Sunday, April 06, 2014

TCR Arabia offers Thermography Services in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia based in Dammam, have experienced certified Level II Thermographer, FLIR equipment and they give detailed reports along with images.

Here is some brief information about Thermography; it is basically the science of taking picture of heat. It gives us an overall temperature profile of the subject rather than the temperature at one point. These variations in temperature often reveal some sort of abnormal operation. Temperature abnormalities are often caused by defective of failing component and it can assess the severity and prioritize the critical from none critical.

One of the best applications of this technology is on Electrical inspection (for Predictive Maintenance). With Thermography we can easily locate hotspot (over heating), especially on electrical system which can produce catastrophic hazard such as “fire”, besides preventing interruption to production due to electrical system failure. And it can improve profitability (by eliminating “hotspot” or resistance to prevent system lost), reliability (the probability that an item can perform its intended function without failures for a specified period under stated conditions) and safety (which prevent lost of human life) using this technology on the electrical distribution systems.

With this, we would like to add our advantages in our Thermography service that we are using the latest infrared thermal camera in the market today the FLIR T620/640, highlights of our camera are:

-          640x480 high definition pixel resolution on detector; the highest resolution for an IR camera today that will give crisp and clear detailed images that are easily to interpret, resulting in reliable inspections with higher accuracy.

-          High sensitivity; the FLIR T620/640 allow you to see temperature differences as small as 0.04o C. meaning you’ll never miss a hotspot.

-          High quality visual camera; an integrated 5 megapixel visual camera generates crisp visual images in all condition. Meaning you’ll never have a mismatch photo on the report again.

Aside from our test equipment, TCR Arabia’s best investment is on our personnel’s training.  Advances in technology have provided infrared equipment that is user-friendly; however, infrared Thermography is not a “simply point and shoot” technology. In addition to understanding the object or system being inspected, thermographers must also understand common error sources that can influence observed thermal data.


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