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Paresh Hairbhakti is the invited speaker and session chairman at MET ‘14 + HTS

On a invite from Mr. S.S. Sabnis, Executive Director of ASM International, India Chapter & Convener – MET conference, Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced based in Baroda, India delivered a talk on the subject of Development in the field of characterization at the Mega Materials Show – MET ‘14 + HTS  (Materials Engineering & Technology  + Heat Treat Show) during December 4th to 6th, 2014 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat organized by the India Chapter of ASM International.

The conference under the section HTS was named “Advanced Heat Processing” whereas the two conferences under MET were : (a) Emerging materials for industrial applications – with focus on Energy , defense & transport material & (b) Material characterization & testing – with Application of characterization, Development in the field of characterization & Advances in instrumentation, equipment & General - as 4 sub themes.

TCR Arabia participated in SABIC STM II

TCR Arabia participated in the SABIC Technical Meeting (STM – II) which was a very big event in Al-Jubail where the company got to meet all SABIC affiliates under one roof. The 11th SABIC Technical Meeting, was held on November 3-5, 2014, in Jubail Multi Event Center, Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SABIC STM is conducted every two years.

Ketan Upadhyay of TCR Advanced presented paper at the seminar on Smooth Commissioning and Maiden Start-up of plants

Ketan Upadhyay, General Manager, M/s TCR Advanced Engineering spoke at the seminar on "Smooth Commissioning and Maiden Start-up of plants," which was held under the aegis of the Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers on 27th Sep.’14 at Hotel Express Residency, Alkapuri, Vadodara.

Thanking Ketan, the Convener of Seminar & Secretary of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (Baroda Regional Center – Vadodara), Mr Nikhil U. Tonapi said "We are grateful for the time and effort you took to prepare the presentation and also highly appreciate your efforts to share the thoughts and experiences while delivering the presentation. Your presentation was really very interesting and well appreciated by the participants. The presentation gave a very good insight about the importance of metallurgy selection / assessment before commissioning of any plants. The case studies explained were really very interesting and useful for the participants."

TCR Celebrates the successful Mars Orbiter Mission of India

While the nation celebrates the success of Mangalyaan, Mars Orbiter Mission which was launched on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation, we at TCR are reminded of our own contribution that was made the the launch of the first rocket that was launched into space by India. Presented here are the appreciation award we have received then from ISRO:

TCR Arabia's Welder Qualification Division receives an Appreciation letter

TCR Arabia's Welder Qualification Division received an Appreciation letter Welder Qualification Division has received its first Appreciation letter from it's valuable client ‘CAT International’ for testing and qualifying their welders in Aramco Project.

Mr. Senthil of TCR Arabia receiving this appreciation letter from Mr. Keith Baldam (CAT, QC Manager)
. TCR Arabia's Welder Qualification Division have qualified welders, provided services like PWHT, WQT, NDT Services in multiple construction projects for EPC, construction, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, water treatment, scrap and capital goods manufacturing industry verticals. Our specialization is PWHT, welding inspection, welder qualification, WPS/PQR preparation,  NDT services (advanced and conventional), Root cause failure analysis, Material Testing, Inspection and Monitoring, stress analysis, QA/QC activities etc. To give you a better idea of our services pl…

Fatigue Testing for Infrastructure and Construction Companies in India

Structural testing is an integral part of the modern construction industry, whether it be proving individual components or materials are fit for purpose or load testing novel or existing structures. Infrastructure, EPC Contractors and Building construction companies can send their Reinforcing bar couplers for extensive mechanical testing at TCR Engineering metallurgical testing laboratory in Mumbai, India ( to ascertain whether they meet requirements of the National / International standards. The reinforcing bar used in conjunction with couplers can be tested to determine their tensile strength, ductility, slip under static load and high cycle fatigue performance. Checks can also determine if the structure being built can withstand the additional requirements for elastic and elastic plastic fatigue performance in seismic (earth quake region). To see a video of the fatigue testing at TCR, please visit

