Characterizer Software version 3.0 offers following modules:
* Grain Size Measurement and Distribution Plots (Automatic and Manual modes)
* Volume Fraction (Automatic and Manual modes)
* Inclusion Rating (Automati…

Engineers India Limited (EIL) approves TCR Advanced Testing lab in Vadodra

TCR Advanced received the approval letter from EIL. TCR Engineering in Mumbai has already been approved by EIL. This latest approval from EIL now ensures that both TCR labs in India are now qualified to test samples from all projects which EIL undertakes.

TCR Engineering material testing lab in Mumbai acquires the Rigaku Supermini XRF

TCR Engineering Services, a leading material testing laboratory and NDT Services provider based in Mumbai, India has now expanded its chemical analysis testing division by acquiring the Rigaku Supermini XRF.

By way of this XRF, the chemists at TCR, can analyze low concentration levels of light elements such as F, Na, Mg, Ca, Si, Al, and P. Materials that can be tested include solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films.

Supermini XRF is ideal for applications in metals, cement, Ore, Refractories, environmental, and regulatory compliance where extra low levels of detection are required.

At present, The chemists at TCR, are analyzing Si metal samples using this XRF. TCR can also analyse Ferro alloys like Fe Silicon, Ferro moly, Ferromanganese etc. We can also  analyse Ore and mineral, Soil samples on this XRF.

To know more about, TCR and its material testing and chemical analysis services, visit

TCR Advanced relocates to a new facility

We have moved, expanded and are now better prepared to handle all growth in an all-inclusive manner. The new research oriented facility undertakes advanced metallography, RLA, RBI, material testing and NDT services.

Fatigue testing of TMT bar and Coupler at TCR Engineering Services lab in Mumbai

TCR Engineering Services, a leading materials testing laboratory and NDT services provider, has now expanded its fatigue testing offering to now conduct fatigue testing of TMT bars and couplers. TCR has recently developed the capability of cyclic fatigue tests of TMT bar with coupler having diameter ranging from 12mm to 28mm size [As per BIS – Doc CED 54 [7589] Standard].

TCR’s material testing laboratory in Mumbai can now undertake:

1. Low cycle Fatigue testing i.e. 10,000 fatigue cycle testing. TCR can offer this test up to maximum of 28mm diameter TMT bar. Minimum 3 samples required for testing as per BIS – Doc CED 54 [7589] Standard.2. 100 cycle fatigue testing. TCR can offer this test up to maximum of 25mm diameter TMT bar. Minimum 3 samples required for testing as per BIS – Doc CED 54 [7589] Standard.3. High cycle fatigue [HCF] testing i.e. 2 million [20 Lac Cycles] fatigue cycle testing. TCR can offer this test up to maximum of 28mm diameter TMT bar. Minimum 3 samples…