Thursday, January 28, 2016

Third Party Inspection in India by TCR Engineering Services

At TCR we take great pride in our team composition of Technical Engineers with experience of more than 43 years in Mechanical Industries. We can provide a lot of Services which can support your good Organisation or may support organisations in contact or serving your big Enterprises. This is the Initial step to get independent in our Field of various services.

Detail of Services we can provide/arrange without delay are:-

1) Arranging ISO Certification with or Without Consultancy (fast and nominal)
2) Raw Materail Quality Witness.
3) In-process and final Lot Inspections
4) Arranging TPI (Third Party Inspection Agencies: Local or Intl)
5) Export Inspections
6) Witness reports of Various Mechanical testings like: UTS, Elongation, Spectro, Impact etc.
7) Preparation and certification of WPS/PQR/WPQ
8) Consultancy on fabrication & Design of Boilers, pressure Vessles.
9) Witness of Welding tests and improvement Suggestions
10) Process studies
11) Arranging trainings on NDT, Inspections and their certifications.
12) Poocurements Inspections
13) Vendor development & Upgrading their Quality Systems
14) Consultancy for BHEL, EIL, PG Approvals
15) Arranging Technical Manpower
16) Arranging Manpower for Free lancer Services.
17) CE Marking Certification Consultancy

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