TCR Advanced wins a large Failure Analysis project order from Adani Power Plant

TCR Advanced has bagged an order from Adani power plant for Providing service for Boiler Tube Failure Analysis on as and when required basis for 5x660 MW, Tiroda Thermal Power Plant at Village: Tiroda, Dist. Gondia, Maharashtra
Adani Power Maharastra Limited (APML), a wholly owned subsidiary of Adani Power Limited has a 5x660 MW (3300 MW) Coal Based Supercritical Thermal Power Project at Village-Tiroda, Distt.-Gondia, Maharashtra.

CTOD Testing in Mumbai, India at TCR Engineering Metallurgical Services Laboratory

TCR we have state of the art servo hydraulic universal testing machines of 50 kN and 250 kN capacities for determining fracture toughness parameters like KIC, JIC, δc, KISCC and R-curve for homogeneous metallic materials  subjected to quasistatic loading on notched, fatigue pre-cracked specimens. We also conduct Interlaminar Shear Strength(ILSS), Interlaminar Fracture Toughness (GIC), Translaminar Fracture Toughness(KTL) on polymer laminate composites. All our tests are conducted as per ISO, BS, ASTM standards. We also conduct NACE TM0177 DCB Test that measures resistance of metallic materials to environmental assisted cracking, based on fracture  mechanics concepts besides NACE TM0284-2003 test for evaluating resistance of pipeline and pressure vessel plate steels to HIC in relatively short time in aqueous sulphide  corrosion.  our metallurgists can undertake the CTOD test as per ISO 12737 (formerly BS 7448-1) , ISO 15653 (formerly BS 7448-2) and ISO 12135:2002 (Metallic materials --…

TCR Arabia was invited to participate in the Corrosion Awareness Day in Ras Tanura Refinery

EventCorrosion Awareness DayClientSaudi AramcoVenueRas Tanura RefineryDate5th June, 2014TCR ParticipantsMr. Paresh Haribhakti,Mr. Syed Ameen HassanMr. Dilip GaikwadMr. Bhavin SoniMr. HarrisTCR Arabia was invited to participate in the Corrosion Awareness Day in Ras Tanura Refinery on the 5th June, 2014.Various speakers from Saudi Aramco and Contractors delivered their lectures on different techniques relating to Corrosion Awareness. Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, Director of TCR Arabia delivered a lecture on the topic “Fitness For Service Using NDT & Inspection”.TCR Arabia also demonstrated the ‘insitu metallography technique’ on this day.Team from TCR Arabia included Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan, Mr. Dilip Gaikwad, Mr. Bhavin Soni & Mr. Harris.

Technical team of TCR Arabia visits UK for training

EventProduct training at Technology DesignTraining CompanyTechnology Design, UKVenueWharton Park House, Nat Lane,Winsford, Cheshire, UKDate2 -5 June, 2014TCR ParticipantsMr. Nagesh Shinde, Technical HeadMr. Mohammed Ehsanulla, AUT Team leader
TCR Arabia’s technical team attended the product training at Technology Design, UK. TD Handyscan equipment, manufactured by Technology Design is used for Corrosion Mapping, Step-wise crack detection and other advanced NDT services.
TCR Arabia provides these services to Saudi Aramco & SABIC under a long-term contract.

Used Niton PMI machine for Sale at TCR Engineering Services in Mumbai

At TCR Engineering, used PMI and other NDT and DT testing machines are often kept on sale on an “as is where is” basis. Interested people wishing to purchase this machine may contact, Mr. Arjun Sail, GM of TCR Engineering Services in Mhape, Navi Mumbai at +91-9323397295.
The PMI machine which is currently ready for sale in used condition is Niton XLT 898 with serial number 18807. The machine comes with 2 nos. Battery, Charger, Power cable. Posted below are more pics of this machine. A full demo can be given prior to your purchase.

