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Fatigue Testing for Infrastructure and Construction Companies in India

Structural testing is an integral part of the modern construction industry, whether it be proving individual components or materials are fit for purpose or load testing novel or existing structures. Infrastructure, EPC Contractors and Building construction companies can send their Reinforcing bar couplers for extensive mechanical testing at TCR Engineering metallurgical testing laboratory in Mumbai, India ( to ascertain whether they meet requirements of the National / International standards. The reinforcing bar used in conjunction with couplers can be tested to determine their tensile strength, ductility, slip under static load and high cycle fatigue performance. Checks can also determine if the structure being built can withstand the additional requirements for elastic and elastic plastic fatigue performance in seismic (earth quake region). To see a video of the fatigue testing at TCR, please visit

TCR Advanced wins a large Failure Analysis project order from Adani Power Plant

TCR Advanced has bagged an order from Adani power plant for Providing service for Boiler Tube Failure Analysis on as and when required basis for 5x660 MW, Tiroda Thermal Power Plant at Village: Tiroda, Dist. Gondia, Maharashtra
Adani Power Maharastra Limited (APML), a wholly owned subsidiary of Adani Power Limited has a 5x660 MW (3300 MW) Coal Based Supercritical Thermal Power Project at Village-Tiroda, Distt.-Gondia, Maharashtra.

CTOD Testing in Mumbai, India at TCR Engineering Metallurgical Services Laboratory

TCR we have state of the art servo hydraulic universal testing machines of 50 kN and 250 kN capacities for determining fracture toughness parameters like KIC, JIC, δc, KISCC and R-curve for homogeneous metallic materials  subjected to quasistatic loading on notched, fatigue pre-cracked specimens. We also conduct Interlaminar Shear Strength(ILSS), Interlaminar Fracture Toughness (GIC), Translaminar Fracture Toughness(KTL) on polymer laminate composites. All our tests are conducted as per ISO, BS, ASTM standards. We also conduct NACE TM0177 DCB Test that measures resistance of metallic materials to environmental assisted cracking, based on fracture  mechanics concepts besides NACE TM0284-2003 test for evaluating resistance of pipeline and pressure vessel plate steels to HIC in relatively short time in aqueous sulphide  corrosion.  our metallurgists can undertake the CTOD test as per ISO 12737 (formerly BS 7448-1) , ISO 15653 (formerly BS 7448-2) and ISO 12135:2002 (Metallic materials --…

TCR Arabia was invited to participate in the Corrosion Awareness Day in Ras Tanura Refinery

EventCorrosion Awareness DayClientSaudi AramcoVenueRas Tanura RefineryDate5th June, 2014TCR ParticipantsMr. Paresh Haribhakti,Mr. Syed Ameen HassanMr. Dilip GaikwadMr. Bhavin SoniMr. HarrisTCR Arabia was invited to participate in the Corrosion Awareness Day in Ras Tanura Refinery on the 5th June, 2014.Various speakers from Saudi Aramco and Contractors delivered their lectures on different techniques relating to Corrosion Awareness. Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, Director of TCR Arabia delivered a lecture on the topic “Fitness For Service Using NDT & Inspection”.TCR Arabia also demonstrated the ‘insitu metallography technique’ on this day.Team from TCR Arabia included Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan, Mr. Dilip Gaikwad, Mr. Bhavin Soni & Mr. Harris.

Technical team of TCR Arabia visits UK for training

EventProduct training at Technology DesignTraining CompanyTechnology Design, UKVenueWharton Park House, Nat Lane,Winsford, Cheshire, UKDate2 -5 June, 2014TCR ParticipantsMr. Nagesh Shinde, Technical HeadMr. Mohammed Ehsanulla, AUT Team leader
TCR Arabia’s technical team attended the product training at Technology Design, UK. TD Handyscan equipment, manufactured by Technology Design is used for Corrosion Mapping, Step-wise crack detection and other advanced NDT services.
TCR Arabia provides these services to Saudi Aramco & SABIC under a long-term contract.