Sunday, December 15, 2013

TCR announces in-house, two days intensive course on "fracture mechanics, fracture toughness and fatigue testing” in Mumbai on 03 – 04 January 2014.

Fatigue and facture testing is gaining continuous attention in the industries for reliable performance of the structural components. The paramount importance of safety and structural integrity necessitates the material to possess required fatigue and fracture strength.  The design considerations are based on the crack sensitive nature of the material and thus reduced the margins by accurate measurements of fatigue and fracture properties. Many national and international standards have made the fracture toughness and fatigue testing as mandatory for product certification. It is required in research and development as well as making fitness for service calculations.  Fatigue tests are done to determine the relationship between the stress range and the number of cycles it can be applied before failure. Testing machines are apply cyclic and varying stresses. These stresses are often below the yield strength of the material.  In order to understand the fracture behavior, fundamental understanding of fracture, types and its manifestation is necessary through case studies and real time examples. imageHaving state of the art fatigue testing facility at TCR, a lead is taken to impart knowledge and to understand the behavior of fracture and fatigue testing. A course is designed to blend theory and practical aspect of the subject.

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