Strain-life curve (LCF TEST) on spring material in Mumbai, India

TCR Engineering Services (, India's leading material testing and metallurgical services company now can undertake Strain-life curve (LCF TEST) on spring materials. Strain-life curve (LCF TEST) on spring material can be conducted if round samples are machined as per relevant ASTM Std. The  sample is axially loaded at frequencies in range 5-30 under sine/ramp loading. If the amplitude of the total strain is such that we have significant plasticity, the lifetime is likely to be short (Low Cycle Fatigue or LCF; strain life approach). If the stresses are low enough that the strains are elastic, the lifetime is likely to be long (High Cycle Fatigue or HCF; stress-life approach).

CTOD Testing in Mumbai, India at TCR Engineering Services

TCR Engineering Services, India's leading material testing and metallurgical services company routinely undertakes Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Test. The Crack Tip Opening Displacement or CTOD Test measures the resistance of a material to the propagation of a crack. CTOD is used on materials that can show some plastic deformation before failure occurs causing the tip to stretch open. Accurate measurement of this displacement is one of the essentials of the test.

Single point CTOD at maximum load can be determined using SENB specimens upto a thickness of 25 mm on 250kN Servo hydraulic UTM of TCR Engineering test lab ( at Mumbai. The notch can be placed in target area and tested in chilled condition as per ASTM E1820 which is not different than ISO 15653-2010 which in turn is complementary to ISO 12135. Customers can specify the material and thickness for designing the specimens. Besides, the yield strength,UTS and modulus of the material has to be provided…

TCR Arabia to participate in the RTR Corrosion Awareness Day

Ras Tanura Refinery Engineering Department is conducting the RTR Corrosion Awareness Day, which will take place at the RT Refinery-HR Training Building on Tuesday, June 05, 2014. TCR Arabia will showcase majority of its advanced inspection activities related to Corrosion Studies on that day including automated normal/high temperature corrosion mapping equipment and technique, HTHA (high temperature hydrogen attack), Sour gas testing as per NACE TM 0177 and TM 0284, corrosion damage mechanisms, failure analysis, fitness for service as per API 579, condition assessment, remaining life assessment and metallographic replicas.
TCR Arabia, based in Dammam, is an approved Contractor to provide NDT, Metallurgical & Inspection Services..With the vast experience of TCR Arabia in the above mentioned field, we have successfully executed several major projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for clients like Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SEC, SWCC, LUBREF, MARAFIQ, CRISTAL, Petrorabigh, SATORP, SADARA…

NACE TM 0177 Method A and D testing at TCR Engineering material testing laboratory in Mumbai, India

TCR Engineering has enhanced its test facilities and now becomes the first laboratory in India to start testing as per NACE TM 0177 Method D. TCR Engineering is already testing samples for its clients as per NACE TM 0177 Method A.
The NACE TM 0177 standard is for Laboratory Testing of Metals for Resistance to Sulfide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking in H2S Environments. In the NACE TM 0177 Method D, also called as the NACE Standard DCB Test, provides for measuring the resistance of metallic materials to propagation of EC, expressed in terms of a critical stress intensity factor, KISSC for SSC and KIEC for the more general case of EC, using a crack-arrest type of fracture mechanics test.

Microbiology and Food Testing at the laboratory of TCR Arabia in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia’s Food Testing (Microbiology) Laboratory is now ISO 17025:2005  Accredited Company by SASO.
TCR Arabia's food testing and microbiology labs have clients such as Aryaf bakeries, Vita food Products company, Al Sanbok sea food restaurant, La caravella Italian restaurant, La Gandola Italian restaurant, Saudi food Bank Company, Al Barrak Catering company, Ramada Hotel, Gulf Haulage Heavy Lift, Aujan Food (Rani juice), SWEC, Saudi German Hospital, Saudi Fisheries, ETLCO etc.