Sunday, January 19, 2014

TCR Advanced now conducts FEM/FEA by ANSYS

Enhancing the failure analysis and fitness for service investigation department, TCR Advanced now undertakes finite element modeling and analysis (FEM/FEA) by Ansys.

TCR Advanced worked on a project on reformer tubes which were used for cracking of hydrocarbons (NG) at elevated temperatures. At the plant site, flaws in terms of excessive external oxidation damage were observed. A local area of about 53mm along longitudinal direction and 33 mm in circumferential direction was grounded off to remove the flaw. This had reduced the tube thickness gradually and locally in a window size of 53 x 33mm. The thickness reduction on a spot was observed to be 1.2mm. Balance thickness of 13.8mm was observed at that spot. In the surrounding area within 2” from the ground portion, measured thickness was in the range of 14.8 to 15.2mm – with average wall thickness of 15.0 mm.
In order to find suitability of component, calculation of local stress values at that spot was undertaken using FEM/FEA analysis.

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